From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Confusion

Episode 7 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke begins with Yano and Yoshida finding Sawako on the terrace. She says Kazehaya turned her down, and is embarrassed for falling in love because she thinks he was being nice to her because he felt bad for her. The girls are frustrated that she misunderstood him and tell her not to look down on herself.

Yoshida says she will be furious if Sawako thinks they are friends with her because they pity her and she storms off. Yano tells her that because of her efforts, she, Yoshida and Kazehaya found out how amazing she is and that’s why they like her. They are all equals unless she puts up a barrier.

Meanwhile, Kazehaya sulks on the grounds and Ryu spots him and he tells him that Sawako turned him down. Kurumi overhears it and is angry with Sawako for hurting him.

She goes to her but Sawako reveals that Kazehaya turned her down. Kurumi is dumbfounded as she holds her face and says that she is the one who hurt him. Sawako is confused and Kurumi says they are not the same because she told Kazehaya her feelings clearly while Sawako didn’t fight for him.

Elsewhere Pin scolds Kazehaya for chasing Sawako only to turn her down. Kazehaya is confused as he says he is the one who was turned down. Pin says if he doesn’t have room in his heart he should just give up on her.

The girls meet up at Yoshida’s to make Sawako’s costume for her black magic booth at the school festival. Sawako thanks her for having her over and also for what she said on the roof. She says being friends made her experience what it is to be liked for the first time. Yoshida laughs and they patch up. Yano says her words made Yoshida happy and Sawako realises that she never actually told Kazehaya how she actually felt about him.

The next day she tries to talk to him but he avoids her. Ryu sees them and tells her that she never made things clear. Kento too notices that Sawako is unhappy that Kazehaya is avoiding her.

At home, she sees the fortune paper Kazehaya had given her and it says – devote to love and happiness will follow. The next day, the festival is in full swing. Kento brings Sawako a drink during her break and cheers her up. He says he didn’t think that she and Kazehaya were a good match but he was wrong. He adds that she is the one putting up a barrier but he will root for her so she should not give up on Kazehaya. 

He then goes to Kazehaya and apologises as he feels he may have played a part in their misunderstanding. Kazehaya however doesn’t have any ill will towards Sawako as she keeps on working hard even though she has been misunderstood all her life. And while she is the one who never gives up, she always credits him for her hard work which moves him.

Later when a friend of Kazehaya comes to visit the booth he asks him about Sadako. He simply corrects his friend and says her name is Sawako which she overhears. As the girls are going home, Sawako sees the cherry blossom tree and recalls their first meeting and how all of their friends told her to keep fighting for Kazehaya. She says she doesn’t care who he likes and runs to him.

She wants to break the barriers she put up and wants him to know her feelings. She finds him alone in a classroom and he apologises for troubling her and making her cry. He says his feelings for her won’t change no matter what she says.

She tears up as she says their first meeting changed her world. She says he has it all wrong and she loves him. He hugs her and as she tries to look away he stops her. She looks him in the eye and he says he loves her too. She says she wants all of him and he is glad his feelings finally reached her. 

The next day everyone finds out that the two are dating. Sawako goes up to Kurumi and says she finally confessed her love to Kazehaya. Kurumi acts cold as she says she won’t congratulate her. But she adds that she was only able to confess to him because of Sawako and she is glad they were rivals. Kento overhears them and runs after Kurumi. In a twisted way to comfort her, he asks if she ever rooted for him and Sawako.

She jokes that he is not qualified but knows that Kazehaya will never like her; especially since she did the thing he hates, which is picking a fight with Sawako. Yano comes over and says if she was a guy she would have understood Kurumi’s dark side. Kurumi scoffs and walks away. Kento says that Yano is nicer than he thought and she laughs but they end up walking home together. 

Elsewhere as Yoshida and Ryu walk home, she says she is happy now that Sawako and Kazehaya are happy together. Ryu asks her what his strength is and reveals that it is patience (hinting that he will wait for her to like him back). She is confused but laughs and asks what her strength is and they joke.

On their day off, Sawako and Kazehaya go on a date and she gives him a new knit beanie that she couldn’t on Christmas. As they walk she tries to hold his hand but apologises when he gets surprised. She feels weird that she is being affected by him while he is normal. He smiles as he says he isn’t and holds her hand.

The Episode Review

Okay, okay, okay so wait they mean to say that Kazehaya walked off because he thought he liked Sawako but she only felt gratitude for him? And she cried because she thought she likes him but he is just nice to her because he feels bad that she’s a loner? We all love a classic case of miscommunication but the From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke writers are playing way too much with this. 

It was pretty hilarious with everyone being confused about who turned who down, we will give them that. But Sawako and Kazehaya’s actual confession scene was so adorable it was totally worth the wait, tears and frustrations. It was sweet how everyone tried to help them including Pin, Kurumi and Kento.

By the way, Kurumi and Yano? Now that’s one ghost ship we could get behind even though they mostly clash over Sawako and have almost zero screen time together. But we’re pretty sure Kento and Yano are going to end up together or have feelings for each other if the way she immediately warmed up to him is any indication of foreshadowing!

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