From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Confession

Episode 6 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke titled ‘Valentine’s Day’ starts with the class changing their seating. Sawako sits far from her friends but she is still close to Yano and Yoshida. She tells them that now fewer people avoid her and they are happy for her. It is then shown that it is Valentine’s Day the next day and Sawako makes chocolates for everyone including Kazehaya. 

The next day at school, she sees Kazehaya holding a gift box and when he spots her, he hides it. In class, she gives Yano and Yoshida chocolates and when a boy asks she also gives him some. When she tries to give Kazehaya his gift, lots of girls approach him and give him chocolates which makes her self-conscious.

Later when Kazehaya approaches Ryu, he sees that Sawako made chocolates for Ryu and Yoshida. The boy who also got the chocolates flexes in front of Kazehaya and he is disappointed. The next girl to give him chocolates is rejected which Sawako sees. As she finally gets the courage to go to him, Kurumi reaches him first. She makes him take her chocolates because that’s the least he can do after rejecting her.

After he leaves, she spots Sawako and sees that she also has chocolates for him. Sawako says it is only to thank him and Kurumi is sarcastic as she says he will take it out of obligation. But she adds that Sawako as usual is sneaky as it seems that she has an ulterior motive to give him a Valentine’s Day gift. Sawako realises that she does have an ulterior motive as she likes him and so she doesn’t give it to him.

It cuts to April and a new semester. The new boy Kento sits next to Sawako and immediately befriends her. He touches her forehead and tells her to smile. Kazehaya watches all of this and is annoyed while Yano and Yoshida don’t like him. Later Kazehaya watches Sawako from a window as she befriends some girls who help her with gardening.

Yano spots him and asks if he likes someone and if she can help. He reprimands her as he says he should be the one to tell his feelings to the person he likes. After she leaves, he waits for Sawako who finally shows up. He says that they sit farther apart but is glad they can be in the same class till they graduate.

She asks if he is waiting for someone and he says he was waiting for her. He wonders if he is her closest guy friend and apologises when she doesn’t answer. He leaves as Kento walks by and smiles at their pairing. At home, Sawako wonders why she couldn’t answer Kazehaya. The next day she simply greets Kazehaya who looks at her. But when Kento approaches he is so charming that she unknowingly starts conversing with him which makes Kazehaya jealous.

He tells Ryu that he is selfish and possessive and he just wants to tell her how he feels. Ryu hints that she likes him but Kazehaya thinks she is just thankful for him because he is nice to her. He cribs that he didn’t get any chocolates from her and worries that someone else might fall for her while he musters his courage. Ryu simply smiles at his tantrum.

At school, Kento approaches the girls and invites them to hang out with him. He says he just wants all girls to be happy even though he has a girlfriend and Yano and Yoshida scoff at him. Every time Sawako frowns he tells her to smile. She calls him master much to Yano and Yoshida’s surprise and he says they have an inside joke that he is her master of happiness.

He suggests a new study session since Sawako’s tutoring last year was a hit. While Yano and Yoshida bicker with him, Sawako smiles. But at that moment, Kazehaya walks by and sees them all together. The class holds the study session and it is successful. Kento compliments Sawako for being a good teacher and she says it is only because Kazehaya had said she can be helpful to others.

Kazehaya who had been making heart eyes at her the whole session approaches her and says he wants to talk to her. She again thanks him as she was not confident at public speaking but he encouraged her. He says he just wants to tell her not to worry about what he had asked about being close to her and she looks upset. He leaves and Yano and Yoshida ask if she is okay. 

Kazehaya looks crestfallen and Kento approaches him. He says Sawako is finally fitting in and he shouldn’t give her false hope. Kazehaya gets angry and Kento says he should just date someone he likes and asks if he needs any help. Kazehaya says no and storms off.

Sawako tells Yano and Yoshida what happened and Yano asks why didn’t she give him the chocolate or talk to him. She says she is self-conscious which makes her scared and the girls realise that she likes him. 

The next day at school, Yano kicks Kazehaya and says he shouldn’t avoid Sawako as she will misunderstand. He is confused while Ryu just smiles. Yano worries about what will happen since Sawako is scared of Kazehaya even though he likes her. Yoshida finally realises that the two like each other and tries to tell them.

Yano stops her as she says it won’t stop Sawako from being scared. No good will come out of their relationship if she thinks she is inferior to Kazehaya. Yano realises that Sawako needs to figure this out on her own. The next time the two cross paths, Sawako isn’t able to talk to Kazehaya and she wonders why she is feeling a distance between them. 

In class, she offers to participate in the school festival and Kento compliments her while Kazehaya just watches. Kento later says she finally fits in and that she doesn’t need Kazehaya’s help anymore. She is put out as she says Kazehaya is not specially helping her but that he is just kind to everyone which is why she likes him.

Kento says then they should part ways as Kazehaya will be free of his duty to help her and she can be independent. He says that Kazehaya likes someone and she shouldn’t trouble him. She tears up and he apologises as he realises she is serious about Kazehaya. He tries to cheer her up and says there are other boys for her. He then asks if she can like him. 

Just then Kazehaya walks in and pushes him away as he sees that Sawako is crying. Some boys crowd around them and jokingly wonder if they are fighting over her. Kazehaya says they are and that he likes her.

Sawkao says they will misunderstand and he shouldn’t say words like that. Kazehaya says she should just tell him if he is a burden and he leaves. She follows him to the terrace and he confronts her about Kento. She says he just cares about her and apologises to Kazehaya for burdening him. He is upset that she sees Kento as a friend but considers herself a burden to him.

He finally confesses that he has never treated her like everyone else. He is selfish and he is nice to her because he likes her. She says she likes him too but he claims that their likes are different and he walks off disappointed while she cries alone.

The Episode Review

We always see the girls as the impatient ones, messing up and being dictated by their feelings. So, it was completely new to see Kazehaya being the one to be overwhelmed by his feelings. We already knew he is a romantic when he ran away with Sawako on Sports Day. But the fact that he was still sulking months later that he didn’t get a Valentine’s gift from her is cute.

And by the way, it is totally Sawako’s fault too for his perception of her as she always keeps thanking him for being nice to her. No wonder he thinks that she is just nice to him because he is nice to her. Both of them are aware of their feelings so they should have just gone ahead and truly confessed to each other before causing all that confusion.

Even then we couldn’t have it easy as they think Sawako doesn’t really like him but just feels grateful for him. We know that is not true, Sawako knows that is not true so what’s the problem? At this point, it is so obvious that everyone from Ryu to Yano and even the new guy Kento can see it.

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