Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Mansion Escape

Episode 6 of Gangs of London Season 2 starts with a look at A blood-soaked mansion. Ropes lie across the floor, there’s a tarp there too, while blood across the wall fades out of focus by a dog, which walks toward an elevator and waits for it to ping.

This bloody opening paves way for a similarly gnarly scene, as Elliot walks away from Miss Kane’s body, after killing her outright. He walks across the fields purposefully, presumably back to his car.

Meanwhile, Sean Wallace and Koba both show up to see Asif in his limo. Koba reveals that the pair have decided to take London for themselves. Asif can be part of this too, and they’ll allow him to bring his product into London and distribute it as he sees fit.

In exchange though, they want access to his network and infrastructure. If he agrees to this, all three will walk away very rich. They give Asif until the night to think it over, but Koba suggests a “sweetener” in private to twist his hand. This happens to be Lale. Koba makes the necessary moves to have her snatched up at a family gathering, and brought to Asif’s mansion. Sean in a state of shock when he finds out.

Marian arrives to see Ed, begging him for help. Given Sean has struck a deal with the devil, she tries to encourage him to join and take back what they’ve built together. Ed refuses outright, until Marian suggests a coup and to instigate themselves at the top instead of either Sean Wallace or Asif. The enticing prospect of power is too much to turn away from.

When Shannon leaves the room, she find Elliot, who puts on one heck of a performance here. He’s shocked, panicked and distraught after his father has been killed and blames himself for what’s happened. Elliot admits he had information about the Investors and that’s why his father has been killed. When he finds out Sean is involved with Koba, he’s angry and determined to get his revenge.

Sean is conflicted though and unsure whether to allow Lale to be tortured and destroyed by Asif or not. While Sean ponders this, we cut across to a resourceful Lale, who manages to grab an empty whiskey glass and crush it with her hands. She uses the shards to cut her binds, and bides her time with the remnants, winding up Asif and making him come close.

It works an absolute charm too and Asif walks right into her trap. He lets his guard down and she stabs him in the ear for good measure. As he attempts to walk away, Lale breaks free and holds him down.

The ping from the elevator sends Lale scrambling down the stairs, intent on finding a way out. Lale manages to fight off a whole host of different men on her own, eventually leading to a big showdown with Asif himself. Now, I will give the show credit where it’s due, the scene is brutal and actually does a good job of showing how hard work it is to throw a guy around but the stomp earlier in the bathroom? Pretty poorly shot I must say.

Anyway I digress. Lale does manage to get out, and with the rain lashing down, she stumbles across to safety. A car pulls up, but thankfully it’s not Asif, it’s Sean Wallace. He bundles her in the back of his car and drives her… back to Asif. It’s a shocking ending and one that throws all of her hard work out the window.

The Episode Review

While not quite the barn shootout from last season, that whole sequence at the end featuring Lale was absolutely brutal and works really well to show just how hard Lale worked to get out… and how quickly she was thrown back in after trusting Sean Wallace.

Sean has had to make a very difficult choice there for the good of London and he could well come to regret that moving forward.

The whole chapter works to really show off the visceral violence and great fighting sequences that this show has been synonymous with. In many ways it bears a lot of similarities to series like Daredevil and Punisher, and the ending hints that we’re moving into the realm of similarly shocking conclusions. Even so though, everything here is left wide open for the final 2 chapters.

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11 thoughts on “Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review”

  1. She’s not coming back I fear. They will kill her. She narrowly escaped. Scenes of her fighting off attackers and escaping was with me for days.

  2. Lale will get her revenge, prolly by killing Marian and/or Billy. Not to worry tho for Sean…..there’s always the “make-up” sex to look forward too. ;p

  3. Lale aint done. She’ll get some kinda revenge on Sean (maybe kill his Mom) and they’ll just wind up having make-up sex

  4. Sean what a 🛎️ end, I can’t believe you did that. There was me thinking you were a decent ish guy!

  5. Fucking gutted to see that from Sean he promised not to retaliate but how could they have known? He was my favourite character until now…

  6. It doesn’t make sense. Lale could have killed Asif when she stabbed him. He was weakened, wounded. She had all the resources: fire, metal stick, knife… Instead she chose to run, where she had to fight the whole security team and be injured by the same Asif. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and she chose to let the bad guy get away. That’s ridiculous

  7. Hey Jim, apologies you’re absolutely right. Rookie mistake there and I’ve just gone in and corrected it. Really appreciate the heads up and thanks for reading the recap!

    -Greg W

  8. “until Marian suggests a coo”; what, are they a bunch of stool pigeons? Maybe they should try a coup instead.

  9. No Sean!!!!! Why did you betray Lale? She tried to rescue you when Elliott shot you. I don’t want Lale to be dead!!!

  10. I’m so pissed off with Sean for doing that to Lale at the end. Even more pissed off than i was when ioan got knocked out trying to save his wife and I thought they where both dead. Fuck sake this show is good

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