Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Sins Of A Father

Episode 5 of Gangs of London Season 2 starts Elliot making a promise to his father, “Don’t let this destroy you.” It’s a mantra that he takes with him during the present, where we arrive at the morning after the big raid.

Elliot breaks his promise and admits to his father that they’re wanted men, and that’s why they’ve been forced to leave and adopt a new persona. Charlie (his dad) decides they should just get on the plane and leave, putting all of this behind them. Elliot refuses, heading back into the thick of the action after leaving his father at the airport for the time being. Miss Kane warns him against what he’s doing but Elliot doesn’t listen.

Sean knows this fight is far from over and although they’ve sent a message, they’re also at their most vulnerable right now. Lale is quick to remind him of this, as Asif counts his losses and prepares to strike back harder.

Asif tasks Koba with going after Sean Wallace, telling him all of this happened on his watch. Asif blames his lapdog, which doesn’t go over too well, claiming that he lost focus and that’s why they were hit. Asif also tells him that the Investors have made their move. “Kill Sean Wallace or they’ll kill you.” Is the message they’ve relayed on. With a thin smile, Koba finished his drink and walks away.

Sean returns to Singer, who wishes him well and congratulates him on what’s happened. He also brings up that Elliot is leaving the country today. They want the Wallace’s back on top but in doing so, there will be conditions – namely that of someone pulling the reigns at the top. It’s a small price to pay for Sean, who is blinded by his desire to get back in power.

Luan shows up and warns him off going for Koba, given how ruthless he is. Marian rings Shannon and warns her to get out, bringing up that Ed – who’s currently being tortured with his teeth being pulled out one at a time – has been captured and as such, Shannon and Danny need to get out.

Saba arrives to see Sean, telling him that there’s a meeting planned with Koba in 30 minutes’ time. It should be just the two of them and somewhere public. No weapons and hands on the table. If not, then it’s 100% going to be a war. Sean realizes this could be a trap but decides to go for it all the same. He also knows that Saba has a personal vendetta in all this, given he killed Basem. She admits she’d loved to kill him, but after putting the address in, Koba heads out to meet with Sean.

Elliot shows back up and remains determined to try and find Ed. He sneaks down to the basement, eventually finding the guy but unfortunately making a lot of noise in the process. Thankfully he manages to get Ed out and dispatch the various guards, it also means breaking Ed’s hand with a baseball bat in order to squeeze the cuff off.

In the hallway, Elliot manages to dispatch the rest of the guards with some slick slow-mo shots before getting Ed out to safety. The pair drive away and although Ed is battered and bloodied – he’s at least alive. Elliot brings him to Shannon’s but in doing so, loses his father, who’s shot dead at the airport.

Sean meets with Koba in his scheduled locale, which happens to be an arcade. Sean has chosen this place so Koba stands out like a sore thumb. The pair trade ideologies, but deep down they both want the same thing – power. Sean claims they’re not alike but knows that Koba hasn’t come empty-handed. He’s figured out that Koba plans to ambush them and kill Sean outright.

Well, Sean has come with a deal of his own. He knows how to take down the Investors and Koba is the one who has the gangs. So what of it? Well, he proposes they team up together. In doing so, they could completely rule the city and take it over from the Investors. It’s an intriguing play but will Koba go for it? Well, the pair shake on it and start a new world order.

Elliot shows up at Miss Kane’s place and confronts her about Charlie’s death. He’s not happy, blinded by rage, and despite her trying to talk herself out of this, claiming to be another cog in the machine, Elliot kills her outright.

The Episode Review

The big deal between Koba and Sean Wallace is an intriguing play but it remains to be seen whether this is just a long-game for Sean, intending to take out Koba when he least suspects it and double-crossing him.

Meanwhile, Elliot makes his choice and decides to help out Ed and do the noble thing. Unfortunately that action also costs him the life of his father, who’s killed outright in a rather shocking move that many may not have seen coming.

Although this season has still got the visceral violence, it’s not quite at the same level intensity-wise as season 1. It’s still enjoyable though and there are moments that definitely stand out, but this follow-up is also lacking that “wow factor” to really help it ping.

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