Gangs of Galicia – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

 Welcome to Cambados

Gangs of Galicia episode 1 starts with Ana, a lawyer in Madrid, talking to her dad over the phone. Her dad works as a boat tour guide and is about to welcome his next clients. They say their goodbyes and promise to see each other soon. However, they never get to. Ana’s dad is killed by his clients. By the looks of it, they were hired assassins, but why would someone want to kill him?

Three months later, Ana and her mom meet with a lawyer and listen to the dad’s will. Everything seems normal until the lawyer mentions a secret bank account and an addendum that the money should be anonymously given to Berta and Laura Silva, who live in Cambados.

Ana and her mom start looking into the identity of the woman and stumble on a bombshell, Turns out the man they knew as Gonsalez is not Gonzales. He was actually Silva and was in witness protection after betraying his mafia partner. Ana is baffled that her dad hid a secret past life with a different family from them for this long. As expected, the news shakes her. 

Meanwhile, in Cambados, the police focus on their investigation into Daniel Padin—the son of a well-known drug mafia. In fact, Ana’s dad helped the police put Daniels’s dad away. However, Daniel has stepped into his old man’s boot and is in charge of the daily operation of their drug business. This time, the police are aware that he is planning to bring in some drugs and are watching him and his men like hawks. 

Daniel is also unto them, but he manages to outsmart them. He quickly plans on how to save his men stuck in the sea after running out of gas. They hide the drugs in the sea and carefully lose the police, giving him and Nilo enough time to best the cops.

Unfortunately for the cops, one of their own, Munez, tips off Daniel and helps him escape. By the time the police get to the boat, there is no sign of the drugs, but they arrest the three men on the boat for interrogation.

Elsewhere, Ana continues to feel like she needs to find out the truth about who her dad was and why he was killed. She quits her job without telling her mom and moves to Cambados. She starts looking into her dad’s first family and finally comes clean to her mom.

One month later, she starts her legal practice in Cambado. Surprisingly, her first client turns out to be Daniel, who finds himself in a legal fix. He abruptly hires her at the courthouse to quickly represent him in a few minutes in a traffic violation case. Ana manages to save Daniel’s driving license.

He invites her to a celebratory dinner, but she turns him down. The next day, he sends flowers to her office and starts following her during her morning runs. Ana’s secretary tries to warn her that Daniel is bad news, but Ana pays her no heed. 

Elsewhere, we finally get to meet the old man Padin himself. He is supposed to be on probation in jail, awaiting his release in a few months. Part of his probation requires him to work during the day at the Algrecias garage. 

After Daniel outsmarts the police, they double down by following him around, but he is always ahead of them. He even manages to meet with a business partner at the hospital and Padin also shows up to smoothen the deal after they failed to deliver the drugs on time. Padin assures the buyer that Daniel has things under control and that the drugs will be delivered soon. 

At the police station, Naranto tricks one of the men arrested during the bust to be his informant. Samuel is unaware that the police have no substantial evidence against him and agrees to turn on Daniel by wearing a wire and keeping the police in the loop. He is released and put to work immediately. He tips the police about Daniel’s plans to retrieve the drugs they dumped at sea.

The scene then cuts to an old man having a cardiac arrest while operating a tractor, and he is rushed to the hospital. He turns out to be Nilo’s and Tono’s dad. The sons demand to know where the old man hid his money when he was working for Padin, but their dad says nothing.

Nilo and Tono don’t care that their dad is on the brink of death; if anything, they hope he will die soon, and they can divide his assets. Their wish is fulfilled, and the man dies. 

At the wake, Marco, Tono and Nilo’s nephew approach Daniel, asking for a job. However, Daniels tells him to concentrate on his studies and refuses to give him a job. Later, Daniel asks Nilo to keep an eye on Marco and make sure he stays on the straight and narrow.

While at the wake, Daniel keeps ignoring Munez’s messages. Munes worries that  Naranjo’s team is onto Daniel so he pulls up to warn him. However, Daniel remains unperturbed, meaning he has a plan to trick the police again. 

After the funeral, Marco approaches a different member of the gang and lies that Daniel agreed to have him help at the next gig. The man unknowingly gives Marco all the details. Later, Marco sneaks out, causing his parents to worry. His dad makes a scene at Daniel’s place but is surprised to see Marco is not there.

Meanwhile, Samuel and a friend head out at sea to pick up the drugs; the police arrest them even before they can dive to retrieve anything. It turns out this was Daniel’s plan to trick the police. He had them following the wrong lead when another team retrieved and unloaded the drugs. Tono is surprised to see Marco among the unloaders.

The Episode Review

It is funny how Daniel has the police running around chasing their tails. Naranjo needs to reflect and readjust his approach in this case.

Daniel is beating him at his own game because he has eyes and ears at the police. He already knew that Samuel was snitching and used it to his advantage. However, we all know what happens to snitches, so will Samuel live to see another sunrise?

On the other hand, Ana is playing with fire. She has Daniel exactly where she wants him, but what are her plans? Why did Silva get killed years after everything went down? Who sold him out, and will Ana find out the truth?


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