Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Ghost From The Past

Episode 2 of Gangs of London Season 2 starts with Billy Wallace living the high life, painting landscapes and chilling by the pool. He’s made a quiet life for himself here… until Serwa shows up, a woman who works for Marian Wallace. She reveals that Elliot is back in London and he needs to head back to deal with this.

Obviously that’s less than ideal, and as he begins packing a bag to leave, his sister – Jacqueline – warns that this won’t end well. “When you come back, who will you be?” She questions.

As for Elliot, he’s still haunted by the events that transpired the previous night, with Alex killing himself rather than fighting back against the Investors. Miss Kane tells Elliot to keep his head, revealing he needs to meet a “friend” who’s a Georgian and will have details for his next case. If he does this, then Kane will reveal exactly where his father is being kept.

Elliot meets up with Koba and his boys, coolly bringing up the special assignment he’s been hired for. He needs to find out exactly who killed Koba’s driver.

Meanwhile, Luan rings Marian and warns that they need more guns. He’s had his seized following his mansion raid. “One of my men will be in touch,” She says. But then, as the camera zooms out, we see that Koba is sitting right there watching this transpire.

He applauds Luan’s performance and tells him to ring when they know more. Koba obviously has his wife held captive so his hands are tied, forcing the gangster into submission. Ed is not happy though, pointing out that they don’t get families involved. “If you’re stupid enough to have a family in this world then it’s fair game.” Koba says nonchalantly.

Ed brings this to Asif but the latter has news for the big man. He points out that Alex has committed suicide. Asif believes something snapped in him and Ed is understandably distraught. He keeps it together until he gets in the car outside, where he drives off and struggles to hold back tears.

Billy returns to Marian but this isn’t the time for a family reunion. He wants blood and, in particular, Elliot’s. Billy is dead-set on killing him, so Marian tells him to take her men with him, unwilling to see another of her children killed.

Koba shows up with Ed to a gnarly crime scene with three dead Somalis. Someone has had their way with these guys, who are in connection with Koba. It would appear it’s not Luan’s handy-work and not Marian’s either. With bloody notes stuffed in their mouths and the whole ordeal incredibly gruesome, it would appear that there’s someone else operating in the wings.

Elliot shows up too, and after a bit of a tense showdown with Ed, given the pair’s history, Elliot finally receives the location to his father. He’s being kept in a residential home so Elliot races off to see him. The poor guy doesn’t look the best. He’s got a broken leg, cuts all over his face – but still the same upbeat humour he had the last time Elliot saw him.

Asif has done his homework and through some clever work, figures out the truth. He realizes that the gun shipment money has been funnelled through Bradbury Holdings. Now, Finn used them to hide 1.5 billion of the investors’ money previously, and now Marian is using it for her gun-running. How? Well, the answer appears to be in Finn’s mistress.

Koba wants to deal with this immediately but Asif suggests they wait and keep everyone in line first. Asif heads off to see Rutherford, the lawyer in charge of the account and after some hard negotiating, agrees to tell them everything about the Shell Company.

Luan meets with Marian’s contact, but of course this whole thing is a set-up and he soon realizes that. Darragh (the man who meets Luan) hasn’t check in, predictably, while Elliot is holding out in a church biding his time. That’s not somewhere Billy intends to murder someone, while Elliot is desperate for a way out – no matter the cost.

Ed shows up to see Shannon, breaking the bad news to her about Alex. At the same time, Darragh is tortured for information, with Luan showing with a baseball bat and forced into working with Koba. As for Billy, he heads to their old house and phones home, just to hear Jacqueline’s voice again. She encourages him to come back, but instead he looks set to shoot up heroin, determined to push the pain of Sean’s death aside. Billy doesn’t though, stopping at the last second and heading out.

Darragh eventually reveals where Marian is, while Elliot shows up to see Basem at the market. There, Saba reveals that he can’t trust Hakim given he’s working with Koba and could undermine what they’re doing. Just like that, Basem is suddenly killed in cold blood, right in front of Saba.

Whoever this attacker is, they apologize and bolt, just before Elliot shows up. However, Billy is there too and comes face to face with Elliot. He doesn’t shoot Elliot though, instead firing just behind as a massive firefight breaks out in the market as Algerians, desperate for revenge against what’s happened to Basem, open fire.

Elliot eventually lets Billy go when they come face to face again, letting the latter slip away. Unfortunately, he’s also shot in the chest. Killian reverses the car, which flies right off the edge of the dock and into the water as a barrage of bullets from the gangsters rain down on them. As the car sinks, Billy survives but holds his breath and evades the gang as they fire into the water.

With all hope lost, Billy is saved by someone. As they remove their hood, we see exactly who. It’s Sean Wallace! He’s alive! And he’s driving a red car too. Elliot watches all of this from afar and allows the pair to drive away.

The Episode Review

What a shocker! Gangs of London comes to a close with a really surprising turn of events as it turns out Sean Wallace is actually still alive. I certainly didn’t see that coming and kudos to everyone else who has written reviews on this as there’s not a single mention of this even being part of the story, which is great to see.

This second episode introduces Billy back into the fray and also fleshes out more of the drama involving Marian and exactly what they have planned for Koba and Asif. In fact, Koba is turning into quite the intriguing character and he’s certainly a dangerous thorn in the side of Marian and the others.

With Sean Wallace now alive and out for revenge, what next for our characters? We’ll have to wait and see!

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