FUBAR – Season 1 Episode 1 “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” Recap & Review

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Episode 1 of FUBAR starts in Antwerp as Luke Brunner burns a dumpster and heads out, communicating with Barry in comms, who helps him infiltrate the fire brigade and head into the diamond district. All of this is a ruse, given Luke’s real objective is to slip underground and break into the vault from below. The objective here is to break out a bunch of diamonds, which Luke takes and manages to hightail it out of there without being spotted.

This whole diamond gig is actually a ruse to bring in a top diamond seller and figure out who his boss is. While Barry organizes a strike from afar, it becomes clear that Luke Brunner is actually a CIA agent. He makes it out the base in one piece, completing his final mission and finally retiring from the CIA, with plans to return to the US as a hero and a retired agent.

We then cut forward to New York, where Luke returns home with a gift for Emma (which happens to be a Kitchen-Aid). He also has a gift for his granddaughter, Romi, whom he gives one of the stolen Congolese warlord’s diamonds, which he kept hold of. Barry is not happy, pointing out that this is evidence.

There’s a recurring joke about an ice cream Cake in the middle of this, which is pretty funny, but it’s thrown into the midst of an awkward family situation. Luke is divorced, and he seems to be a bit of a loner, and without Tally by his side, he believes that a ticket over to a big ship is just the ticket to get her back.

Before he can return though, Barry is in with big news. They’re about to lose one of their operatives, who has a codename of Panda. She’s been in Guyana for a while and is seemingly wrapped up with Omar Polonia’s son, who has decided to pick up his father’s mantle and now has over 400 members helping to distribute illegal arms. Oh, and he also has a suitcase nuke too.

Boro is the man’s name and he intends to hold an auction, where all the biggest and baddest criminals are going to converge and try to get the weapon. Unfortunately, Troy (Boro’s right-hand man) has figured out Panda is a planted agent and given they’ve lost communication, they have 36 hours until Troy is back in Guyana and exposes Panda. They need someone Boro trusts… and that calls for Finn Hoss.

Finn happens to be Luke’s codename and given the orders have come from HQ, he’s torn over wanting to try and patch things up with Tally, but she’s already dating a guy from work called Donnie, which Luke is not happy about.

In Guyana, Luke meets Cain, Boro’s first lieutenant. He’s pretty distrusting of him but after patting him down, he shows up in Boro’s camp. After being shown around, Luke is shocked to find Danielle DeRosa in the ring fighting for money. Dani is actually his daughter Emma, and she’s right in the thick of all this.

Emma shows her skills in the ring, as it becomes clear that she’s actually Panda, part of the CIA and apparently she has the strongest skills, her recall, problem-solving skills and IQ are completely off the charts. She was born to do this and took the job after college. Three years they’ve been in this and the CIA created a “Chinese Wall” to keep her and her father separate.

Luke is not happy that his daughter has been lying, and while she walks away, there are bigger problems afoot. They have until 4am before Troy lands and need to try and resolve this issue before it’s too late.

During the party, Luke is encouraged to “go to Dani” by Boro who insinuates that he has experience with her. Grinning awkwardly for now, Luke is slipped a note by a guy called William, who knows that he’s a plant. He wants Luke’s help in getting his family to get out; he’s terrified.

Emma believes that this is a trap and that they should be selfish, but Luke is not so sure. Either way, given Emma has been here longer, she’s the one in charge for now.

At the airstrip, Emma and Luke end up arguing and don’t realize that they completely run over their guy down there. We then cut across to the next morning, where Emma points out that she’s the best shot in the compound… but then there’s a super awkward moment when Emma has her lipstick vibrate across her desk.

Emma is furious at Luke for being responsible for the divorce and claims that her situation is not the same, given she’s perfect at everything and doesn’t have a family. Luke tries to make amends but they end up coming unstuck when the bodies Emma decides to dump down at the rice paddies, wash upstream. The vertical slit on their throat is identical to Luke’s trademark, and their cover is blown.

Luke and Emma manage to grab the nuke suitcase after faking an accelerated countdown, and with Will and his family grabbing a ride, they head down to the airstrip together. However, they’re surrounded by Boro and his men at the last, while Barry is nowhere to be found.

The Episode Review

Fubar gets off to an okay start with a decent set-up, some surprisingly good comedy and a mixed bag of characters. The real tell here is with Emma. Are we going to get a perfect little Mary Sue who can do no wrong and spends the entire time usurping her father or are we going to get a balanced and enjoyable ride where they both make mistakes and complement one another more effectively?

This is ultimately going to be the make or break for Fubar but as an opening episode, this one is actually not too bad. There are a few niggling issues, like that whole elaborate heist at the start of the episode (why go through all the trouble when you’re CIA anyway?)

However, that cliffhanger ending definitely opens things up for the follow-up, and with all episodes dropping at once, thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next!

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