Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Hangman’s Justice

Episode 8 of Gangs of London Season 2 begins a couple of hours earlier, with Elliot packaging Billy’s arm and preparing to send a message on to the Wallace’s. Billy may have been severed but he’s at least still alive – for now at least.

Sean learns exactly how Billy was found by Elliot, including Marian’s involvement in intercepting Asif’s shipment. Marian believes that she was saving them from the wrath of Koba but Sean doesn’t agree. He’s livid.

Sean grabs his mother, choking her hard before eventually pushing her away, telling his mum he doesn’t ever want to see or speak to her ever again. Outside, Sean rings Billy and tells him he’s coming soon.

Billy objects, pleading with him that all of this is a trap. Still, it’s Sean’s own flesh and blood on the line here, and he’s not about to leave his brother to his fate. Shannon has taken off with the heroin shipment too, leaving all their plans in disarray.

Does Luan kill Ed and Shannon?

When Luan learns about this, he shows up with his gang but Ed and Shannon are both ready for them. They pummel the wall full of bullets, subsequently going through to the other side and killing all the men.

Ed rings Luan outside and urges him not to go down this path, trying to reason with him and find a better solution. Ed continues, pointing out that there’s a reckoning elsewhere and after all, Luan has his wife back so this should be worth something. It seems to do the trick and Luan leaves.

What happens with Saba, Faz and Hakim?

Meanwhile, Koba and his gang bring Saba back to Hakim, telling him to “deal with her” as it’s his problem. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much choice, as Koba oversees and demand he take Saba’s hand.

When Sean shows up, he asks Koba for help in saving his brother from Elliot. He agrees, and the gang packs up and prepares to go. Hakim is left to take care of Saba but Faz helps her out, eventually killing Hakim.

Does Koba die?

This is obviously unbeknownst to Koba and the others, who find the location for where Elliot is holding Billy Left alone, Koba eats a hamburger and begins bleeding from the nose. He can’t feel his hand and realizes he’s having a stroke. It’s the long game. Sean watches, telling him it’s a compound poison he’s been paralyzed with.

Sean is clever and although Koba does manage to get his gun out, he loses control and bleeds from every orifice before eventually dying right there in the backseat of the car.

In the petrol station, right in view of CCTV cameras I may add, Sean takes Koba out and puts him in the trunk of the car. This was all Elliot’s idea as it turns out, and Sean rings him to let him know. Not only that, but the airfield was a decoy location, the real place is actually an abandoned scrapyard.

What happens during the final showdown?

As for Billy, he’s still in the front seat but manages to get a screwdriver out from the glove box. It’s touch and go for a while but he stashes it up his sleeve. Elliot leads Billy out to the meeting spot, where he’s force down on his knees while Sean is commanded to remove his gun and jacket.

Billy suddenly brandishes his screwdriver, stabbing Elliot through the hand. It’s enough of an opening for Sean to get involved and pounce on Elliot, eventually leading to a big skirmish between the two.

Sean throws oil in Elliot’s face to obscure his vision, but as the pair fight, it’s Elliot who gets the upper-hand. He strings up Sean and chokes him. As he gasps for air, Sean tells Elliot “your father would be proud.” With Billy pleading with him to stop, the screen fades to black.

How does Gangs of London Season 2 end?

Elliot races away from the scene with Billy, while the camera pans across the scrapyard to show Sean still hanging there. Elliot didn’t kill him – he made a promise. He intends to replace Sean Wallace and take the city for himself, alongside Shannon and Ed.

Sean is still alive but behind bars, while Asif decides to use his newest weapon, which happens to be Lale. She’s still alive too but been hardened and turned into his loyal soldier.

Billy visits Sean in prison, while Marian rocks up to the latest meeting with all the gangs. Elliot is there too, and as all the characters give each other knowing looks, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So the second season ends… with pretty much nothing resolved. Billy and Sean are still working together, with the latter locked up just like he was at the end of season 1 (if we count those flashbacks anyway).

Meanwhile, the drug shipments and division of power in London is still not resolved, while Elliot is as much a loose cannon as anyone else now. The only saving grace here is that Koba was killed, but we don’t actually see much from his gang after and as I said, the rivalries and conflicts aren’t resolved. How on earth Sean is going to get out of jail is anyone’s guess, and that CCTV footage from the petrol station will undoubtedly incriminate him further given the way he handled Koba’s body.

All of this though hints toward a very dramatic third season to follow and, hopefully, some of the drama resolved.

While the second season hasn’t been as intense as the first, there’s been a decent story here all the same, even if the final episode falters and fails to live up to expectations.

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  1. Wow!!! Is all I can say. Season 1&2 is edge of the seat stuff. One of the best British TV shows I’ve seen. Great script writing, plots, acting, camera angles, fight scenes…the list goes on. I absolutely can not wait for season 3. 😳

  2. It’s confusing to say the least to much switching and changing to much betrayal and come on when ever in the history of crime as a copper single handedly took on every single criminal gang and got even close to the top he would of been murder long before that they know he’s a cop it’s a bit to Disney for me

  3. But what’s happened with the Investors? Just because one was killed, what about the rest? We didn’t see anything done with the USB stick of incrimination data.

    And what about the rest of the secret gang of cops who were after the investors? All of that was left unresolved in the finale…

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