Freud – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


While Kiss experiences frightening visions of himself, episode 6 of Freud begins with Lenore finding Freud playing the piano in the abandoned flat. She talks to him about the theatre fire while he plays the piano and, seeing his erratic state, regrets letting him into the flat in the first place. As Freud stops playing, he obsesses over the notes and intricate workings of the piano itself.

Meanwhile, Sophia wakes up and finds herself covered in blood. With Fleur gone, the Chancellor awaits their arrival downstairs, prompting her and Viktor to hurry and get ready. Eventually they meet, with him inviting them to the People’s Ball. Although Viktor accepts, the Crown Prince slips in and out of consciousness during their meeting prompting Viktor to take advantage of this and spike his coffee when he passes out.

In the aftermath of this, Viktor announces this news to Sophia, prompting her to suddenly realize where Fleur is waiting for them.

It turns out Fleur’s actually been captured by the Professor who’s currently conducting themo-therapy on her; a form of torture according to Freud. As Freud questions his methods, the Professor eventually snaps and fires him. Only, just as he looks set to step out the room, Sophia and Viktor arrive. Freud mentions Taltos and hypnosis to them, going on to beg the Professor to see his way of thinking. He refuses to listen though, leading him away.

Kiss heads off in search of who tried to kill him and finds Heinz, who dismisses any wrongdoing. Some time later, he’s brought to another crime scene, this time of Heinz, where they realize Riedl is the one responsible for this. Kiss vows to bring him in but for now, this conflict is far from over.

An increasingly erratic Freud tries to gain the help of Breuer but when he refuses, Freud tells him to leave. Instead, he heads back to the Professor’s laboratory in the middle of the night. Once there, two policemen arrive after being given an anonymous tip that Fleur Salome is in the building. Freud uses this as a diversion to grab Fleur and take her out of her prison into safety. Only, the Professor winds up coming down and showing the police where she is, as Freud hides around the corner.

Eventually he does save her and vows to bring her to his place. He uses the opera singer as a distraction and as he wheels Fleur up the stairs, Freud rushes out and bundles her into the carriage while a shadowy onlooker sees this and rushes off.

With less violence and bloodshed this time around, Freud instead instigates s rescue mission to save Fleur while Kiss heads off on an investigation of his own. With the killers already known and a distinct lack of mystery throughout the series, Freud feels far more of a passive watch than it perhaps should be. The thermo-therapy scenes and moments in the basement are admittedly pretty good and inject a bit of unpredictability into the series but beyond that, there just isn’t a whole lot else worth getting excited about here.


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