Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

“What’s In The Box?!”

Episode 7 of Gangs of London Season 2 starts one week later after the shocking events of the previous chapter. With Sean Wallace having sold out Lela and left her with Asif, Luan works in private, grabbing shipments meant for Asif and usurping him by working with Marian. They manage to get the latest shipment right out from under Asif’s nose, which is likely to have big consequences going forward.

Sean receives a call that someone has betrayed them, and he tries to figure out exactly who it is. With 1.3 tons of it gone, and both Koba and Sean in the firing line, this is obviously all a big play to get Sean out the driver’s seat.

Billy turns on Marian, pointing out that she knows the route too and questions whether it could be her.

Sean speaks to Asif and lays all of this on him, telling Asif he needs to bring in the drugs in some way, shape or form. The only solution is to encroach on someone else’s turf and, specifically, on a Parisian deal Asif made quite recently. Asif is convinced that there’s no way they will have even moved 20% of the gear yet so it’s the perfect chance for Sean and Koba to work and take it for themselves.

The thing is, the dealer is known as Bibi Agostini, and they happen to be one of the strongest drug suppliers in France. Sean knows they can’t go in all guns blazing, so instead he decides to try and strike a deal with her.

Elliot shows up to see Shannon, who admits that she’s in on this whole deal with Marian and Luan. They intend to distribute the drugs themselves, but Elliot is too busy chasing Sean, dead-set on killing him. Elliot contemplates whether to head out to Paris and kill him there, believing security will be less tight.

Marian intends to distribute the heroin for half the usual price, flooding the marketplace before Sean and Koba return, and essentially crippling their operation. The thing is, Billy has followed Marian and the others, and watches their meeting from afar. He breaks into the nearby shipping container and finds all the heroin too.

Billy attempts to ring Sean, but unfortunately he’s stopped by Luan, armed with a gun. He forces Billy to throw over his phone and he rings Marian, informing her what’s happened. Marian decides to lock up Billy, forcing him into the van where he’s locked up alongside all the gear. Of course, given he has a history of using, this is the worst possible place for him.

Marian does eventually let her son out, where Billy challenges what she’s doing and believes she regrets Sean coming back and messing up her operation. After slapping him in the face, Marian gives her son a bottle of water and leaves him locked up. Ed doesn’t think this is a good idea though.

In Paris, Koba meets with Saba, whilst Elliot watches from afar, having followed them to the capital. She serves as the translator as Sean proposes that they and Bibi work together and enter a lucrative trade agreement. Bibi has to go but gives them a card to meet at her VIP club that evening. She’s heard their proposal but what are her terms? We’re going to find out soon!

Elliot snatches up Saba and bundles her in the back of his van, informing her exactly who he is and offering a solution. He reminds her that she’s basically owned by them now and he can stop that and turn the tables. Saba caves and reveals all, including the proposed meet at the VIP section of the club. Elliot hands over a gun, telling her to wear it that night at the club.

The big meet goes ahead, and Elliot manages to sneak in the back. With Sean and the others meeting Bibi in the VIP Karaoke room, Elliot serves as a waiter and blends in, wheeling a trolley up to the VIP level. As he tries to find the room Sean and the others are residing in, Bibi brings up the interest she has in the ports, especially as she intends to ferry in people as well as drugs. If Sean can allow human trafficking to be greenlit and come onto English shores, then she’ll agree to the terms of their deal… and he agrees!

Outside the door, Elliot is found out from the guards and kills three of them before they can bring in reinforcements. Elliot bursts in and… it’s the wrong room. It turns out Saba attempted to send a message over to Elliot to tell him to abort but it didn’t send. They’ve been duped. This VIP room is actually a special one reserved for Bibi and on a completely different level.

When Elliot re-enters the elevator again, Bibi checks the monitors and notices that it’s one of the British and as such, decides to cancel her deal with him. Sean is understandably not happy and ousts Saba as the mole in the lift. He and Koba are intent on finding exactly who has betrayed them.

Elliot manages to get out the club, miraculously avoiding gunfire in the process and rings Shannon as he hurries on the back of a van, telling her she needs to get out and take Danny with her. Shannon is defiant though and tells him she’s not going anywhere and instead, has the perfect solution to get Sean that very night.

The monologue we saw at the start of the episode comes into view again as the camera pans over to show… Billy. He’s back in England and decided to use Billy to get to Sean. And as the scene cuts back to Marian, she receives a parcel in the post, with blood stained on the box. And what’s inside? Billy’s arm.

The Episode Review

Everything has come down to an explosive finale to finish and it’s anyone’s guess exactly how this is likely to turn out. While the second season hasn’t quite been as strong as the first, there’s been a lot to like here all the same.

The action has been great across the board and the show has done well to really lean into the drama and gang warfare that made the first so enthralling. While Sean’s “turn to the dark side” is perhaps a little disappointing, with the promise of Koba VS Sean fizzling out, there’s still time for the final episode to pull it back and end on a high.

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