Future – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Together At Last!

Episode 6 of Future begins with Ana and Fuse having made up. Kamphan asks Fuse if he is okay and won’t cry again because of Ana. Kamphan tells Ana that he is not interested in Fuse and is very picky about the people he loves. They leave together, and Fuse asks about Top, to which Ana replies that Top joined his table while he was with Polla.

Do Fuse and Ana Discuss Their Problem?

Fuse tells him he still wants to hear more about Top, but Ana reassures him that nothing is happening between them. Fuse advises Ana against casually mentioning the possibility of a future breakup and suggests that he refrain from using that word lightly.

Ana tries to explain that he is insecure about being with Fuse. He tells Fuse that should his parents say that he be with another person, he would agree. Fuse asks Ana to be sincere, and they kiss.

The following day Fuse’s mother calls, and Ana picks up Fuse’s phone; he tries to wake him but falls back asleep. Fuse’s dad calls, but Ana picks up and is scolded. Fuse takes the phone from him and asks his dad if he only called to scold him.

His dad tells him about the housewarming party, and Fuse agrees to go and also bring Ana along. Fuse’s mum shows her husband a number on her phone, and promises to go and see him as her husband returns to work.

Fuse’s father receives a call from a dentist, and he requests to speak with him about personal matters. Elsewhere, Fuse and Ana are discussing what each of them are studying, when Ana’s best friends join them. They reprimand Ana for leaving them at the bar and ask Fuse if they have made up; Fuse replies that they have and promises to take care of and love Ana even more.

Fuse tells Ana to stop worrying about Kamphan as he loves him even more. Ana sends him off to class with a promise to meet after class.

As Fuse comes by the cafeteria in his faculty, his friends find him and tell Fuse that they want him to be a flag bearer because he didn’t join them and they lost the match.

That evening, as they walk together after the ceremony, Fuse’s friends tease them and ask why the pair need to walk together, to which Ana replies that it’s because they are together. They tease Ana that they need to get married and the friends will get money because Ana is costly. Fuse takes that moment to give Ana a small plush doll with a keychain as a proposal. The friends find it endearing and leave them alone.

Do the parents meet?

The next morning, as Ana is sitting in his father’s clinic, his father joins and asks him if they have made up, to which Ana replies that they have. His father is happy to see him smiling, just as Ana sees Fuse and his parents and comes out. He greets them, and his father joins them.

We then understand that Ana’s dad has treated Fuse’s dad before. Ana’s dad tells them he will reveal subsequent appointments and adds that Fuse made Ana cry. Fuse’s dad retaliates and says that Ana also made Fuse cry after dumping him. Fuse’s dad encourages them to leave as they might miss their flight.

How does Future end?

Both sets of parents meet to discuss Fuse’s dad’s treatment plan, as well as Ana and Fuse’s relationship. Ana’s parents are very supportive, but Fuse’s parents are not, and it may take them some time.

We later see them in the house where Fuse asks his dad if he made the pool for his mum. His dad tells him he loves it and has the money to do it. Fuse’s mother invites them in and proceeds to show them their room; later, Ana and Fuse meet and make love declarations towards each other. The episode ends with them kissing as they are happily in love.

The Episode Review

The episode was beautiful, and to see the parents finally accept them is really great. It allows Fuse and Ana’s parents to love their sons unconditionally. It’s beautiful to see their relationship thrive, but there needs to be an understanding that a partner’s friends are also important.

Fuse and Ana still have a long way to go when it comes to communication, trust and handling their own insecurities but they are on the right path. This was a really nice miniseries, and hopefully we can see the actors team up for another project.

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