Freeridge — Season 1 Episode 7 “Karmic Coincidence” Recap & Review

Who Is Mariluna?

Gloria follows Mariluna outside and calls for a cab as Freeridge episode 7 begins. While she waits for Mariluna to start driving, Tonio calls her. He says the woman on the poster is renting a room in his house and only after the fact, does he realise he’s called Gloria. He tells her Mariluna just wanted the room during school hours which is why he let her rent it.

Gloria then follows Mariluna to a massive house in a well-to-do area. As she goes up to the main door, Mariluna comes out pointing a sword at Gloria. They ask each other questions but Mariluna ultimately lets her in.

Cam is annoyed about Andre moving on so quickly and dating Benji. Demi says it’s karmic coincidence because of what they did to him. Cam thinks Andre and Benji must have started seeing each other earlier and he wants to catch Andre’s hypocrisy red-handed.

Ines tells Demi she did something bad. She shows her Gloria’s bullet journal that she stole. The journal has a drawn interpretation of Cinnamon’s premonition. Demi says drawing it wouldn’t do any harm as long as no one documents it by taking a picture or anything — just as Ines takes a photo of the page from her phone. Demi says that the premonition now will be manifested so they need to find Cinnamon to get her help. She and Ines brainstorm about how to find Cinnamon at Demi’s house but turns out Cinnamon is at Demi’s house. Davina, Demi’s sister, is friends with Cinnamon and invited her over to get her eyebrows done (it’s Cinnamon’s side hustle).

Inside Mariluna’s house, Gloria sees a room covered in dust and cobwebs, still featuring the decoration from Mariluna’s husband’s 50th birthday. She demands to know what Mariluna wants. She said she was tired of trailing Gloria and her friends and rented the room in her house to find the box. Gloria wants more answers. Mariluna asks what colour suits her.

At Demi’s house, Cinnamon is quite surprised that her premonitions are coming true. But she can’t tell them who’s going to die and says they need to find an expert. Meanwhile, Cam tracks Andre on his phone.

At Mariluna’s house, she and Gloria wear identical pink dresses. Mariluna tells Gloria how she and Marisol are identical twins and how they used to pretend to be each other until Mariluna realised that Marisol’s friend Isabel was more than a friend. Then Mariluna fell in love with a wealthy man called Henry Fordman, who made her disown her working-class family.

She tried mending bridges by inviting Marisol to her husband’s 50th birthday but she didn’t turn up and he died in a car crash. The box was Mariluna’s box that she kept with Marisol when she left with her husband. Gloria theorises that the box is cursed because Mariluna never got to see her sister after she gave it to her. Mariluna says it’s a good theory but no, the curse was just a joke because the sisters loved pranks.

Ines, Demi, Cinnamon and Davina are in a van waiting for Davina’s boyfriend, Joker, who is getting a cleanse. Ines and Demi notice the sign of a pedigree mystic and decide to go inside. The mystic, a woman, comes out to meet them in the waiting room. She gets a shock when she holds Ines’s hand. Inside, she tells them that she is post-mortem bruja and deals with everything to do with death. She also merged mysticism with ceramic arts and now knows how to bind souls into ceramic dolls. She points to a ceramic bowl that she claims is her uncle.

She then tells the two girls that the box did not have a curse but in trying to undo it, they brought on another curse on themselves.

Mariluna drops Gloria off. She realises she enjoyed having some company and Gloria promises to get board games when she next visits her with the box. Gloria also encourages her to visit her sister’s family, saying it’s not too late.

At home, Gloria sees her father and Lucia outside and thinks she’s in trouble. Instead, turns out, Lucia got her back in school by threatening to sue the school for not checking Tonio’s identity. They rush Gloria to the school where the bent arm hang competition is just about to start.

At Demi’s house, Demi and Ines talk about the curse and how the foretold death could be Ines’s father’s. Demi says maybe they can find the RollerWorld money that Marisol hid and use it to fund the experimental treatment for Javier. Joker, who was sleeping on a sofa nearby, opens his eyes upon hearing this.

Cam ‘coincidentally’ meets Andre who is well aware that Cam is tracking him. Andre confronts him about wanting a new obsession again. Cam admits that Andre’s statement about not liking Cam really got to him. He just wants to be Andre’s friend. Andre tells him to start acting like it.

At the annual physical fitness competition, Gloria rushes in last minute while still in her pink dress. She does the bent arm hang and just as her grip loosens, Rusty arrives and tells her to not arch her back. She manages to stay on longer and breaks the 30-year record. Her father and Lucia head back home. Gloria admits to Rusty that she does actually think they’d be really good together and Rusty interrupts her with a kiss. When she asks about the other girl, Rusty tells her Ines lied, There is no other girl.

At home, Ines is excited about Gloria’s record breaking win but Gloria confronts her about her lies. Ines doesn’t know why she did it. Gloria calls her a selfish baby and says that she doesn’t think about how her actions have consequences. Ines tries giving her the news about there being no curse but Gloria already knows and tells Ines that what Cinnamon said was true, Ines will be her downfall.

Ines is upset and packs a bag. She writes in Gloria’s bullet journal that the curse of the family is none other than Ines herself. She then takes Tonio’s laptop to search for jobs but comes across a file titled “Seeking attractive teenage boy”. She comes out and confronts Tonio, asking him if he hired Rusty to date Gloria. Tonio tells her not to tell Gloria.

The Episode Review

Hiring Rusty to be Gloria’s girlfriend? This is too much of a tired trope and makes this show more melodrama than a fun, teen comedy-drama. Ines’s actions continue to be childish to the point of being annoying. If she were more complex and relatable, it would have made the show a lot more interesting. Cam’s story seems to be heading towards a dilemma between Andre and Demi, which I’m not too happy about. It seems like a waste after all he and Demi did to get together.

On the other hand, Mariluna is an absolutely unhinged character and I love it. Her chaotic energy is unique and delightful and her backstory intriguing too. It’s nice to see her and Gloria develop the start of what seems like a fun friendship. This is one of the fresher aspects of the story that reminds me of the first few episode’s originality. Gloria’s bent arm hang was also as glorious as expected and it’s great to see her and Rusty overcome misunderstandings. That said, I am missing more of the whole group together. On to the finale now!

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