Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Killing Magic

Episode 3 of Frieren: Beyond’s Journey’s End begins with Frieren and Fern exploring Warm City. Frieren suggests they split up to replenish their traveling supplies. Fern highlights the essential items Frieren wants her to buy. However, she has a hunch Frieren plans to purchase items they won’t need and recalls instances where she did. Frieren leaves but promises to meet with Fern at the inn later. However, Fern decides to trail Frieren in secret to make sure she doesn’t waste money on unnecessary things. 

She finds Frieren at an accessory shop and she looks mildly concerned for some reason. Frieren picks up an item from the shop and departs with Fern continuing to track her down. Frieren asks someone if there’s a shop that sells desserts and the person tells her to visit a local tavern for information. Frieren asks the tavern’s workers if they sell desserts and two rowdy gentlemen share some intel with her before she leaves. Freiren heads for the inn while Fern realizes she forgot to complete her shopping task.

This entices her to put her observing Frieren task on hold. Frieren scolds Fern for being late. They attend an outdoor restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Frieren says Fern can order anything she’d like and says she’s been saving money. Fern suggests Frieren eat Merkur pudding and this reminds her of a moment she had with Himmel and the others at an eatery. Frieren recalls Himmel knowing a lot about her tastes, so she apologizes to Fern for not knowing much about her interests and tastes. 

Frieren hands Fern a gift she got at the same accessory shop Fern was monitoring her from. Fern thanks Frieren for trying to get to know her. Fern tells Frieren she recognizes Frieren’s difficulty with understanding people’s feelings. They leave Warm City to continue their journey. Fern asks if there is a purpose to their journey together. Frieren says she doesn’t have a goal outside of finding spells. However, she’d like to revisit locations she experienced with Himmel and the others. 

Frieren realizes Fern’s grown since they met as Fern reminds her she’s sixteen now and can be her older sister due to her being taller. The two arrive at the Grobe Forest and spar with each other to see how far Fern’s come as a mage. Thereafter, the two continue traveling. Fern questions why Frieren is focused on helping her master defensive magic. Frieren says it’ll help her increase her chances of surviving.

The two arrive at a secluded village because Frieren has business here. A man introduces himself and knows Frieren arrives here to see Qual, a sage who was sealed 80 years ago because of his crimes. He reveals Himmel, Frieren, and the others sealed him away. Frieren says Qual’s seal will break soon, so she wants to visit this location to defeat him. The man reveals Himmel always visited this town every year to check on the seal and share tales about Frieren with him. The man takes them to Qual and Frieren plans to take care of him tomorrow. 

At night, Frieren tells Fern she sealed Qual because he was too strong. She couldn’t beat him due to him being a great mage with a fierce spell called Zoltraak. Frieren mentions that Zoltraak led to his defeat but doesn’t tell Fern why. She suggests she sleep now and she’ll find out tomorrow. Frieren dispels Qual’s seal and tells Fern to prepare herself. Fern and Frieren engage Qual. Thankfully, Fern’s defense magic blocks his Zoltraak attack.

Frieren tells Qual what happened after they sealed him away. She says mages analyzed Zoltraak’s principles and incorporated them into humanity’s magic system. This led to new and powerful defensive spells. Frieren and Fern defeat Qual with his own spell. The townspeople thank Frieren and Fern for their help. After getting another look at the straw-hat-wearing man, Frieren realizes he lifted her skirt up as a kid. Fern and Frieren continue their travels.

The episode closes with Fern telling Frieren that Himmel always believed in Frieren. 

The Episode Review

This chapter of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End dials things back a tad but continues delivering incredible content for fans to sit through. This episode further explores the relationship between Frieren and Fern. While both girls would make for excellent masters, it’s refreshing to see how carefree both can be. It shows how they each have flaws and strengths that make them memorable. 

It goes to show how phenomenal of a writer Kanehito Yamada is. While the fight with Qual was incredibly animated, the resolution was a tad underwhelming. Nevertheless, it was nice seeing Fern engage in her first magic duel against an enemy of his caliber. Speaking of Fern, the anime acknowledges her age in this chapter.

While this may not be a big deal to viewers, in context, it’ll make some wonder how Frieren will react to seeing Fern die. As of now, we know she doesn’t have a spell related to immortality or resurrection. She even apologizes to Fern for not knowing her more as a person. Although this isn’t a plot point worth discussing as of now, it’s something to think about as we explore their relationship more.

Overall, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End hasn’t disappointed fans yet. Let’s see if the team can continue this momentum into episode four. 

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