From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Through Thick And Thin

Episode 2 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke titled ‘Rumors’ starts with the students picking their seats through raffle numbers. A classmate gets the seat next to Sawako and all the boys act scared which hurts her. However, Kazehaya decides to trade with him and sit next to her.

Yano and Yoshida skip the raffle and choose the seats around her. Yoshida’s childhood friend Ryu also sits behind her but he doesn’t jump in on the Sadako jokes. Sawako is so overwhelmed she feels like crying and Yano cheers her up.

At break, the two girls eat with her and give her all the gossip. Yoshida knows Ryu and Kazehaya from middle school. All of the girls were after Kazehaya and still are but he is nice to everyone. One of his fans called Kurumi approaches him and he is friendly which has Sawako admiring how pleasant he is to everyone.

During free period, Kazehaya spots Sawako filling the roll call alone and offers to help. She thanks him for helping her befriend the girls and he says people are just waiting to talk to her. He is called away and two girls, Hirano and Endo stop by in hopes of seeing him. Sawako offers to chat with them instead and as she pulls a chair they tell her to stop.

But before she can be disheartened, they enter the class to help her with the chairs and she ends up crying happy tears. While bringing the roll call to the teacher, she passes by Kazehaya and thanks him for giving her the courage to talk to Hirano and Endo who helped her. He says all the girls were moved by her hard work including him. Kurumi hears this and is furious.

Later in the library, Sawako helps Kazehaya with his homework and everyone is impressed with her teaching skills. Soon, almost all of the class come to her for help and she is glad to be useful.

However, soon a rumour spreads that Yoshida was a bully in middle school while Yano is a man-eater. Someone tells them that Sawako spread the rumours and is using them to better her status. They don’t believe it and when they meet up with Sawako she instead hands Yoshida extra notes for her exam. She is touched but to confirm they ask her about the rumour.

She misunderstands and thinks they do kendo and the girls realise she does not even know about the rumour let alone be the one to spread it. But when Sawako heads to the library she overhears a different rumour as some girls say that she is using Kazehaya, Yano and Yoshida and their reputation will go down because of her. She starts avoiding Kazehaya and the two girls and they are confused.

At one point, their teacher asks Sawako about Yano and Yoshida’s whereabouts since they are her friends but she says they aren’t and they overhear. They confront her but she does not respond as she overhears everyone pitying the girls for befriending Sawako. Yoshida now starts doubting whether Sawako is the one who started the rumours. 

While on a run, Ryu sees that Yoshida is down because of Sawako and he tries to cheer her up. He points out that Sawako has no one to even tell a rumour to and Yoshida agrees. She is still upset with Sawako saying they are not friends and Ryu says she should ask her about it.

Meanwhile, Kazehaya confronts Sawako and she apologises for ruining his reputation. He says he doesn’t care about popularity or rumours. She ends up telling him everything and he tells her to be clear with the girls as it does no one good if she just avoids everyone. 

She realises that no one will know what is going on unless she speaks up and decides to befriend Yoshida and Yano again. Elsewhere the two girls are sad that Sawako has stopped smiling and wonder what’s up with her. Yoshida starts crying as they feel bad that Sawako thinks it is okay to be alone.

At school, while Sawako practises what to say to the two in the bathroom, she overhears some girls talking about the rumours. She approaches them and says it is not true but they pick a fight with her as they believe she is the one who started the rumour about the two girls. Outside, Kazehaya, Yano and Yoshida overhear and the girls rush to the bathroom.

Sawako tries to explain to the bullies that she cannot be the one to start the rumour as she likes them. They are the only ones who were never afraid of her and hearing this Yoshida and Yano go to her and chase the bullies away. Kazehaya is happy that they helped Sawako while Kurumi is angry that the bullies failed as it turns out she was the one who started the two rumours.

In the bathroom, Yoshida and Yano tell Sawako that they believe her. Yoshida starts crying as Sawako says all she wanted was to be friends but stayed away because of the rumour that she would ruin their reputation. Yano hugs her while Yoshida says that she will never be alone again. They all end up crying and hugging. As they head out, Kazehaya says he is proud of Sawako and she thanks him.

The Episode Review

Okay, if every episode is as cute as this one, the viewers are going to end up combusting at everyone’s antics. It is so sweet that despite not knowing Sawako for long, Yoshida and Yano stand up for her. Kazehaya as usual is the best boy ever as he seems to understand her and help her out the most when she needs it. 

And while we may get frustrated with Sawako for falling for the rumour, it is sad that she thought the best way out was to avoid her friends rather than talk it out with them. The scene in the bathroom was heartwarming as all she wanted was for Yoshida and Yano to be happy while all they want is to be friends with her.

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