Future – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Can l ever be enough?

Episode 5 of Future begins with Guy asking Polla where Ana is, before she shows up looking sad. Polla asks him what is wrong and he replies that he is scared Fuse’s mother will not like him and they will have to break up. Polla asks what Fuse said, and he replies that he is reassured that he loves and won’t break up with him. If they do break up, he does not think he will be able to live.

Polla encourages him to trust Fuse and believe he won’t break up. They also encourage him to trust Fuse to handle his mother and to study just as Fuse had told him to do.

Elsewhere Fuse and his mum sit down and talk; Fuse tells his mum that he loves Ana and won’t stop loving him and will want to stay with him. His mum explains that his dad is worried, and she does not want to see him get hurt.

In the meantime, back in school, Kamphan and Fuse’s other friends discuss football and how to recruit more players for the team, when Fuse joins them. Fuse explains to them that his mum is not happy about the relationship. They encourage him though, and tell him to speak with Ana. The friends excuse themselves and leave to find new football players since Fuse cannot join them.

Fuse puts his head on Kamphan’s shoulder after Kamphan asks why he had not told him about the meeting. Ana suddenly appears and asks Fuse to give him his keys to get his stuff. This is after he saw them together and got angry. Fuse runs after him, and Ana asks why he did not go to him after his mother left and why his friend has to be the one to comfort him. He laments that even when he is sick, someone else does the caring instead of him.

Ana suggests they break up or take a break from each other because he believes Fuse should meet different people first. Fuse asks him if he has thought about it well enough, and Ana replies that he has. Fuse angrily gives him his keys and keycard and tells him to get his stuff and return his keys.

That evening while eating with his mother, Ana breaks down and confesses that he had broken up with Fuse; his mum asks him if it is right and encourages him to think about it.

The following day in school, Polla and Guy cheer Ana up, with Polla encouraging him to trust Fuse and to fight for their love. They then invite him out for that evening and to their local club.

That evening, Polla gets drunk while Guy offers to get them more drinks. Polla asks Guy to take her so that she can see more handsome men. On their exit, Top approaches the table and asks Ana where Fuse is. Ana replies that he is not with him as of that evening. Top offers to stay with him, but Ana tells him he should remain a friend and not try to be more. Ana excuses himself to head out to the toilet, but Top follows him.

Elsewhere, Fuse and his friends are getting drunk, they ask him what had happened, and he confesses that Ana thought his love for him was not enough. A drunk Kamphan hugs him and tells him sorry. A girl joins the table and asks Fuse to click on her glass as she has been a big fan of his. He tells her that he is in a relationship, but she insists.

She sits next to Fuse and later says she is not feeling well before fainting on Fuse’s shoulder. His friends encourage him to take her to the toilet.

On the way, he meets Top and Ana, and Top asks him if he is still with Ana; he rudely tells him to ask Ana and walks past them. Top asks Ana if he is okay and offers to be with him. Ana sends him away, telling him that he will wait for Fuse. Top asks him if he is okay since they have seen Fuse leave with a girl. Ana tells him he will deal with it as it is their relationship.

Fuse walks out, and Ana holds on to him, asking if he has slept with the girl. He replies that he has not and never will. Fuse asks if he slept with Top, and Ana replies that he has not. Ana lets out an ugly cry, and Fuse consoles him. They make up and ask each other for forgiveness. They go back to their friends, shocking them, confessing that they have made up. The episode ends when Kamphan complains the breakup was because of Ana.

The Episode Review

Love is a beautiful thing and conquers all. The love between Ana and Fuse is strong, and they can use it to ask for acceptance from their parents. That said, the constant break-ups between these two are exhausting, to say the least. Instead of talking about their issues, they break up. It seems like they go from 1-100 in a blink of an eye and then regret it later.

Ana should give Fuse time to prove himself and have faith in their love. He should stop projecting his insecurities from a former bad relationship on Fuse.

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