Gap: The Series – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Hot and Cold

Episode 2 of Gap: The Series begins where it left off in the premiere with Sam saving Mon from a car. Sam tries to do small talk and accidentally calls Mon ‘babe’ who finds it cute. Sam also reveals that she heard Mon defend her and asks her how she knew that she was a dog lover when in interviews she claimed that she liked cats.

Sam wonders if they have met each other before but she brushes that notion aside. Instead, she gives Mon her jacket as it is not safe for her to go home in a thin shirt and calls a taxi for her. Sam even waits till the taxi arrives and asks Mon to text her when she reaches home. All of these kind gestures make Mon happy. As she reaches home she sees Nop waiting for her who admonishes Sam for letting Mon go home alone so late. As Mon again defends her, Nop shares that he would be jealous if Sam was a man.

Mon forgets to text Sam and when she remembers she decides not to as it is too late. On the other hand, Sam who is at dinner with her friends is eagerly waiting for Mon’s text. Her friends wonder why she has called them out and she reveals that she is stressed about her grandmother and their deal.

They end up talking about Sam’s sister, Lady Neung who was an artist. Grandmother had burnt all of her paintings and disowned her. Even Sam’s second sister Lady Song had a similar tiff on her 25th birthday. As a birthday gift, Grandmother had arranged her marriage. When Song revealed that she was gay, Grandmother had been furious which led to Song leaving. 

Sam is miserable remembering her sisters’ fate but decides not to listen to Grandmother anymore. Her friends lighten the mood by wishing her luck and jokingly cursing her grandmother. But she goes back to being annoyed at Mon who still hasn’t texted her.

At home, Mon is trying to understand Sam and is upset that she doesn’t remember her. At that moment Sam sends Mon a bunch of angry emojis for not texting her. They banter and Sam is entertained by Mon.

Back at work, Sam is back to her cold self. She is unhappy with every idea Mon presents for ‘Diversity Pop’ and keeps telling her to rework it. After the first couple of times, Mon is frustrated and asks her if she is angry because she didn’t text last night. Sam finds her childish and remembers the stakes of not being able to pull off the deal.

Mon works till late and when she is about to leave, she hears Sam asking for help who has a terrible migraine. Mon calls Kirk who is busy in a meeting with Nita, a rival. She has a hidden agenda with Sam and proposes a partnership with Kirk who is in a dilemma. He finally responds to Mon’s calls and tells her the medicine that Sam needs. She then takes her home in a taxi and Sam is touched.

This time Mon texts Sam when she reaches her home. But instead of ending it there, Sam is annoyed that Mon didn’t call her. When she does call, Sam is angry as her headache will worsen on call. Mon is confused and is about to cut the call but Sam doesn’t want her to go and to keep the conversation going scolds her for not asking about her condition. A frustrated Mon ends up crying and ranting that everything she does makes Sam unhappy. Sam retorts that maybe Mon is taking care of her to get her work approved. Mon is disheartened and asks why she is so mean to someone who cares for her. Sam is flustered and simply wishes her good night.

The next day, Sam acts like nothing is wrong and Mon is disappointed. Kirk brings snacks for the office and a special delivery from Sam to Mon to make up for the previous night. But Mon rejects it. Kirk tries to comfort Sam and advises her to be nicer if she wants to be forgiven. They invite Mon to lunch but Sam struggles to be polite. Kirk acts like a buffer and tries to help Sam who is sarcastic and curt by telling Mon her work has been approved.

Sam passes a comment on everything Mon and Kirk talk about and it’s awkward. At lunch, Mon is amused with the way Sam eats who also helps her season her food. The restaurant they go to has a ghost story which scares Sam. Kirk and Mon tease Sam who looks extremely unnerved. They drop her home where Sam continues to be standoffish while secretly making heart eyes at Mon (Alexa play Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold). Nop watches from inside and Sam and Kirk wonder if he is Mon’s boyfriend.

Mon finally updates Yuki who thinks that she is still in love with Sam. Mon reveals that she is going crazy while trying to understand her. Sam texts her and asks her to stay up with her so that they can talk. Both are happy as they come up with clever comebacks and joke about ghosts haunting them.

The next day, as Mon reaches the office, Sam corners her and looks at her intently.

The Episode Review

Romance is romance whether it is shown through a heterosexual couple, male lovers or female lovers and it is absolutely adorable to watch Sam and Mon express that in episode 2 of Gap: The Series. We have the typical overprotectiveness from Sam who covers Mon with her jacket to getting annoyed when Mon doesn’t text her that she has reached home safely.

Without realizing it, she starts feeling for Mon and becomes a typical schoolboy who is mean to their crush. Her indecisiveness and naivety when it comes to flirting with Mon further make her endearing and more than just the cold boss who is attracted to an employee. 

Sam’s hot and cold behaviour is also finally explored as we see that when she is alone she actually enjoys talking to Mon but cannot show her true feelings in public out of fear of disappointing her grandmother. Having two sisters who were disowned has her careful about how she should carry herself. And while she could leave just like her sisters, we are yet to see what is the weakness or leverage that has her tied to her grandmother. We also have the mysterious Nita who may actually be an ex who did her wrong which could further add to Sam’s closed-off attitude.

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