Freeridge – Season 1 Episode 6 “Revenge” Recap & Review

Secrets Come Out

Demi and Cam make out at the beginning of Freeridge episode 6 but stop to listen to Andre’s live stream. As Gloria and Ines listen too, Andre rants about betrayers and the kind of people who would do things that hurt their own loved ones. At the end, he calls Demi and Cam out by name.

Tonio sees the scarf Gloria found outside their house and tells her it must be a Hermes and belong to someone who’s really rich. When Gloria asks for his stance on revenge, he says he’s all for it.

At school, Demi doesn’t want to indulge in PDA to disrespect Andre. Cam convinces her that what happened happened and they should focus on themselves now since they’re finally happy. Somebody shouts at Demi, calling her a homewrecker.

Gloria goes up to Rusty at school and punches him, accuses him of blowing off her sister and sleeping with other girls. They end up fighting.

The principal calls home and Gloria’s father ends up getting the call. When he arrives, the principal is confused but lets him know that this was Gloria’s last strike and she’s expelled. Javier is mad at Gloria and Tonio. When Ines asks Gloria why she had to fight Ines’s fight, Javier assumes Ines caused Gloria’s expulsion.

Demi explains her entire situation with Cam and Andre to a girl who turns out to have had her headphones in all along. She tries talking to Andre but he says he will only talk to her live on his podcast.

Javier tells Gloria and Tonio both to go and be in their rooms and leaves the house. Gloria ends up finding a hospital bracelet in the trash and sneaks through Javier’s room where she finds a pamphlet for chemotherapy. Panicking, she calls Demi and tells her about the premonition Cinnamon had given only to Gloria. They decide they have to find Mariluna. Gloria also tells Demi to keep an eye on Ines.

Demi finds Ines and tries to find out what’s wrong. Ines feels like she’s destined to be shitty at everything. Demi tries to console her and mentions that at least she hasn’t broken up somebody else’s relationship. Ouch.

Demi convinces Cam that she should go on Andre’s podcast. She has a good feeling about it. Andre’s first question is whether Demi’s behaviour stems from her daddy issues.

At home, Gloria tells her father to sit down and talk to her while relegating Ines to her room, which she’s not happy about. She confronts him about lying about the cancer.

On the podcast, Demi is getting stressed by the minute and Andre and his new co-host Benji refuses to give her any water. After being badgered by questions about her life and personality, Dmei finally tells Andre that his relationship was broken before she was even in the picture. She reveals that Cam had been trying to break up with him for a while.

Javier tells Gloria that the cancer’s gotten worse and has reached stage three now. He’s spent five thousand dollars on life insurance so that Ines and Gloria will be taken care of. The only other option is experimental treatments that they can’t afford. Ines arrives and hears everything too.

Later, Ines goes to Gloria’s room and is about to confess what she did. Gloria interrupts her. She tells Ines that she doesn’t want to keep secrets from her like their dad did but she still has to and it’s not because she wants to but for Ines’s own protection. Feeling more belittled than ever, Ines changes her mind about confessing.

An upset Ines calls Rusty and complains about Gloria not caring about her at all. He counteracts that Gloria is, in fact, all about Ines. Ines then confesses that she lied to Rusty.

Rusty calls Tonio and tells him that he quits but Tonio tells him the girls need him around longer.

Cam meets Andre while he’s playing basketball. He tells Andre that it’s amazing how authentically himself Andre is but it’s also intimidating. He admits he did want to break up with Andre but he did still care about him. Andre retorts that he was so concerned with whether Cam liked him or not he didn’t stop to consider whether he liked Cam; and he doesn’t.

When Rusty comes to pick up Ines for school, Gloria tells him that it wasa mistake and they shouldn’t have kissed. He tries to explain but she cuts him off and says she’s not sorry and ends up assuming that he feels the same way.

Javier grounds Gloria and tells her if she steps out of the house, she will have to go live with her Abuela in Mexico. She lies down the sofa and falls asleep while watching Rusty’s old videos. When she wakes up, she sees Mariluna pottering about the house. She eats some chips, goes inside a room, gets her handbag and leaves. Gloria stands at her door, torn between choices, but then decides to follow Mariluna.

The Episode Review

This one definitely feels like one of those midway episodes where a lot of talking happens but not much moves ahead. Demi and Cam give their explanations, but Andre is rightfully mad and it’s hard to argue with any of his behaviour this episode.

It’s easier to argue with Ines’s though. I understand that she hates being treated like a child but she’s also responding to that by lashing out…like a child. It’s a bit typical and also hard to feel sympathy for. With the originality of the first few episodes, I was hoping Ines’s trajectory would be a little more unique.

Javier’s cancer being more serious ups the stakes by a lot but I’m wondering if that will benefit the show or not. Should they take it further, the show would have to tread very carefully around his illness and/or death. It’s easy for comedy dramas like this to end up treating such heavy subjects in a shallow way. And the other thing is, I’m not sure that upping the stakes was needed at all as the story had plenty of fuel for the rest of the season.

It’s a shame that the cursed box and Mariluna hasn’t really progressed though. We’re nearing the end of Season 1 now and we’re none the wiser to who this woman is and what she wants. Amidst all the drama, I miss the magical realism. Gloria heading outdoors sets up a promising Segway for the last leg of the season though.

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