FUBAR – Season 1 Episode 5 “Here Today, Gone To-Marrow” Recap & Review

Here Today, Gone To-Marrow

Episode 5 of Fubar begins with Barry trying to calm his nerves, which is made worse when Tina reveals exactly what’s happened with the Dane running away. Not only do they need to get the truck back, they also need to find the Dane now too otherwise Barry could be in a world of trouble. No pressure!

Aldon and Roo work on trying to find out where he is… but he’s actually back at headquarters. Oh. This has been a recurring issue this season, where big cliffhangers are instantly wrapped up within 5 minutes and it’s becoming a little repetitive now. Anyway, I digress.

All of this was a switch and bait, and Dane actually wants to go back to prison, realizing that this is what’s best for his children. He doesn’t want to be on the run for the rest of his life. With inspections beginning, it’s touch and go before they can make the switch. Barry though, does manage to hold his own against a guard, whom he actually kills before switching places with Dane and bagging himself a date with Tina and the admiration of Luke.

While this is going on, Luke and Emma work together to get the gear back from the thieves whom they find in a warehouse, armed and dangerous. They both realize that they need to prove the Great Dane is definitely part of this meet and at this point, unaware that the Dane is back, decide to used a wounded guard who looks exactly like him to be their ticket.

Boro shows up with the fake Dane but the former soon realizes that this is all a set-up and rushes away across the landscape, especially when he notices the guy bleeding. As they give chase, Boro eventually passes out thanks to being shot with a tranquilizer.

Back home, with the plan a success, Luke is called in by Tally for an emergency meeting. It’s not about her poking around Merry Fitness’ sketchy sales records though, it’s actually regarding Romi. She’s sick and struggling. It seems she’s been having an adverse reaction to the chemo and she needs a donor – and quick.

Emma and Luke work together to track down Romi’s absent father, Kyle, who happens to be the perfect match for Romi. They demand that he work with them and do the right thing. However, he wants 150 grand in the process, putting them in a tricky situation. Thankfully, there’s that diamond from episode 1 that should do the trick, and its enough to convince Kyle to play ball.

While this is going on, Dot calls a meeting to discuss what they should do with Boro. They could keep him indefinitely if that’s what it calls for, and they know that he has ties to various different terrorist organizations across the globe and could help unlock all of this and do great work. Emma and Roo are in favour of torture, but the others most certainly are not.

When Emma and Luke head in to question Boro, our antagonist comes up with an ulterior plan. He wants a house arrest order in Bora Bora, complete with a waterproof ankle bracelet. It’s still a prison but a nice one. Should Luke and Emma refuse this offer, it would also mean they leave without the buyers either. On their way out the room, Boro notices that Emma has a ring on her finger.

Dot stops Boro from being tortured at the last second, confirming to Emma that an extradition order has come down from OFAC. They lose custody of Boro in 48 hours, while Dot reminds Emma that not everyone can fly off the handle and curse their superiors like she can. Dot lays down the law, reminding her that if she continues in this manner, Emma will have a choice between tech support and unemployment.

Luke heads in to see Boro before he’s carted off, following a chat with Dot regarding the scar on her face. It wasn’t an IED that caused it after all, it was actually torture.

In the meeting room though, Boro points out that he communicates with his buyers via the dark web. They’re pinged once he uploads an authentication video to confirm he has the bomb and it’s operational. They have a state-sponsored satellite all ready to go to trace the bomb’s unique signature and once they sort everything, there will be ice cube emojis sent, and will ultimately open up a big list of all the potential buyers.

In order to enact all of this, their video needs to be filmed in a warehouse way out of town and away from the base. So off they go to film this. While that’s going on, Kyle flakes and rushes away, leading Emma, Barry and Tina to work together and find him. Once they do and bundle him in the back, Emma decides to bring the professional torturer, Norm, in to hep change Kyle’s mind. And after agreeing to this, Luke apologizes to Dot.

However, their place of business happens to be Merry Fitness HQ and they’re unaware of the rival fitness twins filming everything from afar. Anyway, Emma watches on as Kyle is tortured, while everything goes awry at the warehouse, as a huge gunfight breaks out. Unfortunately, Boro manages to break out in the process, leading Luke with deciding to head back to his family instead, realizing that Romi needs him.

It turns out Boro actually got captured on purpose and all those nuclear IP addresses were spoofed by Cain. This was one big, elaborate ploy to derail them again and break Boro free too. In the middle of this, Aldon and Luke end up kissing in the parking lot, right where Luke notices.

When they show up together, Carter happens to be there and he starts to exhibit doubts over Emma’s story. In fact, he confides in Luke and asks for advice. Luke actually does him a solid and suggests that he work on trying to fight for her.

At the hospital, the Fitness bros send Tally the video they shot that night of Kyle being wheeled into Merry Fitness and tortured. After watching it, she confronts Luke and asks how he managed to pay off Kyle. He confirms that he managed to change his mind, which causes Tally’s face to immediately drop.

The Episode Review

So Boro is back on the run again, predictably, while our group is more divided than ever. The moral line is blurred here, while the subject of torture is brought up and actually discussed in a pretty good way, showing the pros and cons to this and from two different perspectives. Even though Romi’s life is saved, at what cost?

The show continues to mix up its comedy and action antics, and although this episode is perhaps a tad too long and could have done with sharper editing, there’s enough in this to make for an enjoyable watch all the same. The ending definitely hints that Tally, Carter and the others are getting closer to the truth, but we’ll have to wait and see what comes of this.

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  1. Yes, I found it very distracting and annoying that they took the moral high ground with torture when it came to the mass murdering terrorist. However when it came to something personal its was ok to break the law and torture a civilian. It wreaks of entitlement due to the fact that they are CIA means they can get away with this. Yes I know its a comedy and a kid was saved but they could have written this a lot better and gone a different route that didn’t detract from what we’ve seen.

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