Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

 Revenge Team

Gangs of Galicia episode 6 starts with Tono getting things ready for the big gig. The new boats finally arrive at the shipyard, and he and Nilo get everyone in line. No one knows when the deal is going down, but they are staying ready, waiting for the call.

Meanwhile, Daniel picks Ana up at the airport, and she offers to drive his new car. The police are still following them, but Ana manages to lose them.

During the ride, Daniel confesses that he has been planning on leaving the business and his dad after the next deal. He asks her to join him. Ana hesitates to believe him, but after he assures her that he is serious, she asks him to pull over to a nearby hotel. They end up making love, and Daniel asks her to take time before giving him an answer. In the meantime, they decide to keep a distance and pretend they  have “broken up.”

Ana asks Rosa to lie to Naranjo that she is heartbroken over losing Daniel as a friend and client. Naranjo believes her since he has not seen the two interact after Ana came from her trip.

He is suspicious of why Ana went on a trip but can’t prove she went to Dakar to carry out a mission for Padin. He is also worried since Ana is getting more involved with the Padin and making it harder for the police to arrest Daniel. 

Elsewhere, Marco convinces Daniel that he wants to join the gang and out of pity, Daniel agrees. On the other hand, Berta tries to warn Laura to stay out of the Padin’s business, but  Laura is determined to revenge her daughter. 

As Naranjo and his team up their game, Munez meets with Nilo and warns him something is coming. However, he has no proof and Nilo and Daniel are not sure they can believe him. They check it out for themselves and realise that Naranjo’s team are on the move. However, they need to ascertain why, so Daniel offers Munex one million to find out if a spy is talking to Naranjo.

A motivated Munez blackmails one of Naranjo’s men after catching him having sex with an undocumented sex worker. To save his skin, the man directs Munez to Laura. 

We circle back to Sandro, who finally arrives at the coordinates given and panica after finding no one is there. He calls Daniel, and he is asked to wait for an approaching boat. Later, Daniel is surprised to see Ana at his place after they decided not to meet.

Ana is scared after taking a pregnancy test. Even a talk with her mom doesn’t calm her down, so she drops by Daniel’s place, and they make love. The next morning, she asks him to find a safety net they can use against Padin when he comes for them after they leave.

They decide to use Nazario’s link to Padin to find tangible dirt they can use to blackmail Padin in the future. With Nazario away on a trip, Daniel and Nilo break into one of his houses and steal his safe.

Meanwhile, Nazario travels to Madrid to look into Ana. He speaks with her former boss and learns that she abruptly quit after her dad died. As for Munez, he tries to follow Laura, but she spots him and manages to lose him.

She secretly meets with Naranjo and makes plans on how to communicate with Marco without risking his identity. Naranjo wants a way to quickly find out when the deal will go down.

Upon returning to her restaurant, she finds Munez, who tries to strangle her with his belt. Luckily, Berta kills him and saves her daughter. The episode ends with Nazario dropping by Ana’s maternal home, asking to talk with her mom.

The Episode Review

Finally, things are picking up steam as we near the finale. Nazario is about to learn Ana’s secret, but will he save Padin in time? Will Ana succeed, and what will she do about her pregnancy? Why has she not told Daniel yet? Will they find something useful in Nazario’s safe that will stop him from telling Padin the truth?

Also, what will happen to Ana after Daniel learns her identity? Mostly, will the police outsmart Daniel with the help of Marco? We have so many questions. 

We also didn’t expect Munez to meet such an untimely death, but it serves him right. He messed with the wrong people and got a ticket to meet the Grim Reaper. 

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