Frozen II (2019) Ending Explained – Who is the Fifth Spirit?

Frozen II Plot Summary

Frozen II (2019) is the sequel to the original film Frozen (2013), which became a global phenomenon with its refreshing themes of sisterhood amidst Disney’s classic patriarchal happy endings about damsels in distress, the knights in shining armour and such Prince Charmings.

In this article, we’ll take you to the magical land of mystical sirens, enchanting forests and a journey of self-discovery and truth! So sit back tight and let’s go! 

Where did Elsa go at the end of Frozen 2?

Elsa and Anna, while looking for the fifth spirit, discover the wreckage of their parent’s ship. They discover a clue written by their mother which suggests that their parents were on a journey to Ahtohallan, the ancient magical river of memories. 

Elsa decides to go to Ahtohallan by herself despite protests from Anna. She sends Anna and Olaf back to the Northuldra settlement in the Enchanted Forest. Then, she tries to cross the sea with the help of her magic. On her way, she encounters the water spirit in the form of a horse and tames her, which eventually takes her towards Ahtohallan. 

What was the truth behind the dam? 

Once in Ahtohallan, a glacier which are “river of ice”, she discovers the truth about her father’s bedtime story. It’s revealed that her grandfather built the dam, not as a peace offering, but to limit the resources of the Northuldra and weaken their magic. He considered the magic with the tribespeople untrustworthy and his fear of the magic led him to murder the leader of the Northuldra in cold blood, initiating the curse of nature. 

Elsa also discovers that the voice calling to her is her mother’s memory of when she saved her father in the enchanted forest on the fateful day of the battle between Arendelle and Northuldra. 

Who is the fifth spirit? 

Elsa is the fifth spirit. She’s the bridge between the magic of nature and the living beings. The reason behind her powers is the selfless act of her mother when she saved her tribe’s enemy, her father. Elsa is a gift from nature and is a symbol of the unity of the two cultures along with nature’s magic.  

Why did Elsa freeze in Ahtohallan?

The Ahtohallan symbolises memories which are a gateway to the past in the present. Thus, the lullaby about Ahtohallan cautions against venturing too deep into the past, into memories, or else there’s danger of drowning. Since Ahtohallan is a glacier and Elsa, despite her best efforts, ventures into the depths of Ahtohallan, into the maze of memories and the past, she starts freezing. 

How did Anna restore peace and lift the mist off of the forest? 

With Elsa frozen, her magic dissipates leading to Olaf disintegrating into ice crystals. Before this happens, Elsa sends a message to Anna about the truth behind the dam. Anna realises that the dam must be broken to restore peace and make amends for the past deeds which led to fissures in the relationship between the people of Arendelle and Northuldra. 

She travels to the resting place of the earth’s spirit, the rock giants and leads them towards the dam. The rock spirits hurl huge boulders towards the dam leading to its eventual collapse. With the dam collapsing and the water being released, the magic of the forest is restored in its entirety.

This leads to Elsa being released from the magic that froze her. She rides the water spirit and rushes to Arendelle which is about to be engulfed with a big wave. Elsa freezes and pushes the water back saving the kingdom. Later, she revives Olaf.

Why did Elsa stay in the forest?

Finding her true identity as the fifth spirit, the bridge between the magical natural realm and humanity, Elsa decides to stay back in the forest, abdicating the throne to Anna. Elsa has always felt out of place in Arendelle and has desires to live up to her full potential.

Living in the forest and protecting it gives her a sense of purpose as well as a space for her to know more about herself and her powers. Therefore, she stays back in the forest while Anna becomes the new queen of Arendelle with Kristoff as her fiancé. 

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