Future – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Future starts with Fuse and his friends in a bar celebrating his birthday. They and have him do a bottoms-up. Ana joins them in the celebration and his friends tease him for cringing at Ana.

He requests Ana take him to the bathroom, and he reassures him that he is okay and should not worry.

On the drive home, he tells Tee that he will spend the night at Ana’s, and Tee teases him for ditching his room. Ana tells Fuse that he does not like it when he caresses someone else’s cheek, but Fuse reassures him that Tee is his best friend and that having a skinship is normal. Tee watches these interactions while standing at the dorm’s entrance.

Through a flashback, we see Tee telling Fuse that Mark has changed and stopped being close to them after getting into a relationship. Fuse tells him they can’t be friends forever, but Tee wonders if they can be friends even if they get into relationships. Fuse promises not to let him become lonely if that happens, as they promise to get into a relationship at the same time.

In the present, the following day in school, Fuse and his friends are discussing if what he feels for Ana is love. Tee teases him, but Fuse tells him to stop because Ana will be angry. Tee becomes annoyed, and Fuse apologises, but Tee tells him off and walks away, citing eating lunch with his parents.

Meanwhile, Ana is at his father’s dentistry practice, where Fuse has been waiting for him since 3pm. He gets invited to the family dinner by Ana’s father, and his mother asks how they met and if he will break Ana’s heart, to which he promises he won’t.

The following morning, he calls his mum, and she asks if he’s got himself a girlfriend, to which he replies that he does…kinda, and here we learn that he uses the pronouns “she/her”, but he hasn’t told his mum yet.

He confesses to his mum that he loves Ana s much, but Ana’s father has made him afraid. He concludes the call by telling her that his lover is a boy, but his mum cuts off his phone call.

His mum calls back not long after and tells him that she and his father don’t like it and he should reconsider. He reassures her he likes Ana and is sure he will in the future. Ana gives Fuse his food after making an excuse that he is to tutor Guy, his friend.

Elsewhere in a cafe, as Guy and Ana are studying, Fuse interrupts them and complains that they are too close, and he gets jealous. Guy then sits next to Fuse, but Ana complains that he will get jealous if they continue sitting together. Guy becomes annoyed, but Fuse calms him down by asking what they will eat as a snack. He leaves to get it, and as Ana and Guy are studying, Top appears. He tells Ana he has been hard to find since he wanted to talk to him.

Top riles up Fuse by suggesting that he can’t handle Ana and that he should have already gotten tired of Fuse. Fuse asks Top what his problem is and if he thinks he is better. Ana holds him off, but they are mad at each other.

Fuse storms off after telling his friends what has happened. Guy tells Ana off for thinking that Fuse doesn’t want to talk to him and tells him to go after Fuse. Ana leaves to go after Fuse leaving Guy alone. In a different cafe, Fuse is complaining to Tee about everything.

Ana walks in on them, with Tee comforting Fuse while holding his hand on the table. Tee chooses to leave and let them make up, and he tells Ana that Fuse loves him. Ana and Fuse have a big fight with heavy words thrown between them, and Fuse tells Ana that he didn’t want Ana to stop him from leaving the cafe. This episode ends with Ana breaking up with Fuse.

The Episode Review

Friendship is vital in any relationship; those in relationships should understand these friendships. In any relationship, communication is vital. Jealousy can destroy any relationship but maturity is needed too. Ana and Fuse should have talked about their insecurities and why Fuse feels threatened by Guy as this break-up could have easily been avoided.

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