Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Season 1 Episode 16 Recap & Review

Long-Lived Friends

Episode 16 of Frieren: Beyond’s Journey’s End begins with Sein sitting at a campfire and thinking about his childhood friend. In the morning, Frieren and her allies head for a nearby village so Frieren can reunite with her old dwarf friend, Voll. She wants to speak with him before he inevitably passes away. When they meet Voll, Stark scolds him for his decrepit nature and Voll teaches Stark a valuable lesson about negligence and self-awareness. 

Voll tells Frieren to make herself at home. At the same time, Frieren tells Stark to let Voll train him while they’re here. While Fern and Sein help the villagers with their daily activities, one of them informs our heroes about Voll’s village duties and past life. Later, Frieren asks Voll how Stark’s training has been coming along. Voll says it’s going well and Frieren thanks Voll for helping her form a tight connection with Himmel and the others. 

In a flashback, Himmel asks Voll why he protects this village. He says it’s because his deceased wife loved this village and he promised to protect it in her honor. After Himmel shares kind words with Voll, Voll promises to carry Himmel’s memory with him. In the present, Voll asks Frieren if she can recall what Himmel sounds like. Frieren finds Voll’s question ridiculous, but Voll explains he no longer remembers what his wife sounds or looks like. Despite it all, he still wants to protect this village in her steed. 

Frieren tells Voll she plans to visit Aureole and Voll thinks she hasn’t defeated the demon king yet. Before Frieren questions Voll for his ignorance, she stops herself and tells him that she’ll carry Voll’s memory with her into the future. Frieren and her friends depart Voll’s village and take refuge near the Rohr Road for a while. Then, they continue traveling. Sein reminds the others that he wants to find his childhood friend and says he received potential leads on where he could be. 

Sein reveals his friend went by the moniker Gorilla Warrior while he went by the alias Goatee Priest. Frieren tells everyone they’ll be arriving at Auberst soon, but Sein suggests they stop by a nearby settlement for a while. Sein asks one of the settlement’s villagers about Gorilla Warrior. The gentleman says they can attain information about Gorilla Warrior’s whereabouts from an old woman nearby. They visit the old woman and she says she’ll give them intel about Gorilla Warrior if they complete her requests. 

After completing numerous tasks, the old woman wants them to complete a forgotten heroes statue task. She takes them to the statues and Frieren notices one of the heroes looks like Kraft. Sein examines the status and recalls Heiter, Gorilla Warrior, and himself visiting similar statues during their youth. During this flashback, Sein tells Heiter that he hopes he’ll never be forgotten like these heroes. Heiter argues that all heroes, including Himmel, will be forgotten eventually. 

Additionally, these statues helped Gorilla Warrior and Sein craft their unique hero names for themselves. After completing the statue clean-up task, the old woman relays details about Gorilla Warrior to Sein. She tells him that Gorilla Warrior spoke highly of him and said he’d become a great hero one day. Sein returns and tells Frieren that Gorilla Warrior went to Tur, a trading city that’s located near AuBerst.

The episode closes with Sein looking moderately concerned. 

The Episode Review

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while until episode seventeen drops. However, this episode offers enough pleasing material to hold fans over until then. From Frieren’s pleasant discussion with Voll to Gorilla Warrior’s whereabouts, viewers will be pleased with the material presented in episode sixteen. That said, this series continues to impressively tie events together thematically. 

Voll and Gorilla Warrior’s scenarios explore the memory theme well and fans can take away a lot from these scenarios. Ultimately, forgetting people who’ve made an impact on your life is a feeling no one wants to sit with. Thankfully, Voll and Sein still have those specific individuals flowing through their minds and haven’t forgotten them entirely. 

Coupled with the series’s ongoing display of incredible imagery, animation, and soundtrack, episode sixteen was another enjoyable episode to watch this week. The next episode and onward will be delving into the story’s “First Class Mage Exam” arc. I’m excited to see what that entails for Frieren and her friends. 

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