FUBAR – Season 1 Episode 6 “Royally Flushed” Recap & Review

Royally Flushed

Episode 6 of FUBAR starts with Luke sparring with Carter down at the dock, who believes he needs to stand up for Emma and fight for her. This is enough to convince Luke that actually, Carter isn’t such a bad guy after all. Given he knows that Emma was kissing Aldon, Luke decides to spill the crushing truth to him and urges the guy to talk to Emma.

Meanwhile, Oscar’s big app looks set to launch at Ralph’s bodega, and he wants Luke to join him. At the same time, Emma and Aldon continue their affair, kissing in the breakroom until Emma pulls away and believes this is the wrong move. Aldon points out that he doesn’t want to be an intentional homewrecker but he wants this to continue.

Luke decides Emma needs to have a day off from work and suggests they go on a family day together to help get her head back in the game. However, Emma is against the idea as she thinks a better use of her time is to hang with Carter.

Dot calls a meeting for everyone at work, and after some sketchy side-eyed glances between Luke, Aldon and Emma, the team are briefed on where they are right now. Dot believes that Boro is going to have his weapons ready for sale in ten days or less. Their play though is a high-stakes card game occurring in the next couple of days. Boro’s right hand man Cain is going to be there.

Cain is their target, and given all the phones are locked away during the game, it’s the perfect opportunity to smuggle some operatives in and use planted mobiles to extract Cain’s GPS data which should, in theory, allow them to learn where he’s been and Boro’s exact location too. Given Cain knows some of the operatives, it limits those able to head in. This means it’s Barry and Tina who need to head in. But without any experience, how are they going to do this? Well, it comes from a special AI algorithm, a planted card shuffler and special glasses.

Tally speaks to Luke about the video she’s been sent by the Twinning Formula guys and asks for the truth. Well, Luke lies again, believing that the best course of action is to pretend that they just spooked Kyle, and Aldon was hired for just this gig. Although Tally believes him, it doesn’t dissuade her curiosity, as she wants to see the company books to stop the Formula guys from sniffing around Merry Fitness. Even Tally knows there’s something shady going on. So naturally, Luke lies once more and decides that Barry is actually a big gambler with a serious problem and they’ve been fiddling the books to quell that.

While Tina and Barry get set up for the big card game, they need to get rid of two players who would have been in their place to make all of this legit. And that comes from the married couple of the Biryukov’s.

There’s a new mission in place to break into their heavily guarded mansion, and taking their spots in the game. While Aldon and Luke head off to look around the mansion, Roo and Emma take their eye off the ball, losing the couple. It turns out the Biryukov’s aren’t quite so innocent as we thought, and as a result of a scuffle, everyone ends up locked in a fallout bunker.

Roo (whose actual name is Ruth) starts to get worried, until they come up with a convoluted plan to speed up the CPU on the old computer there to clock the date through to 2000 and open up the doors.

Whilst they wait, secrets are spilled as Emma is shocked to learn Luke told Carter the truth about her cheating. As she begins to kick off, Roo gets involved and puts everyone in their place. Things are exacerbated further though when Aldon speaks up and admits that for him, the kiss meant a lot more. He’s liked her ever since their mission in Moldova.

At the game, Barry is tasked with posing as a Nigerian, while Tina is a suave French woman. Together, they drop off their phones and prepare for the game. However, Boro shows and it changes the mission drastically, with Barry and Tina needing to kill our big boss. Well, they decide to poison Boro with a special alcoholic drink that’ll kill him in 30 minutes… the same length of time they have until the data is extracted from the phones, so it’s pretty touch and go.

Everything is thrown into chaos when a Russian big boss called Volek arrives in the middle of the game, admitting that he has a mole planted within the CIA. This mole, codenamed Songbird, can help find out who Finn and Danielle really are. In exchange, Volek wants the auction cancelled and the nuclear weapons kept for himself.

As they come to an agreement, there’s chaos with the cards as a drink is spilled and it disrupts the shuffler, which short-circuits and leaves the CIA in the dark. Even worse, the drink for Boro is taken by one of the card players, Dimitri, who decides to drink it himself.

Back in the bunker, Luke admits that he managed to convince Tally to hop aboard his ship where they “got together”, while Emma lets slip that she’s the one who played matchmaker with Donnie after her parents broke up. She saw how Donnie looked at Tally so Emma helped him take Luke’s place. She actually ends the conversation with a pretty nasty retort about his parenting, admitting that she regrets her parents ever getting together. Everybody ignores Emma when the bunker doors do finally open.

The card game finishes while the poisoned Dimitri is framed as a cheater by Barry and Tina, who buy the group just enough time to make it until the end of the game without being outed as spies. Dot though, is as sharp as she is intelligent, and she confronts Luke back at the office. Remember the pet lizard in the Biryukov house earlier on? Well, Luke actually smuggled it out after the mission and into shipments with the Twinning Brothers, who have their assets frozen and their business left in tatters.

Speaking of tatters, the team itself is also in pieces. Emma tries in vain to apologize to Luke, while Luke decides he’s going to invest in his son’s MyAisle app after all. It’s a really nice moment and arguably one of the best of the season, as he finally does something nice for his son.

The Episode Review

Fubar returns with another good episode, as this fiasco with Boro continues. This time though we get a chapter that intentionally outs some of the big secrets the team have been keeping from one another, and it makes for quite the intense scene inside the bunker.

Emma’s character has been an interesting one to watch and her hotheaded nature and cockiness is finally coming back to bite her, as she’s alienated everyone around her. One would assume that she’s going to turn and actually make good on her promise to be better later on, but we’ll have to wait and see. For now though, the final two episodes promise to pick things up in a big way.

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