Future – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

How strong is our love for each other?

Future Episode 4 begins with Ana and Fuse making up after a quarrel. Fuse expresses his anger with Ana for letting him go after their fight, and they share a few kisses and end up in bed. Ana asks Fuse why they must fight because of another person. Fuse replies that it is love that makes them fight. He reassures Ana that he loves him and doesn’t want to break up.

The next day, Ana asks Fuse to take him to college to study for his quiz. Fuse tries to convince Ana to stay, but Ana sends him off to shower instead. They then pull up on the campus, and Fuse sends Ana off to class after asking him when he will finish his studies. Ana asks him not to skip his football practice.

Fuse’s friends join him, and they ask if they are okay, to which he replies that he is happy that they made up. After an argument, he is told not to sleep without making up with Ana.

Tee observes that he looks worried and asks him as much, to which he replies that he is scared that his mum will not accept the news that he is dating a man. Tee assures him that their parents are worried about their happiness, but if he is sure that Ana is the one for him, then his mum will accept it in the long run. Tee also encourages him to think more about his football skills.

While Ana is eating, Polla and Guy join him, where Guy mistakenly spills his noodles soup on Ana. While trying to dry off his shirt, they realize he has bite marks all over his body. Guy takes him to the bathroom to freshen up. Fuse and Tee, after their classes, stop by their faculty canteen. Fuse takes out his phone to call Ana but sees that Polla has posted about the incident, and a discussion has begun about them.

Tee asks Fuse what is happening, to which Fuse replies that Ana took his shirt off in the cafeteria. Fuse texts Ana to ask him about it, but Ana teases him instead. Fuse leaves to get Ana his shirt, and he meets with Ana. However, he ends up having a jealous outburst about it, but Ana teases him that he was the one that left too many marks on his chest.

They meet up with Polla and Guy, where Fuse invites them to watch the football match and cheer Fuse on. Ana and Fuse are now acting all lovey-dovey and things seem to be on the up.

On match day, Fuse is teased about his love for Ana by his friends and fellow players. When Ana appears, Fuse loses concentration prompting more teasing.

The match between the Medicine and Engineering faculty starts and Fuse scores a goal. On returning to the stands, the football captain reprimands Fuse for not scoring twice. When asked, he says he didn’t want to cause a scene because it might make Ana jealous.

As punishment, the captain sends him off while shouting that Ana is his boyfriend. Later that evening, while Ana is drying his hair, Fuse walks in and tries to kiss him, but Ana overturns the tables and takes him back to their bedroom.

The following day Ana and Fuse are cuddling in bed, and Ana tries to wake Fuse up, but Fuse asks to be allowed five more minutes. Fuse’s mum calls his name and walks in on the pair in bed together. While at the table, Fuse’s mum asks Ana who his parents are and whether they approve of him living with Fuse.

Ana tries to reassure her that his parents know about them, but she asks Fuse if he would still love Ana even when she and his dad disapprove of the relationship. Fuse reassures her that he loves Ana and that won’t change. She sends them off and asks Fuse to return; she will wait for him. This episode ends with them on campus, with Fuse trying to comfort Ana and telling him to trust his actions.

The Episode Review

Communication and reassurance were prominent in this episode, with Fuse communicating about his jealousy and Ana about his worries. Ana doesn’t seem to trust Fuse that he can talk to his mother and come to a conclusion. A lot of reassurance needs to happen between the two.

The couple will have a hard time convincing their parents of their love. Hopefully, they will be able to win them over and get their blessings. We will have to see how things unfold in the next episodes.

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