Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Show Fits All – Netflix Stand-Up Review


Big Fluff Delivers Big Laughs

Back for another slice of stand-up, Gabriel Iglesias returns to Houston for a 90 minute comedy special filmed for Netflix. Weaving a blend of eccentric mannerisms, surprisingly accurate accents and specific geographical references, “Fluffy” delivers a funny, well written routine. While the show may not be the best this talented comedian has put out over the years, there’s enough here to make for an entertaining, funny comedy nonetheless.

The show opens with the usual rapturous applause you’d expect from a man that’s been in the comedy circuit for a little over 20 years. Gabriel begins his set by discussing his son Frankie who’s now 19 years old. After a few hilarious and relatable jokes around adolescence and parenthood, Fluffy eases himself into the first of several celebrity elements that make up the bulk of the show’s run time. Beginning with his meeting with Snoop Dogg, Gabriel weaves a coherent story peppered with various little jokes and observations that help keep the story engaging and funny.

I won’t divulge every element of the show but suffice to say there’s a good variety of content here, including meeting Chris Rock and Vicente Fernandez as well as visiting Australia and cultural differences between people. The show ends with a recurring joke before a heartwarming little catch up at the end including various still images of the people he’s discussed along the way. Several moments of humility are placed through the show too which include Gabriel giving thanks to all those involved in putting the show on. It’s a really nice touch and helps to not only break the show up but also recognise those unsung heroes behind the curtain.

The way Gabriel Iglesias effortlessly moves from one topic to the next by bridging common ground and themes together is really quite impressive and partly the reason this man’s done as well as he has over the years. This of course, isn’t even mentioning his ability to craft sound effects, accents and various mannerisms that all help keep the show feeling fresh and engaging. There’s a comedic intelligence here that’s only developed with years of stand up that keeps the jokes running and delivered effortlessly.

Although the whole routine is well written, it’s ultimately the improvised segments that are really the highlight here. Whether it be a stray piece of confetti falling from the ceiling or various heckles from the audience, these unique, individual moments really do well to show just how talented this man is. Naturally funny and oozing charisma, One Size Fits All is simply a stand up delivering more of the same from one of America’s beloved comedians. It may not be as funny as some of his past material but after 20 years on the circuit, Gabriel Iglesias still has that X factor and for that alone, this is one funny stand up routine worth watching.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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