Future – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Sincerity and Reassurance

Episode 2 Future starts with Fuse scrolling through his social media posts and the comments underneath them when Bar calls him and invites him to their regular bar. Meanwhile, Ana is in the bar with his friends when Fuse walks in, and the friends tease them to show how they flirt with each other. Fuse jokingly says that he belongs to Ana.

The friends try to make Fuse drink, but he refuses. While outside, they meet a mutual friend named Top, Ana’s ex. He offers to help Ana take Fuse to his car, saying he doesn’t believe Ana is dating Fuse. While in the car, after they rested, Fuse asks Ana how he knows Top, to which Ana replies that he used to date him.

The following day, in the morning, Fuse wakes up next to Ana and wakes him up. Polla calls Ana, and Fuse picks up the phone, and she reprimands them for leaving her with the others as she wakes up in someone’s room. Ana picks up the phone and apologizes to Polla for leaving her behind with the others.

Through a flashback, we learn when Top and Ana dated, Ana wanted Top to meet his parents, but Top convinced him to let him meet them the next time. Ana overhears a conversation between Top and his friend, Top telling him that he doesn’t want a serious relationship even if he likes Ana. Ana gets mad and sends him away, telling him never to return to his life.

At the present time, Ana wakes up to Fuse’s phone notifications, and Fuse returns after buying food. As they eat together, Fuse confesses his feelings to Ana, but Ana doesn’t believe him and tells him to stop talking lies, but Fuse assures him that he truly likes him. A notification on Fuse’s phone distracts him, and he starts smiling at his phone.

Feeling sidetracked, Ana tells him to give him his full attention, and Fuse then shows him the comments under his posts, and he smiles again. In one of the posts, mentioning a minor makes Ana question Fuse to which he replies that he is turning 20 the next day. Ana tells him he will not buy a gift because he did not say it before. Fuse reassures Ana that being his boyfriend is more than enough.

The next day in a cafe, Ana is studying as they order when Fuse’s friends swing by and ask him to come to the bar for his birthday. They tease him about not being friends with them anymore. Ana tries to encourage him to meet up with his friends for his birthday, but Fuse assures him that he wants to spend time with him and meet his friends later that evening.

That evening, Ana texts Fuse, telling him to have fun and to text him if he wants Ana to pick him up.

The Episode Review

Communication is vital in a relationship, and these two are communicating well. Sometimes when we leave a bad relationship and later get into a healthy one, we doubt everything the other person does for us. This is why constant reassurance is important. Hopefully, Ana will start seeing that he is being sincere soon

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