Gangs Of London – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Truth Will Out

We begin episode 7 of Gangs Of London with a flashback of Finn and Ed talking together about his affair, imploring his associate to keep it a secret.

Back in the present, Elliot looks over the various pieces of evidence in the case and tries to work out who’s after Sean. With faces of all the various players in this game, Elliot figures out Jevan is near the top with someone pulling his strings. With that figure unknown for now, Elliot phones Vic and reveals what he knows so far.

After what happened to Dilsha and the kids earlier in the series, Lale finds herself alone. She remains vigilant over Asif though, knowing he’ll strike at some point. Asif hits hard and reveals himself to be the one overseeing Nasir’s campaign and pulling the strings. He completely devastates Lale’s warehouse with an assault, killing everyone inside. Only, Lale happens to survive the attack and stumbles to safety.

Ed and Alex talk about Finn’s previous deals. It turns out he never wanted Sean to take over; the plan was always for Alex to take over the family business. As they continue discussing this, Alex asks what other secrets Finn may have been keeping from them.

Elliot meets with Vic and hands her the details surrounding Tove Frandsen. With ties to Floriana, Vicky admits that someone took a box cutter to her mouth and reveals that Finn’s murder trial has been shut down by higher powers.

Elliot and Sean head to Lale’s warehouse and look at the devastation. Realizing this is Asif’s doing, they try to work out the best way of dealing with this situation. However, they have bigger fish to fry for now when the Nigerian gangster Mosi touches down and realizes his money has gone.

He goes after the investment bankers, leaving bloodshed in his wake, before heading up to visit Luan at his daughter’s birthday, believing he’s the one responsible for stealing the moment. Following this tense stand-off, Luan confronts Ed where they talk about the money that’s been stolen. Reminding him that Finn’s deal remains intact, Ed walks away after telling Luan he’s on his own.

Elliot realizes he’s being watched and tells Vicky to make sure the police aren’t around this as it could unravel the whole operation. Unfortunately the captain doesn’t see it that way and works to get Elliot removed from the case.

Marian heads up to Ireland and visits a man named Colin, bringing him back to London with a whole army of men at her disposal who flood in through her front door.

Lale awaits Sean in his car and questions him over what happened. Only, Sean hits back and apologises, admitting he can’t go against Asif right now but will do very soon. Instead, Lale sets her sights on Nasir.

With everything starting to unravel, Alex phones Ed and tells him it must be Finn that’s taken the money, given 1.5 billion has now been withdrawn from the account. As he hangs up the phone, Sean visits Alex and talks to him about Finn’s weakness and in particular the picture of the dead boy. Only, Alex is clearly distracted.

Sean returns home and finds the men in his board-room. Marian hands over a notebook with information on Ed, telling her son that she knew he was lying from the very beginning. With this information, Marian and Sean work together and gather the Dumani family, questioning them about Floriana.

Ed killed Jack because of Floriana and it’s here Alex opens up and admits that their own investors are the ones who organised the hit. The reason for this stems from Finn himself, who had organised an elaborate scheme to steal 1.5 billion (the same amount that’s been taken now) in timed transactions while he sailed off for his desert island with Floriana, leaving the families to tear each other apart.

Ed then goes on to reveal the investors want Alex at the top of the ladder, taking over Wallace’s company and this, as it turns out, is exactly what Finn wanted too. Sean severs ties with the family with a gunshot to Ed’s leg and tells Elliot that he’s not to see Shannon any longer. With no one to trust but family, Sean weeps in his Mother’s arms as Billy bolts out the front door.

With the truth finally revealed and lots of interesting drama throughout, Gangs Of London turns its attention to the different conflicts and feuds rather than big action set pieces. There’s a lot of intricate power plays at work here and the arrival of Mosi in London feels like the wild card in what should be a dramatic few episodes to come. Quite what happens next though, remains to be seen.

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