Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The New Lawyer

Gangs of Galicia episode 2 starts with a flashback of when Ana talked with the police after her dad’s death. The police showed her the videos taken that day, but the assassin’s faces were never caught on camera, and all their details were fake. The police have hit a dead end, and the case is not moving along.

Presently, Berta and Laura hire Ana to help them win the bid in the municipal city concession to keep their restaurant. They are scared that the Padin will put in a high bid to teach them a lesson and make them lose their livelihoods.

Berta is suspicious of Ana but Laura convinces her mom to give Ana a chance. Unlike the other local lawyers, Ana is yet to be deeply involved with the Padins. She is their only chance at fair bidding, especially since everyone is scared to cross Padin. He is said to be a man who can hold a grudge. 

Padin is thriving in his prison environment. A man of considerable influence and resources, his presence is felt even behind bars. He has access to a phone, can work outside the prison, and is still managing his drug empire with the help of his son. 

Meanwhile, Naranjo is having a hard time balancing his work and marriage. His wife, Marta is losing her patience after he leaves her during an important meeting with a realtor. Naranjo leaves to keep an eye on Daniel, who is meeting with someone at a club. It looks like Daniel is looking into buying a big boat.

However, Daniel is aware that the police are watching him, so he makes the deal in the toilet after losing the police for a while. Later, Naranjo gets a call that his wife fainted and is in the hospital. She refuses to let Naranjo help her book a doctor’s appointment or come with her to the hospital.

After the deal, Padin calls Daniel and orders him to deal with the snitch. Daniel doesn’t agree but his dad insists they need to send a clear message.

As the days go by, Daniel continues to chase after Ana. Ana uses this opportunity to convince Daniel to drop his bid from the concession. She lies that she had a problem with a powerful, obsessed client and fled to Cambados. She paints herself as a damsel in distress, making Daniel feel like a knight in shining armour. He agrees to drop the bid if she signs him as a client.

On the other hand, Marco continues to struggle at home as his parents fight over the alleged money his grandparents hid. Marco’s dad doesn’t trust Nilo or Tono. At school, we learn that Marco is dating Maria, Laura’s daughter. Their families are supposed to be enemies, but they are out here playing Romeo and Juliet. Will this end well?

A few days later, the Silva’s are happy to win their bid, and Laura visits Ana at her place with a pie to thank her. Ana invites her in and subtly asks her about the case and how Gonzalez/ Silva disappeared. Laura has no clear memory of her dad, just rumours surrounding him and how she believes the anonymous man must be from her dad. 

The next day, Daniel’s former lawyer drops by Ana’s office and gives her the files on Daniel. He suggests that Ana only got  Daniel because she is sleeping with him. Ana is offended but remains professional. The lawyer is suspicious of Ana but believes she won’t be able to fool Padin Senior. 

Later that night, a fellow gang member tricks Samuel to meet him at Laura’s restaurant. Tono and his men arrive wearing face masks and kidnap Samuel. They order Laura and Berta to keep it a secret while Munez is tipped in advance to leave the restaurant before the kidnapping goes down.

Outside, Maria is on the phone with Marco and sees the kidnapping going down. Sensing she is in danger, Marco rushes to her and arrives just as the kidnappers drive away. Upon rushing out, Laura sees Marco comforting Maria and realises the two are dating.

After getting Daniel’s files, Ana realises that Daniel is hiding his assets by using his former maid, who is currently at an elderly home. She advises him to consider a new trick, as it is too risky. She is unaware that the police are closely watching Daniel after learning Samuel was taken. The police have been unable to get anyone to come forth and give a statement. 

The following day, Daniel invites Ana to meet and discuss a new business. As they drive, Ana finally realises that the police are tailing them. She asks about it, but Daniel plays it cool, saying he is not responsible for all the bad things in Cambados.

She is surprised when they drive to an airstrip and fly to their next destination. The police are also caught off-guard and are forced to watch as the two fly away.

Meanwhile, Maria and Marco fight after Laura talks to her. The difference between their families keeps rearing its heads. After class, Marco visits Nilo, who advises him to concentrate on school.

Whilst there, Marco overhears where the gang is holding Samuel and decides to check it out himself. He finds Samuel gagged and tied to a chair in a remote abandoned building on the outskirts of town.

The Episode Review

For a man being followed by the police, Daniel seems to be having the time of his life playing with authority. He enjoys this cat-and-mouse chase too much. On the other hand, where is he taking Ana, and what new business is he looking it? 

Doesn’t Marco know that curiosity killed the cat? He is digging his own grave by snooping around and trying to get into the gang. He should listen to his uncles and Daniel and focus on school. What will the gang do to Samuel, and why are they still keeping him alive? 

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