Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Trigger

Gangs of Galicia episode 5 starts with Padin being accosted by some journalist and being tricked into giving an interview where he bashes the police. Daniel is pissed after seeing the interview and asks Nazario to talk to his dad as it is not a great time to attract attention to themselves.

Meanwhile, Nilo is disappointed when he learns that Marco and Maria were planning to escape with the man. He decides to take the money along with them to Marco’s dad.

On the way, Daniel calls him to warn him about the journalists, but he doesn’t get a chance. Instead, Nilo complains about his nephew, and Daniel convinces him not to snitch on Marco. He asks Nilo to bring the teenagers to his house, promising to set them straight. 

Elsewhere, Naranjo tries to talk to Clara and Samuel, but they send him away. Samuel has been depressed and not talking. His wife hopes that his discharge will lift his spirits but wants Naranjo to stay away.

At the same time, Ana misses a meeting with a client as she contemplates meeting Naranjo and giving him everything she has collected on Daniel and Padin. In the end, she changes her mind and returns to the office.

At the office, she and Rosa decide to get some lunch and end up at the same restaurant where Nazario, Tono and other Daniel men are having lunch. Rosa comes clean about being threatened by Naranjo to tap Ana’s office, but before they can get into it, Samuel shows up armed with a shotgun.

Nazario, who was on the phone with Padin is the first to see him. He runs and tries to call Tono and warn him. However, Tono is handling business in the toilet and refuses to pick it up.

Samuel starts shooting at Daniel’s men before searching the restaurant and shooting at the toilet, hitting Tono. He then leaves, and Tono asks Ana to call and warn Daniel. Sadly, Daniel is on a different call while driving to his place to meet with Marco, Maria and Nilo. 

Ana decides to run to the house since it is closer but she is too late. By the time she arrives, she finds Maria and Daniel shot. Samuel runs out of bullets and walks away. Ana quickly attends to Daniel, but unfortunately, Maria is killed on the spot.

Later, Naranjo takes everyone’s statement and blames Nilo for what happened. Ana talks to Marco and asks him to lie about the origin of the money. However, Marco is dome and angry and insists he doesn’t want Daniel’s help. He, too, blames everyone, including himself, for what happened to Maria. Even Naranjo blames himself for fabricating evidence against Samuel and punching him too far. His subordinate feels the same but refuses to report Naranjo. In turn, he promises to quit after arresting the Padins and recommending her for a promotion.

After the burial, Ana visits Daniel at the hospital, and he asks her for a favour. He believes Ana has feeling for him, given how she took care of him before the ambulance came. He explains that Padin was the one who wanted Samuel to be taught a lesson. He says he wants to leave his dad but he needs her to do a big favour for him.

He asks her to go on a trip, and she meets with Padin. The older man is paranoid, and he asks her to strip before telling her the next step. He orders her to memorise some coordinates and gives her a plane ticket to Dakar to meet with a random man. She is supposed to give the man these coordinates.

At Dakar, Ana contemplates leaving before completing the mission after spotting a suspicious man following her. It turns out Padin hired the man to protect and watch her.

After learning the truth, Ana meets with Sandro. The man is more paranoid than her, but Ana assures him that Padin is the one hiring men to keep track of them. She gives him the coordinates and leaves the country immediately. 

Back at Cambados, Daniel is discharged, and he heads over to Berta’s restaurant to apologise. Berta gives him a piece of her mind, saying he had an option after his mom died. She is disappointed that Daniel chose to be his dad’s lap dog instead of making an honest living.

On the other hand, Laura gets  Maria’s letter. The one she wrote when she planned to run away with Marco. She coincidentally runs into Marco at the mausoleum and together, they plan to take the Padins down. Later, Laura meets with Naranjo and tells him she has a spy inside Padin’s team.

The Episode Review

 I didn’t see this twist coming! Maria dying was the perfect trigger to make Marco choose a side. He is burning for revenge, and he will stop at nothing to make the Padins pay. Laura has also finally decided to be brave and speak to power since she has nothing left to lose. Padin has no idea that a storm is brewing. 

As for Ana, it is clear she has feeling for Daniel, but she can still save herself if she doesn’t act on them. The minute she crosses that line, there will be no coming back.

She needs to prioritise her revenge, but she is out here taking risks that might put her in jail. Let us hope she has a good plan for what is about to happen. With only two episodes left, Gangs of Galicia needs to raise the stakes. 

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