Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Coordinated Attack

Episode 4 of Gangs of London Season 2 starts with Koba burying Luan’s wife alive. With a camera broadcast from the coffin, she’s stuck underground with nowhere to go. Ed watches gravely (no pun intended) and accompanies Koba as he meets with Luan. He believes that Luan has double-crossed him and shows the video of his wife underground.

In order to save her, Luan is told to bring everybody that’s loyal to him over to Koba’s side. However, time is of the essence and by the time that happens, his wife could already be dead.

Elliot meets with Singer, who demands the big man get him out of this. If not? Then Elliot is going to go to the Investors himself and reveal all. He manages to twist Singer’s hand, and the latter does agree to help. Despite the promise of changing this city for the better, Elliot is adamant there’s nothing there for him now.

Luan has had enough and finds Ed, holding him up at gunpoint and demanding he be brought to his wife. Ed complies, but reminds him that this won’t solve anything. If he gets the woman free, then it’s only going to cause more drama. And unfortunately, this happens when Koba’s men show up and stop him, led by Tamaz. They’ve been tracking Luan’s phone all along, and knew he’d pull something like this.

Just before Tamaz pulls the trigger though, Ed makes his move. He helps Luan fight off the goons but unfortunately, there’s too many of them and Luan is knocked out, bloodied, right on top of his wife’s grave. To make matters worse, Ed is captured too.

With Finn’s mistress dead, Marian uses her fingerprint to get access to the account… but there’s a problem. Someone has emptied half the money and there’s only 500 million left. That’s a third of what they initially had. Without the full amount they’re screwed, but Marian has an idea.

Marian meets with Shannon and tries to get her to meet with Rutherford, the lawyer, in order to get the rest of the money. They won’t be expecting her to do this, so it gives them a way in and out.

When Shannon shows up, Rutherford has packed all of his bags and he’s ready to go. Shannon though, gets her gun out and tells him she has ways of making him talk. The thing is, he’s been holding out on Asif and the big boss man has figured out as much, having brought some of his guys in to squeeze more of Wallace’s funds out.

Elliot shows up at Rutherford’s office and finds Shannon there already, with Rutherford dead and lying in a pool of his own blood. They have no choice but to leave together, knowing that there’s about to be a world of trouble descending on them after this. The thing is, they’ve both left a witness alive in the form of Rutherford’s secretary.

As for Elliot, he made a deal with Miss Kane to spare Danny and Shannon’s lives while working for them, which explains why he never came to see them. Speak of the devil though, Miss Kane shows up to see Elliot and questions him. She points out that the witness has gone to the police and confirmed there were 2 assailants. “Don’t push us Elliot, you are not indispensable.” She warns, and walks away.

Singer rings just after and confirms that plans have been made for Elliot and his father to leave the following day. He next rings Sean, confirming that Koba and all his bosses have a big meeting coming up and it’s the perfect time for him to strike.

Sean works swiftly, rounding up the gang and deciding to split their operation into 8 different teams hitting them at the exact same time. This would essentially cripple Asif’s infrastructure, and Sean wants Lale to coordinate the attack.

Billy takes the poor babe away, determined to save him from Marian. He drops the child off at the church and heads back home. He next decides to join Sean in his fight against the gangs.

As for Koba, he makes an example of Edward and Luan, and with all the gangs joined together, everything looks like it’s going to kick off at any second. And it eventually does.

Sean and the others come in all guns blazing, with explosions rocking their meeting spot. Numerous gang members lie on the floor bleeding out outside, while Luan manages to slip away. This isn’t the only place they’ve hit though, and the coordinated attack on those various points have worked an absolute treat.

Faz and Saba are stopped by Sean though, who holds them up at gunpoint. He wants them to deliver a message to Koba that night – Sean Wallace is taking London back.

As the episode comes to a close, Luan races back to the grave to find his wife. She’s still alive, miraculously, but Ed is still in Koba’s clutches.

The Episode Review

So a big fight breaks out at the end of the episode, as predicted, and it sows the seeds for what should be an absolutely storming second half of this season.

Speaking of storming, that final shot with Luan holding his wife, having got her back finally, is a nice way of actually showing a bit of light in what’s otherwise a very gloomy, dark and sombre conclusion to this chapter.

This episode is well shot too, with some really nice action toward the end that beautifully captures the raw, visceral action that made season 1 so good. While not quite as good as the previous season, Gangs of London has been a really enjoyable watch thus far all the same.

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