FUBAR – Season 1 Episode 7 “Urine Luck” Recap & Review


Urine Luck

Episode 7 of FUBAR starts with Tally and Luke continuing to hook up, this time at Merry Fitness. They’re going all-in on dating but Luke reminds her that she needs to tell Donnie the truth so they can make this official again.

Back at the office, Aldon admits to Emma that the kiss they shared was more than just a little peck and it genuinely meant something. Emma tells him she needs to think things through over exactly what she wants, and Aldon is cool with that, deciding he’s happy to wait for her.

Meanwhile, a kill order is approved for Boro but it’s hilariously sidetracked in favor of the group giving Barry some advice on love-making with Tina. Barry awkwardly points out that he’s only got experience hooking up with his cousin’s cousin (which the group mistake for an actual family member). Emma’s not here for the banter though, given she’s still mulling over the Carter situation.

In the group meeting, Dot is despaired when she learns all the group issues that are currently unresolved. She bemoans them, shaking her head and calling them kindergarteners. However, their mission is to try and take out Boro but Luke is against this, believing it’s the wrong play. The White House is clear on this now though, believing they need to take him out so they can’t do any deals with the nuclear weapons no matter what. Of course, Luke has ties with Boro and isn’t sure he’s going to be blow to kill him.

When Luke speaks to Pfeffer about this, the latter believes that Luke is projecting his own feelings about Emma onto Boro. Pfeffer more than holds his own here, matching Luke’s banter, but then similarly so too does Carter. He confronts Emma about her lies and cheating, and he decides to call off the whole thing, telling her they need to break up as he doesn’t trust her.

Emma is shocked when Carter walks out, while Barry shows up late to the office in the morning following sleeping with Tina. However, Tina has orders to head back to the NSA after this mission is done… so Barry decides to pull some strings and get her to stay. This sets up an elaborate bunch of “side quests” as Barry goes through different employees to try and keep her in the department.

An elaborate final plan sees the group jet across to Azerbaijan, where they’ll be meeting with their turncoat operative, Landon, inside Sardovia. Part of this includes posing as deceased Sardovians and forced into coffins. On the plane ride over, Luke lectures Emma about her skewed moral compass but she bites back and points out that what he’s doing to Tally isn’t much better. As a result, Luke has a change of heart and phones Tally, deciding to break things off.

Over in Sardovia, Roo is completely out of it thanks to taking too many pills. While she slurs her words, the group find themselves forced to fight off Landon, who’s not actually on their side after all! He shows up in several guards with his goons and gives chase.

This whole endeavour ends with Roo blowing up their ride home while Landon’s goons are stopped. Aldon ends up shot in the process by one of the guys and starts to bleed out. Despite this being a clean wound, with the bullet passing through the other side, it still puts him out of commission.

While Roo is left to deal with Aldon and his wound, Emma and Luke head up from the underground tunnels into the abandoned warehouse, desperate to find the nukes. Left alone underground, a stoned Roo is forced to try and help Aldon, who’s drifting and now suffering from a collapsed lung. They have no choice but to let Roo get her hands dirty and save his life, prompting a little karaoke session and Roo urinating in a jar.

Boro and Luke finally come face to face but the latter hesitates in hitting the killing blow, leading to Cain showing up and blindsiding him. Luke manages to kill Cain, throwing him in a storage room alongside a grenade. With Cain gone, the ensuing explosion causes chaos with Emma too, who ends up losing comms with Luke and separated thanks to a whole load of rocks blocking her way.

With her earpiece ruined and the heat rising thanks to the fire, Emma is trapped in with Boro and the pair end up face to face, leading to quite the dramatic cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

So FUBAR’s penultimate episode ends with an almighty cliffhanger as this whole situation with Boro is left precariously on a knife-edge. This certainly leaves the finale wide open, but we do get some nice moments between Carter and Tally here, with the latter finally realizing that she has a good guy in Donnie.

Emma’s inability to understand what she’s done wrong is all kinds of irony compared to her high and mighty attitude at the start of the season and her character has been far from perfect, which has been called out numerous times. Will she see the error of her ways and make a triumphant return as a hero? We’ll have to wait and see.

The blend of action and comedy has actually suited FUBAR surprisingly well and this series has really grown into its narrative over the episodes. With one more to go, we’ll have to wait and see how this one will end up.

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