Gangs of Oslo Ending Explained – Is Rami arrested for his crimes?

Gangs of Oslo Episode 6

The final episode of Gangs of Oslo starts with Majken in an interrogation room regarding the alleged murder committed by Rami. India thought she had her cornered, but Majken ended up becoming Rami’s alibi for the night of the murder. The police can neither hold Majken nor arrest Rami.

After the interrogation, Majken and Rami go out for a date, during which Shani calls Rami to tell him that she has found evidence that Omar is going behind his back. Rami has to leave, and he tells Majken that one of his friends is sick in the head and that he has to take care of him.

What happens to Omar?

Rami and Shani arrive for a meeting with Omar and Stefan. Rami asks Omar about going around with a loaded gun and about Nico. Omar hires Nico to hide in the shadows during the meeting and shoot Rami after he receives the money.

Knowing that he has been found out, Omar loses his cool and takes out his gun, pointing it at Rami. However, Rami had made sure that the weapon was not loaded, and Nico was no longer on Omar’s side. Rami shoots Omar for betrayal. Stefan vows he knew nothing about the betrayal, and Rami lets him go. They set the murder scene to look like a suicide. When the police find the body, they also think it is a suicide but try to use it later to get a confession from Rami. 

What happens to Rami and Moaz?

Sissel finds ADHD drugs in the house and confronts Moaz about it. She takes Tiril to her parents and asks Moaz to find a new apartment. Moaz goes to buy pills for his ADHD. India informs him that the police have found a connection to Rami importing drugs, and hence, he will be arrested for organized crime. Moaz tries calling Rami, but the call does not get through. He tries calling Tarik to inform Rami to call him as soon as possible. 

The drug peddlers he buys from follow him to the attack, knock Moaz unconscious, and take his money. When he comes back, he calls Tarik, who is with Rami and informs him of the possible arrest. Rami calls Majken to tell him that he will not be going home tonight, and India listens in on the conversation.

India stops Moaz on his way for a meeting with Linda of internal affairs. She tells Moaz that she suspected his involvement with Rami but had not found a connection until recently. She now knows that he grew up with the members of the Enemiez gang.

She had a photo of their childhood to collaborate, and Moaz is backed into a corner. India tells him that the police do not have enough evidence connecting Rami to the drug smuggling, but she had used that information to confirm Moaz is working with Rami. 

India makes Moaz an offer to get Rami on record confessing to his crimes. Moaz is conflicted, but he agrees. Rami is aware that Moaz might be working against him, and when they meet, he first points a gun at Moaz’s head to find the truth about how he knew about the arrest. Moaz convinces Rami that he saw the arrest information on Sissel’s laptop, and Rami agrees to go on a ride with him. 

During the ride, Moaz and Rami keep talking, but nothing incriminating comes up. There is a police car following them, and Moaz is driving towards where the team are waiting to ambush. A few meters from the ambush zone, a gunshot is heard, and the car comes to a halt. Rami gets out and runs into the woods while Moaz is left bleeding and unconscious in the car.

What happens to Tarik?

Rami and Shani help Tarik with the bullies. He later becomes big in the drug business, and at the end of the series, he is seen supplying drugs to his group of distributors. 

How does Gangs of Oslo end?

Rami is in a hotel room in hiding, and he is hysterical with guilt for killing Omar. He has not slept for days and even hallucinates that the hotel attendant is Omar. He also longs to be a father and be with Majken, as seen when he receives the sonogram. Elsewhere, Moaz is recovering in the hospital and spends time with his daughter. He gets a text from Rami asking him to keep his word about becoming Anwar’s godfather. 

The Episode Review

The central theme accentuated throughout the show is the brotherhood between Rami and Moaz. Moaz feels indebted to Rami for taking the fall for him when they were young, and he struggles to fight his balance between the dark past and his present career as a police officer. To the very end, he still treasures his brotherhood, with Rami helping him escape, even if it means getting injured. He also promises to take care of his family while Rami is in hiding.

Although the ending is predictable, it is satisfying to see Moaz try to save Rami until the end. Rami goes into hiding, and his longing to be a father to his unborn child is evident.

It seems Moaz did rub off on Rami, and he felt regret for his life of crime and the chance he is losing to be a father. The story does not end on a cliffhanger though, but there is uncertainty about whether Rami finds his way back to Majken and his child, and if Moaz is able to get back to his family. Although this might hint at the possibility of a second season with the chase after Rami continuing, the ending is still sufficient. 

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