Friendzone (2021) Movie Review – 90 minutes of learning how to communicate

Communication Is Key, People

Friendzone is a lazy, slapdash romcom that bungles its premise, characters and story. In fact, the hilarious part about this film is that the main character isn’t even in the friendzone!

In its simplest form, Friendzone is a movie about the most crucial part of any relationship – communication. It’s also the one component that many romcoms take liberties with, playing on both the misunderstanding trope and an inability to express oneself properly. That much is especially true when it comes to Thibault, Friendzone’s main character.

Thibault is a typical pushover nice guy, on holiday with his three best friends for a bachelorette party. He’s sweet, sensitive and a bit of a pushover. So naturally, he’s very, very single. During their last night, he stumbles upon resident hottie and love interest Rose. She’s recently broken up with her boyfriend and there’s definite sparks between her and Titi. So far, so good.

As the pair grow closer together, going on nights out, watching films and giving Rose foot rubs, Titi grapples with his own feeling and telling Rose how he feels. When Thibault deliberates too long, Rose – who’s still under the illusion Titi likes her as a friend – gets back with her ex. Titi’s friends are convinced that he’s in the friend zone and set to work trying to help him win her back.

The only trouble is, it’s Titi’s fault for not actually speaking up and telling the truth in the first place. Instead, this elephant is danced around for 90 minutes before being acknowledged, as the film weaves through pointless set pieces that encourage Titi to lie and put on a front, pretending to be someone he’s not.

This film is not helped either by a pretty weak supporting cast, a lack of genuinely funny moments and a tepid story with very little to get excited about. As far as romcoms go, this one’s below average at best and you’ll see all the big twists coming a mile off.

Friendzone is sadly not a film to remember. It’s a lazy, tired picture with an irritating premise that leans so hard on the lack of communication these characters have with one another that you’ll find yourself more irritated than anything else. That’s a shame because Rose and Titi do have chemistry together, but with such a weak story everything else falls apart around it.

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  • Verdict - 3/10

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