From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Unrequited Love

Episode 4 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke titled ‘Love & Dreams’ begins with Yoshida hugging Sawako who likes it and she says she will greet her in this manner every day. Kazehaya then shows up with a bedhead but Sawako doesn’t notice as she is busy making heart eyes at him.

In class, Yoshida asks Sawako to accompany her in buying a birthday gift for Ryu. When he shows up, she bickers with him as they play a video game. Sawako notices their closeness and smiles as she thinks that Yoshida must like him. Yano shows up with a bandaid and reveals her boyfriend slapped her after she dumped him. Pin comes to take class and is pissed with the ex when he notices Yano’s face.

The girls go shopping but Yoshida is too broke to buy anything including a skirt she wants to wear for her crush. They go to Kazehaya’s sports shop and Sawako is nervous. As they look for a gift, Sawako notices Yoshida’s enthusiasm for Ryu and asks if she likes him. The girls laugh as Yoshida reveals she likes Toru, Ryu’s brother which Kazehaya overhears.

Sawako asks if Ryu knows and she says he probably does. She says she only sees Toru during New Year’s and that’s when she wants to wear the skirt. While he only sees her as a little sister, she has now grown up. She goes home and sees a photo of him and remembers the time he had scolded Ryu for making her cry when they were kids.

While Yoshida eats at his father’s restaurant, Ryu gets a call from Toru. The dad likes having her around and even wishes she was his daughter. She then later meets up with Ryu and asks about his birthday plans. He agrees to meet her but changes his mind as he says it is family time. She is hurt as she says she knows she is not family and leaves.

She continues to be moody in school and avoids Ryu. Kazehaya asks him about it and he says Toru is coming home on his birthday so he didn’t want to tell Yoshida. Kazehaya says it is not up to him to decide what happens between the two and Ryu sulks.

Yoshida sulks as well as she beats the bag she got for Ryu. Yano and Sawako comfort her as they feel he must have a reason for it. She agrees and decides to ask him. They head to his place and see Kazehaya and a bunch of their classmates playing Monopoly. Sawako and Yano join them while Yoshida calls Ryu out to talk to him. She says since they aren’t actual siblings she has no right to get mad at him.

He finally decides to tell her the truth but at that moment Toru arrives. She hugs him and gushes over him while Ryu looks crestfallen. However, Toru interrupts her to bring in his fiancee, Katayama which shocks her. He introduces Yoshida as his sister but she says she is just a neighbour and Toru reprimands her for saying that. Kazehaya senses that she is uncomfortable and states that they should all go home and give Toru some space.

The girls decide to have a sleepover at Yoshida’s and she forces herself to be overtly cheerful. But when they try to sleep, she is upset while Yano and Sawako worry for her. The next morning she heads to congratulate Toru while Sawako and Yano are upset that they can’t do anything for her. Yoshida reaches his house and remembers when he used to hang out with her.

Meanwhile, Toru and his fiancee plan to leave and he is upset that Yoshida did not meet them. Turns out she never went over as she goes back home and hides in her bed. She sees Ryu’s gift and goes to give it to him. She realises that he was being considerate when he told her not to come over on his birthday.

He says he isn’t being considerate as he is glad that she can finally move on from Toru. She is angry as she throws the gift at him and runs off. He sees the bag says ‘baseball idiot’ and smiles bitterly.

At school, both of them are moody. Kazehaya notices Yano and Sawako trying to help but are unable to come up with a solution. He tells them that Yoshida will be fine as long as they are there for her and support her. One doesn’t have to say anything to comfort someone and the girls are impressed with his advice.

At home, Sawako knits gifts and we see that she has something for Yano and Yoshida. She thinks of Kazehaya’s advice and hopes she can be of some help even when she doesn’t know what to say.

The Episode Review

While we love Sawako and Kazehaya’s bubbling romance, it is about time we got more screen time for the friends. Well, this episode of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke was all for the friendship between Yoshida and Ryu. While she has probably misunderstood gratitude for love since Toru was kind to her, it is sad that she can’t see that she also likes Ryu.

Even Sawako notices her feelings, showing just how dense Yoshida is. Then we have Ryu who is a complete clown as he thinks it is better to offend Yoshida rather than let her meet Toru’s girlfriend and have her heart broken. And when she does try to wave the white flag, he ruins it by being all vague and indirect instead of just telling her he likes her.

As for our resident Yoda, Kazehaya honestly is out here solving everyone’s problems and giving nuggets of wisdom. While it seemed that he was only attentive to Sawako, we finally see why everyone likes him. He understands both Ryu and Yoshida and also comforts Yano and Sawako when they are not sure how to help.

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