Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Past & The Present

Gangs of Galicia episode 7 starts with a flashback to a few days before Silva turned on Padin. His wife at the time, Berta, warned him to be careful after Padin sent him on a two-day trip to meet with the Colombians to talk business. She was worried since the police arrested some people a few days ago.

Unfortunately, before leaving Silva finds a note on his car informing him of Berta and Padin’s affair. According to the note, Laura was Padin’s daughter, and Berta had been lying to him. He returns home to see Padin letting himself into his house.

Does Nazario discover Ana’s secret?

Ana’s mom calls her and sends a picture of the man at their door asking about her daughter; Ana recognises it is Nazario and panics. It doesn’t help that Daniel and Nilo are unable to open the safe in time as they have to get things ready to pick up the drugs.

Only Nilo and Daniel know that it is happening that night, while at the house, Nazario sees the family’s portraits and recognises Silva.

He tries to call Padin but the latter is already in prison and left his phone in the car. He then tries to call Daniel, but Ana already takes his phone under the pretence of covering her bases as his lawyer. Nazario then reaches out to the corrupt cop at the prison, but the cop is at home, and his shift starts in the morning.

Out of desperation, Nazario offers a lot of money to the guard and asks him to sneak a phone to Padin. However, the guard finds it hard to get to Padin and is forced to share his cut with the other guard before he gets the chance, but unfortunately, it is already too late. 

Is the deal successful?

With everyone in position, Marco secretly informs Naranjo that the deal is set to take place later that night. They are using a dating app to communicate, and no one grows suspicious of Marco.

However, at the last moment, Tono orders Marco to stay behind so the police are unable to track the gang as they head to the meeting point at sea. Still, Marco keeps going and heads to the shipyard, where Daniel is coordinating everything.

Daniel is keeping everything close to his chest, even the coordinates. The police trace Marco’s location and it leads them directly to Daniel.

Ana is contacted by Laura to help with their case. Berta and Laura are currently being investigated for Munez’s death. Ana postpones her meeting with the Colombians and heads to the station to help Laura.

At first, Laura is hesitant to reveal she is helping the police find out more about the Padin’s operation. After Ana threatens to leave, Laura comes clean, and Ana tries to stay calm.

Fortunately, Laura never tells her that Marco is the spy, only that the spy is in communication with Naranjo. Ana sends Dabiel a warning message, but as he is operating many phones, he fails to see her message. 

What happens with the Colombians?

Before meeting with the Colombians, Ana assures her mom that she has set the stage for Padin’s fall and steals Nazario’s safe from Daniel. At the Colombian’s house, Ana recognises her dad’s killer but plays it cool.

When the Colombian leader asks her to consider joining them, she pries them for information on the hit on Silva. She is shocked to find out that Daniel was the one who asked the Colombians to tack Silva down. However, Padin paid them to kill Silva before Daniel could talk to him.

Most likely, Padin didn’t want Silva to tell Daniel about his affair with Berta and the possibility that Laura is his stepsister.

After learning the truth, Ana escapes the Colombians’ house. By the time Padin calls Daniel to inform him of the truth about Ana, Daniel is surrounded. He and Marco are arrested, but Damiel is too baffled by the truth about Ana to even fight back. Naranjo and his team also quickly surround Nilo and his men as soon as they arrive at shore. 

How does Gangs of Galicia end?

Three months later, Narango retires and leaves for Madrid with his wife and his subordinate is promoted as he promised. Ana visits Daniel in prison under disguise, and they talk about her dad.

Daniel explains that he only wanted to find out the truth. He believes something big must have happened to make Silva turn on his dad.

Sadly, they will never find the answers to their questions. He asks if their relationship was real, and Ana apologises. She clarifies she only wanted to hurt Padin, and Daniel was not meant to be collateral damage. She subtly admits she loves him and has never betrayed him.

She then tells him that Padin and the Colombians are after her, and she is on the run. Before their time is up, she tells him she is pregnant, and he is about to be a dad. Unfortunately, they run out of time, and Daniel tries to ask more questions as the guard drags Ana away.

The Episode Review

The ending was a mess and a bit disappointing but at least everyone is paying their penance. We are curious about what was in the safe and why Ana won’t use it against Padin. Will Padin change his mind if he learns that she is carrying his grandchild? He will probably wait for her to deliver the kid, steal it and kill her!

We also want to know why the police are not looking for Ana. She helped Daniel get away with a few illegal things, so they need to ask her a few questions. Also, what happened to Berta and Laura? Did they discover that Ana is related to them?

There you have it, folks. Did you like the show? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the ending to this one!

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