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Herpe: Fully Loaded
A Riphole In Time
A Fuel’s Errand
Justice Desserts
A Blowjob Before Dying
Pandora’s Mailbox
Girth, Wind & Fire
Operation: Fatal Attraction
Operation: Natal Attraction
Beyond The TruffleDome
Prelude to an Apocalypse
A Date With Destiny


Future Man knows exactly what sort of show it wants to be and who its targeting and this tunnel focus makes it all the more enjoyable. This comedy/ sci-fi mash-up is clearly geared toward young male adults with its video game inspired plot line and crude jokes but Future Man manages a more broad appeal than this, exceeding expectations to make it one of the most unlikely comedy successes this year. Its not perfect, the plot line is a little wobbly at times but the comedy shines through and overpowers the inconsistencies at play to make it a really fun season of entertainment.

The story follows Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson), a janitor by day but whizz kid video-gamer by night. When Josh completes the last level of a difficult video game no one else has managed to achieve, a duo of time travelling fighters recruit him for a secret mission. What transpires is a hilarious journey through different time periods to try and change the future before humanity’s inevitable destruction.

The overarching plot and Josh himself are as cliche as they come. There’s nothing particularly original here; Josh slots into the role of Average Joe who saves the world with little deviation from the standard plot line this derives from. What does make Future Man unique is the duo of Wolf (Derek Wilson) and Tiger (Eliza Coupe). Their chemistry together is excellent and the way everything is so alien to them in modern and past time periods on Earth make for some really funny situational comedy sketches.

Although some of the comedy is a little crude at times with a number of sexual jokes overpowering the far more humorous observational comedy, it doesn’t detract too much from the enjoyment of the show. This is classic Seth Rogen slapstick at its finest and his clear influence in Future Man’s production is obvious throughout. The 30 minute run time for each episode also helps to keep each sub plot fresh and prevents it from becoming tedious. Future Man never feels like a show that drags on unnecessarily either. The quick pace and snappy dialogue help make this a surprisingly easy and funny comedy to watch.

Whilst Future Man won’t be the funniest comedy you watch this year, it certainly won’t be anywhere near the worst. There are enough jokes and genuine laugh out loud moments here to make this a really fun show to watch. Despite a few plot holes and inconsistencies with the writing, Future Man manages to maintain the attention on its world-saving plot line through to its climactic finale. The humour never lets up either and a lot of this is thanks to the duo of Wolf and Tiger who absolutely steal the show.

Future Man is worth watching for them alone and seeing these battle hardened warriors from the future interacting with the present day is the best part of the show. Its not perfect and some of the crude humour overpowers the narrative but Future Man defiantly defies expectation and produces a pretty decent comedy offering that’s well worth the time to watch.

  • Verdict - 7.5/10