Future Palace – Run | Album Review

Track List

Dead Inside
Heads Up
Sleep Tight
Defeating Gravity
A World in Tears
Loco Loco


Dreaming can make the world seem brightly lit and immaculate. Feeling hopeful in this world outside of your dream will take strength and resoluteness. Every moment should be savoured and every last piece of integrity should be kept alive. And there’s one band out there that screams for all these things. dreams and hope, integrity and strength. They are Future Palace, and they’re breathing down of the neck of resolution and breaking through the over-skin to the next stage.

This band aren’t known, but they should be as their music is full of passion and determination. Run is their record raging against the world, an album fully dressed in hooks, growls, honesty, and musicality. And not everyone will like what they’re hearing, as the music is tapered to the metal allegiance; people who like the extremity of the genre. Although the music is loud and studded with screaming tension, there are clean vocals to admire.

Run doesn’t distil the world. It’s a record that these talented musicians want us to remember for its unconventionality and its stark observations. The band aren’t in it for the gold either, they’re pushing their lyrics like shopping carts through the streets of oblivion, and they’re playing for themselves above all.

‘Paradise’ starts the record off in a loud fashion. The breakneck instrumentals and growls increase the tautness, but they fall into a great sequence. That chorus is also ingenuous, storming through every crevice of a darkened room.

‘Dead Inside’ opens again with tight, technical instrumentals. There’s a punk element to this track too. The chorus is yet again flawless. ‘Sleep Tight’ begins with an unnerving twist, and the vocals are filtered to create a different atmosphere. Meanwhile, ‘Wounds’ opens softly, and the subtle edges are palatable.

Future Plans are an undiscovered band at the moment, but as this record makes the rounds, they’re going to elevate beyond the stars.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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