Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Season 1 Episode 17 Recap & Review

Take Care

Episode 17 of Frieren: Beyond’s Journey’s End begins with Sein reminding Frieren and Fern why he tagged along on their journey with them. Stark tells Frieren that he booked a cabin for them to reside in. Our heroes warm up in the cabin for the night.

The following day, they realize it’s blizzarding outside and a man recommends they wait it out. Frieren asks Sein if they should comply, and Sein suggests they should.

Frieren contemplates their situation further. She recalls several shops and bars in the area they can explore, especially one run by a shady old man. We receive a montage of our heroes exploring the area’s locales and participating in many activities.

While Sein discusses with the area’s locals in a tavern, Frieren stops by. She asks Sein to intervene in Stark and Fern’s current dilemma. Sein and Frieren return to the cabin and Sein pulls Stark aside to gather more intel about Stark’s issue with Fern. 

Stark tells Sein Fern’s upset with him because he put his hand on her face. He says he wanted to repay her for a similar act she bestowed upon him earlier. Stark asks Sein if there’s any way he can make up with Fern. Sein says Stark should be honest with Fern about his feelings. Stark thanks Sein and says he’ll try to make amends with Fern. Then, Sein pulls Fern aside to hear her side of the story.

Fern admits she’s acting stubborn and wants to apologize to Stark. Fern reveals she didn’t mind Stark’s gesture, it was his strength that made her scared. Sein believes Ferns should tell Stark that, and we receive a brief scene of Fern telling Stark to be more gentle with her.

Sein and Frieren visit a tavern and discuss Fern and Stark’s relationship for a bit. Then, Sein asks Frieren why she invited him to travel with them. Frieren says Sein’s situation reminded her of how she acted in the past. Ultimately, she feels encouraging Sein to come along on the quest is what Himmel would’ve done.

Afterward, Sein reflects on his time spent with Gorilla, Frieren, Hieter, and the elderly woman from episode 16. The next day, we see Sein tell Frieren, Stark, and Fern that he’ll be leaving the group to seek Gorilla. After bidding farewell to Sein, Stark, Frieren, and Fern set up base at a cave. Stark leaves and returns with supplies. He notices Fern’s unwell and informs Frieren about her condition. 

Frieren observes Fern and realizes she has a fever. Frieren looks through their belongings and pulls out a book. She tells Stark Sein left them a text containing notes about useful medicinal herbs. Frieren plans to use magic to identify Fern’s illness and pinpoint what herbs she should use to cure her. Frieren identifies Fern’s illness as a simple cold and tells Stark she knows where they can find herbs to cure her.

Stark suggests they find a warmer place to stay. Frieren and Stark arrive at a woman’s home and she allows them inside. Frieren promises Fern they’ll retrieve herbs to heal her soon. Frieren and Stark discuss Fern’s growth over the years. Then, we cut to them searching for herbs in the forest. Then, they arrive at the forest’s cherry blossom tree to pick up the final ingredients for the medicine. Stark asks Frieren why she held Fern’s hand before they left the woman’s home.  

Frieren says Fern looked like she was in pain and felt holding her hand would reduce that feeling. She asks Stark if there were any alternatives she could’ve tried and Stark tells Frieren it’s best to do what you want to do. He tells Frieren no one dislikes receiving emotional support, which entices her to recall an instance involving her and Himmel. Then, Frieren thanks Stark for his advice and promises to hold his hand when he gets sick. 

Frieren grabs some mushrooms and works on the medicine for Fern. The following day, Frieren feeds Fern the medicine she made. Our heroes bid farewell to the woman and Fern thanks Frieren and Stark for helping her. The episode closes with our heroes continuing their journey to Auberst. 

The Episode Review

This episode of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End felt bittersweet. While it’s great seeing Sein follow his dream of reuniting with Gorilla, it’s unfortunate that he left our group this soon. He has been an essential party member since he joined our heroes episodes ago. He helped Stark and Fern develop their relationship and provided Frieren with emotional backup in situations she was not equipped for. 

Hopefully, we’ll see our priest make a triumphant return in future episodes. Nevertheless, it’s great knowing that he’ll be with Frieren and her allies in spirit, thanks to the useful notes he left for them. Additionally, this episode had great animation, visuals, and music. Everything blended well together to give fans a relaxing and heartfelt chapter to enjoy this week.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see what awaits our heroes in Auberst. Based on the previews and new opening theme we received, we can expect our heroes to meet many new characters in this upcoming story arc. Whether or not they’ll turn out to be friends or foes, remains to be seen. Regardless, I’m excited about it all the same. 

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