Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Gangs of Galicia episode 4 starts with a flashback to when Padin was arrested. At the time, Daniel was very young, but his dad still trusted him to hide a few things, including valuable watches and documents.

His mom was ailing but still strong enough to stand by her husband. She was sure that one of Padin’s men had betrayed him and wanted answers. As young Daniel navigated his new reality, his friendship with Nilo flourished. 

The family continued to stand by Padin, and Silva took over, looking after Daniel as if he were his own son. Daniel started trusting him more and told him about where he hid his dad’s stuff.

Unbeknownst to them, Silva was the traitor and for months leading to the trial, he continued to help the police build a solid case against Padin. Daniel only realises it too late, on the day of the hearing, when he and Nilo went snooping around trying to find where the police were keeping the rat minutes before he secretly testified.

At present, Naranjo visits Samuel at the hospital and tries to convince him to rat out the people who tried to cement him to death. Currently, Samuel’s legs are burned, and he is lucky to be alive. Samuel and his wife refuse to talk and kick Naranjo out. 

Elsewhere,  Daniel and Ana meet at the port and talk about the boat deal. Ana has prepared everything, and Daniel’s plans are set. She, however, is disappointed that Daniel won’t tell her more than she needs to know.

She brings up Padin still being in charge of the business while in jail, but Daniel jokes he will have to kill her if she expects to know the truth. On the ride back to town, Daniel opens up about how Silva’s betrayal cut deep.

Meanwhile, Maria and Marco secretly meet up and decide they have had enough. They want out but don’t have money to run away. Marco suggests that he might know where his grandfather hid the money, and they can use it to escape. They decide that if they find the money, they won’t tell anyone and escape immediately.

They make plans to meet the next day, check out Marco’s possible lead to the money and leave town immediately. They are unaware that Muniz took a photo of them and sent it to Nilo. Nilo is not pleased to learn that the young couple is frolicking behind his back. He confronts Tono for not handling the situation, but his brother dares him to warn Marco himself. 

The next morning, Padin gets a female visitor before returning to prison. He has a guard in his books, so prison life is a breeze for him. He is in constant communication with Daniel about the boat deal and is aware things have been finalised. Naranjo is also unto Daniel and his boat deals.

He knows that Ana helped Daniel to make sure all his bases are covered. As such, Naranjo decides to switch targets and switch his attention to Ana. He starts by approaching her secretary and subtly threatening her to cooperate with the investigation.

On the other hand, Maria carefully says goodbye to her grandma without raising any suspicions that she is planning to flee home. She meets up with Marco and heads to one of his grandpa’s land. Marco is sure that his grandpa hid the money there because he once found the old man acting suspiciously on that piece of land. 

On the other side of town, Tono and Nilo meet with Marco’s parents and Ana, who is their lawyer. Marco’s dad and Tono get into a heated physical fight over the assets distribution and the hidden money.

In the midst of this chaos, Ana gets a call from her mom saying she has landed in Cambados. Ana quickly meets with her and asks her to leave. Ana is scared that her plan to infiltrate the Padin circle and prove they killed her dad will go awry if her mom is there. However, Ana’s mom is worried that Ana is playing with serious trouble. 

At the port, one of the police officers from Naranjo’s team sneaks into the new Daniel’s boats and places some tracking devices. He is so lucky he is not caught. We circle back to Marco and Maria, celebrating after finding the hidden money. However, their joy is short-lived as they turn around and see Nilo.

The Episode Review

Naranjo’s wife is right; he is too obsessed with this case. He is taking some illegal risks to finally get the Padins, but will the end justify the means? He is trying so hard to outsmart Daniel and his men, but he needs to be careful not to get his men killed.

It is no surprise that Ana is looking to take down the Padins. We knew that from the moment she landed in Cambados and got into Daniel’s good book. However, what exactly is her game plan? She needs to have at least three different plans for when things go south. It is only a matter of time before Daniel and his dad find out about her identity, and things will get messy. 

On the other hand, Marco and Marie are so naively young. It is almost funny they thought they could take the money and run with no consequences. Of course, Nilo and Tono would have come for them. Nothing destroys a family faster than greed for money!

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