From Black (2023) Ending Explained – Is Noah alive at the end of the movie?

From Black Plot Synopsis

From Black, a new horror movie currently streaming on Shudder, tells the story of a recovering addict named Cora who is grieving the loss of Noah, her son, who is presumed dead after going missing several years previously.

As the movie progresses, Cora discovers Noah’s fate but she also learns of a way to bring him back to life. The key to his resurrection is a ritual that will push Cora’s mind and body to the limits.

Does Noah come back to life at the end of the movie? And does Cora survive the ritual? Let’s take a closer look.

What happened to Noah?

In a flashback scene near the beginning of the movie, we see Cora with her deadbeat boyfriend Wyatt, both high on drugs and barely conscious. It’s around this time that Noah goes missing.

In the present, we see that Cora has kicked her drug habit. She attends a support group where people with lost loved ones convene, and it’s here where she opens up about her son and her despair at not knowing whether he is dead or alive.

We discover Noah’s fate later in the movie when Cora has a vision of her son. In a dreamlike sequence, we watch as Noah leaves his family home while his parents are both high. He is then snatched by a man who bundles him into a van. During the vision, which flashes forward in time, we see that the man killed Noah after the abduction.

Why does Cora have a vision?

The leader of Cora’s support group is a man named Abel who, after meeting her at the bowling alley where she works, tells her about his daughter and how he managed to bring the girl back from the dead.

To bring her back, he tells Cora that he took part in a Mesopotamian ritual that was organized by a woman who offered to help him. Abel offers to carry out this ritual for Cora so she can see her son again. She is unsure at first – his story is ridiculous and bizarre – but she eventually agrees to participate.

As part of the ritual, Cora has to be chained down inside a salt circle. The reason why she has to be tied to a chain isn’t initially clear but when she starts to levitate during the ceremony, it can be assumed that the chain was there to hold her in place.

During the ritual, Cora has the vision which clues her into Noah’s fate. This is confirmation to her that her son is dead, even though she doesn’t have tangible evidence.

Does Cora survive the ritual?

The experience is harrowing for Cora. At one point during the ritual, she sees Abel vomit blood and bones, and during the final stages of the ceremony, she watches as Abel is dragged away by some kind of demonic force.

As the ritual draws to a close, Cora is transported away to a different plane of existence. She finds herself in a cornfield with Abel who is standing next to a dining table. Unfortunately, there is nothing nice on the menu. As part of the ritual, Abel tells Cora she has to eat diced goat meat (that appears to be raw) and drink animal blood.

During this part of the ritual, it’s clear that Abel doesn’t have Cora’s best interests at heart. When taking part in the ceremony that brought his daughter back from the dead, he became a vessel for a demon. The only way for him to get rid of this demon, which was passed onto him by the woman who had contacted him, was to find somebody to pass it on to.

This is why he convinced Cora to take part in the ritual. Should she become the demon’s next victim, Abel will finally get to see his daughter who, for some reason, is now with her mother (the movie doesn’t do a good job of explaining what happened to the girl after her resurrection).

Cora refuses to drink the blood which enrages Abel as he knows he won’t get to see his daughter. Shortly after, he is killed by the demon which then pursues Cora as its next vessel.

The only way to escape this fate and to see her son again is to deliver another vessel to the demon. Cora lures Wyatt, her ex-boyfriend, into her home as a sacrifice but his body isn’t worthy because his addiction to drugs has made him unclean.

In fear for her life, Cora rings 911 and is picked up by Alison, her sister, who is also a police officer. She tells Alison about the ritual and is then placed in a holding cell as a suspect in Wyatt and Abel’s murder.

Cora has survived the ritual but the demon is not done with her.  The demon tracks her to the police station and tells her that her son will be returned if she agrees to be its vessel.

Is Noah alive at the end of the movie?

After leaving the police station, Alison heads to Cora’s house to investigate the ritualistic events that took place. Her investigation takes her into Noah’s room, where she hears a sound from within his closet.

Alison opens the closet door and sees Noah standing there. He has returned but at what cost? It’s evident that Cora decided to complete the ritual by letting the demon use her as its next vessel. Is she reunited with her son? This is something we don’t get to see as the end credits then start to roll. But it can be assumed that Cora, like Abel before her, has to find somebody else to be the demon’s vessel if she wants to see her child again.

What did you think of the ending for From Black? Did you enjoy this film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “From Black (2023) Ending Explained – Is Noah alive at the end of the movie?”

  1. I think From Black was elegantly photographed. It was immediately oppressive, and its story was well-told by the editing and the stately camera movement, and not least by Anna Camp’s performance, which was spot on. Perhaps, at the very end, the wheels come off, but I found it to be an almost do-it-yourself, by director, co-writer, co-editor Thomas Marchese. Very enjoyable.

  2. I’ve never seen a movie like this where everything is explained…especially the supernatural/spiritual elements of the story.

    However what is fascinating is that Noah’s abductor and killer is in the support group! I need some answers on that. Cora could’ve called that guy to get us some justice in this film…

    As for Anna Camp’s shrieking…..I think she was probably a big draw for this role, but a more real, deeper voiced distraught mother would have hit home more for me. With that said within 20 minutes of the movie I easily forgot about the Preacher’s Wife from true blood, whatever pitch perfect commercials I saw and was convinced Anna camp was a drug abusing grieving mother…..

  3. It makes me wonder perhaps the director and the screen writer, were they higher than a giraffe’s pus@y? I mean they would have to be to write and direct s movie that is really good for the first part, in the end its rather baffling and confusing, well maybe not confusing for me, but disappointed because the plot ended up in uncertainty and unsure and off topic and in disarray from the screen and the director, it’s just adding up to the end with the beginning. Why would you leave us on a tailspin like this? I really you get it together stay off the drugs and think clearly and direct and screen write a, well either a sequel or a part two that kinda makes sense and stick to the story instead of scattered in another place in your high peek.

  4. I thought for a minute Cora was going to let it take over the deputy that her sister works with ..while she was alone in the holding cell she calls for her ..that was the perfect time for a clean vessel .

  5. I too wondered why Noah’s killer was in Cora’s group?? Is it bc he’s stalking her, or did they need him as an extra bc they didn’t have enough extra’s?? I don’t believe it’s bc he and Able were working together. The timelines just don’t add up for that to be the case, but it is still a question that deserves addressing!! I loved the movie though, whether the killer was purposely in her group or not!!! Great plot, great storyline, and the actors did a great job portraying their characters!!!! I can’t wait to watch it again with my husband 😀

  6. Worst part of the storyline for me was Abel apparently ‘losing custody’ of his resurrected daughter to the mother..

  7. Well it would have been nice if this blog would have addressed the fact that the person who killed and kidnapped Cora’s son was in her group in the beginning when she talks about what happened. This leads me to believe either the killer was following Cora ( like when killers go to the scene of the crime) or Able and this dude worked together. With that said I liked the movie a lot.

  8. Usually i am clear about a films ending ..but it got so complex..and messy. It was inferior to a great film 2016’s , A Dark Song.

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