From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 8 Recap & Review

All’s Well That Ends Well

Episode 8 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke titled ‘First Kiss’ starts with Sawako and Kazehaya going on a date to a botanical garden and running into her parents. They realise that the two kids are dating and Kazehaya says he is serious about Sawako. The father gives in and says he likes him because Sawako is happy but tells him not to cross the line, the typical dad stuff. The mother is happy for them and pulls away the dad.

At school, Yano and Yoshida are in awe that Kazehaya already met Sawako’s parents. Yano asks the girls how their confession went down and both Yoshida and Sawako say they simply said ‘I like you’ to their crush. Yano is crestfallen as she never experienced it because everyone confesses to her first and she has never liked someone first.

Later, Sawako and Kazehaya go through their school trip photos and laugh at them. They end up locking eyes and trying to kiss but Yano accidentally walks in on them. She runs off and they get awkward. Back home, Kazehaya cannot stop thinking about the almost kiss and is annoyed that he could not control himself since he wants to take things slow. 

Well, it is almost Christmas again and the girls are excited since last year was a hit. Suddenly a girl tells Yoshida that Ryu turned her down because he likes someone. If it is not Yoshida, she should stay away from him and she is annoyed. Yoshida goes up to Ryu and asks him about it. She gets further inquisitive as she wonders who he likes. Ryu asks her if she would like to know and she runs away.

Meanwhile, Kento tries to joke and hang out with Yano who tells him to find some other girl to bother. She says she is not nice and none of her exes actually liked her. He gets serious as he says it is not true and she laughs it off.

While going home, Sawako wonders if she is imagining the distance between her and Kazehaya as he keeps walking ahead of her and stays quiet. She asks him out on a Christmas date and he suggests inviting all of their friends turning it into a class party.

As for Ryu, he waits for Yoshida after school and she says it is awkward. He says he was happy that she was interested in who he liked. He finally confesses and says he loves her and she is speechless. The next day, she is absent and Ryu tells Kazehaya to go to her. He brings her snacks that her mom gave to Ryu. She is annoyed that he is so relaxed and everything is easy with Sawako. He smiles as he says he has his fair share of troubles.

She then stops herself from saying aloud that she wishes she was Kazehaya so Ryu won’t like her but it seems he already knows about it. Kazehaya says Ryu is hard to read but it is very obvious he cares for her. She says she knows and she just pretended everything was normal but now everything has changed.

In school, Pin wishes everyone happy holidays on the last day of school. Kento asks Kazehaya why he is going to the class party instead of a date with Sawako and he deflects. Ryu asks if Yoshida is going to the party and she is awkward as she says yes. Curious over the tense moment, Sawako tries to dig in and Yoshida tells her to focus on Kazehaya as he has his own set of troubles. 

After school, Sawako waits for him and asks if he is okay. He says everything is fine but he lets go of her hand. He doesn’t wait for her to get her bag and goes home alone. She realises that she didn’t imagine the distance but this time it is him putting up the barrier.

Meanwhile, a boy called Mogi confesses that he likes Yano. She is not interested but he says he won’t give up. As she leaves, Kento asks her about it but she doesn’t say much as she doesn’t care about Mogi.

At the party, everyone is in good spirits but while toasting, Kazehaya hesitates when he gets to Sawako. At that moment, the boys start gift-swapping. Despite Yoshida saying she doesn’t want to participate, a boy tries to take the gift she has brought and she runs out with it.

Ryu takes her jacket and follows her out. She is shivering when he finds her and gives her the jacket. She gives him the gift and it is a sweatband. He too has a gift as he gives her a flower and says it looks like her. She feels weird and turns to go in but he stops her.

Sawako is alone outside and Pin spots her as he had come to crash the party. He sees that she is troubled and listens to her. She says she wants all of Kazehaya to herself but it seems impossible. Pin tells her that if Kazehaya likes her he will understand whatever is troubling her. 

Meanwhile, Yano is about to go outside when she hears Mogi and a bunch of boys betting on how easy she is. She confronts him and he says he just wanted to know if the rumour that she sleeps with everyone is true. Kento overhears and is furious. He almost punches him but Yano stops him and runs out. He follows her and she says she attracts jerks. He hugs her as he says he will cherish her and she hugs him back.

After the party, Kazehaya accompanies Sawako home but walks ahead of her. She wonders if their relationship has ended and suddenly recalls him trying to kiss her last Christmas. She again goes to him and closes her eyes but he just backs off. She tears up as she asks if he regrets their relationship. She feels lonelier than if she had been actually alone and he is shocked. He kisses and hugs her as he says he loves her.

The Episode Review

While Kazehaya was the wisest of the lot in From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke, looks like he loses all of his brain cells when he falls in love. He was super observant and supportive when cheering Yoshida and was even pretty respectful when he met Sawako’s parents. However, why did he think that the best way to take things slow was to completely avoid his girlfriend?

And while this J-drama isn’t that deep, kudos to the writers for a well-written script and characterization. Everyone keeps growing and learning including Sawako. Episode 1 Sawako would have probably shut down and stayed quiet.

But in this episode, she doesn’t. She reaches out to Kazehaya even before Pin advises her. And even when Kazehaya makes it difficult for her, she does not back down and keeps at it till they patch up. 

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