Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Season 1 Episode 22 Recap & Review

Future Enemies

Episode 22 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End begins with Fern and Frieren greeting Stark in the evening. Fern’s upset because Stark and Frieren didn’t get proper sleep. Frieren and Stark plan to get Fern something good to eat so she’ll be joyful again. Elsewhere, Richter helps his grandmother with something and she rewards him with a child-oriented reward. 

Then, Lauren and Denken arrive. They suggest going out to eat since Richter’s still bitter about getting dragged into a fistfight. Denken says he and Laufen aren’t familiar with the environment so they could use Richter’s help. Richter says they should search for restaurants without him. 

Denken reflects on his deceased wife and him attending restaurants together. This convinces Richter to tag along with the two, and Denken promises him that he’ll pay for their meal. Elsewhere, Land notices a couple of cats in town. As soon as they flee, Ubel graces his presence. The two go for a stroll, discussing her reasons for not murdering Wirbel. 

Then, Ubel uses the binding spell Wirbel used on her called Sorganeil on Land. Ubel says since she empathized with Wirbel, she can use his spells. With this intel, Land refuses to tell Ubel how his clone magic works because he doesn’t like Ubel and her form of magic. Ubel undoes Sorganeil on Land and the two continue walking together. 

Meanwhile, Denken, Richter, and Lauren visit the Bell Restaurant, a place Denken and his deceased wife visited 50 years ago. The trio enters the restaurant and notices Frieren, Stark, and Fern nearby. Denken tells his comrades to leave them be since they’re having fun. Denken and his allies take a seat somewhere. 

Before we witness Frieren, Fern, and Stark indulge in their meals, we enter a flashback involving Frieren, Himmel, Eisen, and Heiter at the restaurant. Frieren’s eating the same stack of meat in this flashback as she is in the present timeline. She wants to savor the taste despite Himmel telling her she shouldn’t eat that much. 

The cook tells Frieren she doesn’t need to worry about the flavor dying out anytime soon as his restaurant’s flavors will live on through the decades. Himmel tells the chef that he better ensure that his restaurant’s flavor never dies out, even when he eventually passes. In the present, Frieren tries the meal and realizes it tastes differently, meaning the chef failed. 

However, Frieren likes that it still tastes great. Meanwhile, we see Denken’s group and Land’s party eating their food at the restaurant too. The following day, Frieren stumbles upon an old man talking to Stark while he’s training. Frieren asks Stark to accompany her to Fern’s room. Fern’s upset again because Frieren overslept and didn’t accomplish her shopping task. 

Frieren asks Stark to mediate for them since Fern’s giving her the silent treatment. Stark tries talking to Fern, and Fern demands they take her somewhere where she can get some snacks. Elsewhere, Kanne spies on Wirbel and his comrade briefly. Then, Lawine graces her presence in the attire she received from her brothers. 

Before they depart somewhere, Kanne mocks Lawine, resulting her Lawine pulling Kanne’s hair. Meanwhile, Frieren, Stark, and Fern visit a shop to get Fern some snacks. Lawine and Kanne stumble upon our trio in the shop and join them. The group goes for a stroll and Frieren informs Stark about her connection with Kanne and Lawine. 

Eventually, they bump into Wirbel and his ally. Wirbel acknowledges Stark’s warrior build and tells the girls he’s been assigned to handle a mission and needs Stark’s help. Fern permits them to take Stark with them, upsetting Stark. At the inn, Lawine and Kanne present Frieren with a gift for helping them pass the exam’s first test. 

Frieren recalls a memory with her former allies. In it, they saved a little girl and her folks from a deadly monster. Frieren asks Himmel why he helps people. Himmel gives her numerous reasons but latches onto the concept of being remembered. He tells Frieren that if she wants to be remembered, she should impact someone’s life, even in the smallest ways possible. 

While discussing, a bird arrives and delivers a document to Frieren’s room. The girls read it and learn it has details for the exam’s second test. Lawine says this one could be difficult because Sense is proctoring it. People who take the tests proctored by her often fail. We receive a montage of everyone looking at a document they received from the bird. 

Then, the episode closes with Genau and Sense briefly discussing the upcoming test.

The Episode Review

Considering how intense and action-packed the previous episode was, it makes logical sense for viewers to receive a chapter that features our characters relaxing and partaking in pleasant outings. Having said that, this episode remained wholesome, comedic, and intriguing from beginning to end.

From Fern’s pouting to the tidbits we received about Denken’s past with his wife, there was a lot of content inserted in this one to pique fans’ interest. Alongside Denken, fans acquired intel about Ubel’s ways of obtaining and using magic. When one compares her magic style to Land’s copying style, it makes logical sense why she’d be interested in him. 

However, like Lawine briefly touches upon during the chapter’s latter half, everyone will be enemies in the exam’s future test. Therefore, as we discussed in our prior recap/review, that includes Frieren and Fern. While the girls have sparred before, it’ll be interesting to see them battle each other for this first-class mage title. 

On top of receiving more marvelous memories of Frieren’s time with Himmel, Eisen, and Heiter, this was another great chapter to observe. I’m excited to see what Sense has planned for our victorious First-Class Mage Exam participants. 

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