Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

New Business

Gangs of Galicia episode 3 picks up where we left off, with Daniel and Ana flying to an unknown location. They head to a resort out of town. Daniel is looking to buy the business, and Ana insists on checking the books herself before he makes a decision.

The two settle in at the resort, but while Ana gets a body massage, Daniel leaves to run some errands. After the massage, Padin reveals himself to Ana. He subtly interrogates her, curious about her relationship with his son. She holds her own even as he questions her honour as a woman.

By the end of the meeting, it looks like Padin is impressed, even though he knows she saved the Silvas. 

Meanwhile, Tono is tasked with handling Marco after he found out where the gang is keeping Samuel. He quickly warns the boy to keep his mouth shut. Nilo promises to tell Daniel about the little snafu.

At the same time, Tono feeds Samuel and makes him promise not to ever tell anyone that Marco saw him being held hostage. Of course, Samuel agrees out of desperation. Later, Tono keeps eyes on Marco and discovers he is dating Maria. The two have already made up but will they be allowed to keep dating? 

After returning to town, Laura and Ana have a casual talk about their fathers. Laura has no memories of her dad. She only remembers what Berta told her about him. Later, Naranjo drops by the restaurant to convince Laura to speak up, but she refuses. Maria overhears the conversation and is disappointed that her mom won’t tell the police the truth.

In the meantime, Nilo keeps Daniel updated, and they plan their next gig. They also talk about hwt they should do with Marco and Samuel. Daniel thinks they should let Samuel off with a warning and keep Marco on a short leash.

At the garage, Nazario picks up Padin and drives him to a meeting with a few clients. Padin is weary that someone is watching him after he spots the police tailing Nazario. However, Nazario assures him that they managed to lose them. He is more worried about Ana, but Padin ignores his concerns.

In the meantime, Marco’s parents meet with Ana to hire her as their lawyer. They are concerned that Nilo and Tono will try to stiff them out of the inheritance. 

On the other hand, Maria decides to take a brave stand and visit the police station to meet with Naranjo. A fellow police officer tells her that he is based in Pontevedra, and Maria opts to take a bus there. Munez overhears the conversation with the police and calls Nilo.

Nilo quickly arranges for someone to follow Maria while he goes to threaten her grandmother. Out of fear, Berta calls Maria and begs her to leave before she can talk to Naranjo. At the same time, Tono picks up Marco from school and warns him about seeing Maria again.

As for Naranjo, they finally get the identity of the man Daniel met with at the club. However, he is from Madrid, so it will take time to get more information from Madrid. As they wait, Naranjo decides to take his wife to her hospital appointment. Sadly, he gets a call and has to leave, disappointing her again.

Taking Ana’s advice, Daniel transfers some of his assets to a different company in the Caymans. Ana is confident that the police will lose trck of the assets, and even if they find them, they will be unable to link Daniel to any wrongdoing.

Daniel is impressed and takes her out for dinner. They have a nice time at dinner and flirt a bit after getting into their respective hotel room later that night. However, Ana maintains a professional relationship with Daniel and promises to help him take care of the boat deal. 

Back at Cambados, Samuel tries to escape but he is caught. The gang takes him to a construction site and pours mixed cement on him. They leave him struggling to get free, and the construction workers find him the next day. Luckily, he is buried only up to his feet. 

The Episode Review

Does Ana think Padin didn’t put a hit on her dad? She said that if he had, he would have made sure everyone found out. If Padin didn’t order the hit, maybe Daniel did. We all know that Silva’s betrayal was personal for him, and we can’t overlook the fact that he might have used his friends in the force to find Silva. 

We are also curious to see if Samuel will talk. He has probably learned his lesson, but you never know. Going up against the Padins is pretty committing suicide and getting your family killed. Look at what happened to Maria: she tried, and Nilo threatened to burn the restaurant and her grandma alive if she even thought of going to the cops again.

Ana is lucky that Daniel has a crush on her, and she is efficient as a lawyer to cover her tracks. However, what will happen when Daniel finds out she is Silva’s daughter?

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