FUBAR – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

That’s It And That’s That

Episode 8 of FUBAR sees everything collide into a dramatic and pulsating finale. Emma is cut off from the group and finds herself face to face with Boro. The suitcase nuke is right in the midst of this, with fire all around, blocking the route out.

Boro clutches his stomach and picks up a pipe. He knows more about Emma, including her history, her ties with the violin and more. Emma decides they need to work together to escape the nuke suitcase, otherwise all of this will be for nothing. In exchange, she agrees to let him go and they can live to fight another day.

How does Emma escape?

Down in the tunnels, Roo looks after Aldon while Luke tries to get access to the east wing and get to Emma and Boro. He has 15 minutes at best, and unfortunately he’s forced to tell Director Dot that the chances of Emma being alive after that blast is about 10%. Still, he’s not going to give up and is ready to defy orders to get her back.

While Luke heads up to the surface to find a way down with a metal pipe, he communicates through Morse code and learns Emma is still alive. Emma communicates back, telling him she’s alive and with Boro. He tells her they only have 10 minutes and they need to get out asap.

At the same time, Roo is forced to make an incision with Aldon but she’s traumatized by issues with her father, whom she ratted out for having drugs when she was 7 years old. Since the, she’s had daddy issues but thankfully, Dr Pfeffer instills some words of wisdom and convinces her to follow through and have courage, as she manages to save Aldon’s life.

While Roo and Aldon escape together, Emma ironically instills the same wisdom in Boro as she was told by Luke and realizes just how solid her father actually is. While Emma gets out of the vents, she and Luke double cross Boro and decide to leave him to die. The place blows sky high and it seems the mission is a success.

Does Emma recognize the error of her ways?

Walking together and alone, Emma apologizes to her father and admits that she’s made a lot of issues in her past. With everything resolved between them, Roo and Emma also manage to make good on their friendship, with the latter pointing out the nice things she said while stoned, teasing her on the plane ride home.

As for Luke, he still feels guilty for Boro and believes he could have done more to save him from going down a dark path. Luke brings these feeling into the debriefing with Director Dot after, who learns what went down between them. She hopes that Emma’s newfound attitude can help with her new PCS assignment. Luke is happy for her to continue her work and go off on her own but Emma is not so sure. She points out to Dot that she can still learn more for Luke. Only, he’s retiring properly now so that won’t be possible.

Does Donnie marry Tally?

Skip forward several months and Tally is ready to get married to Donnie. When Luke finds out, he’s pretty shocked but decides to be the bigger man and let Tally go. He’s adamant that this day is for them, not for him to overshadow that. But of course, Luke feels dead inside after losing her.

Emma shows up and bemoans her father, believing that Tally is making a huge mistake in marrying Donnie and that her heart really lies with Luke. Emma points out she messed up by playing matchmaker originally and this is her way of trying to make amends. Luke is conflicted over what to do, eventually cursing his luck.

As for Oscar, he gets a breakthrough with his app, as a massive national chain want to buy his company for 4.8 million dollars. That means Donnie, given he’s a shareholder, is going to get 70k investment. Hooray!

At the church, Carter speaks to Emma and they catch up. It’s awkwardly contrived between them but they settle in ready for the ceremony. Only, Luke shows up at the church and speaks to Tally in confidence just beforehand admitting that he’s been in love with her forever and is actually a CIA operative. He shows off his Distinguished Service medal and tells her not to marry Donnie.

What happens at the church? Is Tina the double-agent?

However, the entire endeavour goes completely awry when armed guards show up at the church following a car bombing (which blows the Twinning Brothers sky high as they start keying it moments before).

During the big shootout, Emma, Barry and Luke work together to thwart the goons who begin firing bullets wildly everywhere. Aldon and Roo are called into action while they hilariously happen to be in therapy with Pfeffer but they don’t hear Tina outside talking to someone and speaking Russian. Is she the double-agent and the mole that Volek was talking about? We’re thinking she is but it’s left unanswered for now!

How did Boro survive? Is he killed this time?

Boro shows up at the church and holds Tally at gunpoint. He’s burned up half his face and has figured out Emma from the bridesmaid list and the violin string, all things we know he’s had his computer workers toil away on for weeks on end. Boro admits he was actually buried under rubble for two days and has nasty radiation poisoning following the blast. He apparently survived on rat blood during this time, and now has the bitter taste of revenge in his mouth.

Boro forces Emma and Luke to face each other with guns drawn, but Luke’s clever words allow Tally to get the drop on Boro, stabbing him in the leg with the medal. As she ducks out the way, Boro is killed outright with a barrage of bullets. Roo and Aldon show up just after, with the former amusingly shooting Boro in the head and deciding that she’s “got him.”

How does FUBAR end?

With their identities compromised, Tina urges them all to get in a van and leave. With all the group together and driving away, Luke gives an honest assessment of the situation.

It seems like their identities have been compromised completely, meaning they’ll need to lay low and try to find a way out of this. Unfortunately, it would seem that hundreds of killers, terrorists and gangsters could be after them, and they’re stuck with nowhere else to go. Could we be looking at a John Wick 3 situation? We’ll have to wait and see!

The Episode Review

So FUBAR ends on a frustrating cliffhanger, especially with no word on whether this one is being renewed. However, with Arnie in this and a pretty fun and enjoyable ride overall, I’d imagine the completion rate (one of Netflix’s big metrics for renewals) may be quite high. But take that guess with a pinch of salt!

As a final episode, there’s plenty to like here although personally I think seeing Luke and Emma move on and let Carter and Tally go would have been the more respectful move. At this point, it just seems really unfair on Donnie in particular to be put through the ringer like that.

Overall, this has been a decent ride though and both Emma and Luke get their defining moments and are allowed to really grow into their roles. The supporting cast also get decent arcs too, with Roo really chewing the scenery in every scene she’s starred in.

While far from perfect, FUBAR has been a lot of fun and certainly an enjoyable weekend watch!

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