Will there be a Gotham Knights 2? Here’s what we know about a video-game sequel:

Gotham Knights 2

2022’s Gotham Knights game had a mixed critical response but if you’re looking for a solo or co-op adventure where you can play as Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin, you might gain some enjoyment from this combat-heavy action game.

If you have played the game and completed the available missions, you might be interested in a sequel. Gotham Knights certainly had its share of problems, not least its lack of mission variety, but a follow-up game could rectify that and provide a more satisfying gaming experience.

But will there be a Gotham Knights 2? Or is it game over for Batman’s loyal team of heroes?

Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

What is Gotham Knights about?

The game begins in shocking fashion with the revelation that Batman is dead! Following his demise, Gotham City has become a breeding ground for the worst criminals in society so as either Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, or Robin, you take to the streets to take down the villains who are causing chaos around the city.

As well as dealing with the criminal gangs scattered around Gotham, you are also tasked with investigating the Caped Crusader’s death. As you move freely around the city, you undertake missions and pick up clues that bring you closer to the people responsible for his murder. Could it be the Penguin? Or Harley Quinn? Or the mysterious League of Shadows?

We aren’t going to reveal Batman’s fate here but if you would like to know more about the game, check out our Gotham Knights review and Ending Explained article.

Will there be a Gotham Knights 2?

Gotham Knight’s developers WB Games Montréal have not yet revealed news of a sequel. However, they have released DLC for the first game for any players wanting to continue their adventures on the streets of Gotham.

We suspect the devs might continue to support the game with further DLC instead of releasing a fully-fledged sequel, but until a Bat Signal shines bright in the night sky to indicate the existence of Gotham Knights 2, all we can do is wait to see what they might do next.

If we do hear news of a second game featuring the Batman family, we will update this page with more information.

What could Gotham Knights 2 be about?

Gotham Knights 2 could follow on from the first game’s story as several plot threads were left unresolved.

The Illuminati-like Court of Owls and the League of Shadows were still at large after the events of Gotham Knights so they could return to  Gotham to cause trouble for our heroes and the city’s residents.

Several villains from Gotham Knights could also turn up again, including the ice-cold Mr. Freeze, but we suspect the developers will resurrect other bad guys from the Batman comic books if the sequel ever happens. These could include Poison Ivy, Joker, Deadshot, and the Riddler, or a lesser-known villain, such as Humpty Dumpty (the serial killer, not the nursery rhyme character), or Calendar Man, the psychotic bad guy who carries out his crimes on important dates of the year.

If there is a sequel, we hope the developers provide more variety in the game’s missions, with 4-player co-op for all of the game’s story levels, instead of the first game’s 2.

These are our thoughts but what do you think? What do you want to see in Gotham Knights 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

When could Gotham Knights 2 be released?

As the game hasn’t been officially announced yet, it’s hard to say for sure. The first game was released in October 2022 so the sequel could be released at the same time next year. It could even get a surprise release this year (assuming the game is in development), but there is a chance that Gotham Knights 2 won’t actually happen due to the mixed critical response given to the first game.

For now then, we will just have to wait and see, but if you’re a fan of the Gotham Knights game, you might want to check out the trailer for the upcoming CW series of the same name that is set to premiere this March.

Would you like to see a sequel to Gotham Knights? What did you think of the first game? What do you think the sequel could be about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Will there be a Gotham Knights 2? Here’s what we know about a video-game sequel:”

  1. Yes I like see Gotham knights 2
    Video games coming out soon
    On PS5

    I also enjoy playing Gotham knights

  2. Hi Anjelo, thanks for commenting on my post. I enjoyed the game but it might be that you are I are in the minority as a lot of people weren’t very happy with it. If there is a sequel, it might fix some of the issues people had a problem with. There’s no info on a new game yet though, so I’m not sure it will actually happen, unfortunately.

  3. i feel like people are being to hard on the game it had good graphics, great gameplay and unique challenges and most important to me, it’s free roam and a open world unlike some other games and i get people might be hung up over the Arkham knight series but give this game a chance and stop being stubborn people

  4. Ten příběh stál za prd takže si myslím že už se tím zabývat už nebudou. Totální zklamání a hlavně to finále vypadá to že tuhle hru dělalo CW jak tam všechny mrtví pořád oživovali. Nejhorší bylo že byl finální boss Bruce Waine který povstal z lazarus pit. To už byla totální kravina!!!! Takže si myslím že místo toho vzkřísí sérii Batman Arkham. Protože tahle hra dopadla nejhůř jak mohla. Ale oni počkají jak dopadne sebevražedný oddíl a také hra Wonder woman. Jestli jedna z těch dvouch her bude mít úspěch tak oznámí pokračování. Gothamský rytíři byli odfláknutý a vůbec se to nepodobalo batmanovi. Já tu hru dohrál ale není tam žádná pozitivní věc. Ani cz titulky to nemá!

  5. Eu não consigo entender as criticas feitas ao jogo Gotham Knights. Com certeza este game não pode ser comparado com os do batman Arkham, tem alaguns problemas, claro. Porém, é um bom jogo, divertido, bom desafio e dificuldade. Eu me surpreendi quando joguei, chegando a conclusão de que as criticas foram severas de mais com o game, sendo pra mim um jogo nota 8.

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