Freud – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Freud begins with Sophia and Viktor looking over details from the fire, regretful over the events that took place in this tragedy. Viktor tells her Fleur is just a weapon and repeats the word “revenge” to her.

Freud watches over Fleur until the Professor arrives, prompting him to hide out in the haunted apartment. Inside, Fleur starts hallucinating, seeing a man playing the piano. As she starts screaming, Freud grabs her mouth and stops her from making a noise while the Professor quizzes Lenore.

When the Professor leaves, Lenore heads out to the police station to recruit Kiss in a bid to help look over Freud. Before he can agree however, the officers inside try to arrest him for his part in the murders he’s been involved in. However, he holds Lenore up at gunpoint and threatens to shoot, as Poschacher decides to join him, hurrying out the building and following Lenore.

While Sophia and Viktor start making plans for the Ball, Poschacher, Kiss and the others meet up with Freud at his apartment. While Fleur sleeps, she hums the same haunting melody as before, causing everyone to slip into a dark dream. Ghosts of the past come back to haunt them all and as Poschacher awakens, he finds Kiss down on the ground floor with a dead body lying over him.

Meanwhile, Freud eventually finds Fleur and has her describe what she’s seeing. It turns out Fleur and Taltos are one person, as Fleur tells Freud that Sophia and Viktor are currently controlling her. As Fleur awakens, she tells Freud something bad will happen as Viktor and Sophia leave the estate and prepare for their trip to the Ball.

With most of the episode taken up by dream sequences and Sophia and Viktor’s big plans for the Ball imminently due to start, Freud spends most of its episode covering what we already know. While the shorter run-time this time around is welcome, especially given the lack of plot development this episode, there remains an overwhelming feeling of a missed opportunity here, especially given the promise early on. Still, the finale is up next and all eyes now turn to how Freud is likely to wrap things up at the end.


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