FUBAR – Season 1 Episode 4 “Armed & Dane-Gerous” Recap & Review

Armed & Dane-Gerous

Episode 4 of Fubar begins where we left off as Emma is held up at gunpoint. Luke realizes this plan is compromised and charges in through the front to save her. Back inside, Emma talks her way out of this situation with ease, explaining to Nik that he could be killed if he grasses her out.

So thankfully, the group manage to get out without arousing suspicions. Especially when the police decide that this is all just a robbery gone wrong.

In the plane, Emma is feeling bad about her job but Luke explains that she didn’t cheat on Carter, not really, given it’s just part of the mission. Emma explains that she loves her job but realizes she can’t be with Carter and do this at the same time, it’s just too much.

However, any chance of a break-up comes crashing down around them when Carter delivers a lavish gesture just for her, which includes a big violin and a proposal involving a violin string ring.

Put on the spot with both Luke and Tally watching, Emma decides to say yes. Luke is not happy though, taking Carter aside later on in his ship and disliking that he never asked for his blessing.

Meanwhile, Boro questions Dr Karl Novac over what he needs to make his nuke briefcase. Well, it comes in the form of an MNR (miniature nuclear reactor) which should put Boro’s plan in place sooner rather than later.

During the engagement party, Luke learns that Tally has quit her job but when he suggests she work for him, Barry is shocked, especially when Tally agrees. Barry is not happy and neither is Donnie when he finds out. Luke though is confident that this will be the best move to get his wife back.

At the same time, Carter and Aldon end up in a heated chat, especially when the latter meets Carter’s parents. While this is going on, Barry gets some advice from Roo over how to win Tina over.

After another failed therapy session, the meeting reconvenes where Dot gets the group up to scratch on the MNR again, something that Boro is trying to bring into the fold. They decide to use this to their advantage, deciding to use bait to lure Boro in and catch him. And the person they need for this? The Great Dane. Unfortunately, he’s in a Turkish prison under an assumed name and he’s only two years into a four-year stint so they have to break him out. Oh, and Roo has no love lost for him either given she’s missing a toe, courtesy of a shooting accident gone wrong.

The only way to make this successful is to come from someone going into the prison to take his place. Barry volunteers, intending to impress Tina, and Roo even puts in a good word for him too. Just before the big mission,

Luke takes Aldon aside and points out that his encounter with Carter during the engagement party was a big tell. Aldon takes offence to Luke’s tone when it’s insinuated that he’d get between these two right on the eve of their wedding.

There’s further drama at home though, when Tally gets suspicious about the fitness gig, especially when Twinning Formula, the rival fitness company, show up and want to see the books. Anyway, Luke manages to hold his own, right before Barry heads in to the prison, despite being scared stiff.

While Barry manages to settle into life behind bars, managing to talk to Tina on a private channel, the Dane is saved thanks to a bit of “The Dark Knight” break-out play, using a balloon and hooking it onto the plane to fly away. Back inside, Barry manages to get closer to Tina, admitting he did all of this to impress her.

On the plane, the Great Dane agrees to be part of this deal, especially as it means he’#ll be a free man afterwards. Dane sorts out a meeting with Boro and he agrees to be in touch with a location for them. Outside though, Luke and Emma come to blows again as she learns about his meeting on the ship with Carter. While they argue, they take their eyes off the ball and their truck is stolen.

With things getting more complicated by the minute, Boro agrees to meet in the next 30 minutes, while the group work on getting Dane back in prison again. Only… there’s a problem. The Dane catches wind that they’re about to double-cross him and he hightails it away after leaving a message on the mirror for them reading “You changed the deal.”

The Episode Review

Fubar returns with another good episode, this time with a brand new case but still feeding into this overarching tale with stopping Boro no matter what. It actually works surprisingly well to keep things fresh, while also giving each of the different team members a chance to shine.

This time we see Roo a lot more and she’s been great entertainment, while Aldon’s closer ties with Emma open up an intriguing little love triangle on the horizon.

This show has been consistently entertaining and the ending certainly hints that things are about to get a whole lot more complicated. Whether our heroes will come out on top or not is still up for debate. Roll on the next episode!

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