Franklin – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Franklin begins with news that the British Forces have surrendered at the battle of Yorktown, Virginia, a victory that Gilbert is overjoyed about since he was part of the action and believes it could be a game-changer for the Americans.

A new face, John Jay, arrives in France, tasked with negotiating a peace deal between America and Britain. Adams wastes no time in trying to tarnish Franklin’s reputation in front of Jay.

He suggests that Franklin should have never been handling the negotiations with France, insinuating that Franklin is now more interested in pleasing the French than in helping America.

At dinner, Adams pesters Franklin about negotiating a peace treaty with Britain without involving France. Franklin warns that such ingratitude could harm America’s reputation worldwide. Jay chimes in, saying that his priority is securing a peace treaty that benefits America, not France, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Jay’s arrival in France quickly becomes common knowledge, reaching the ears of Vergennes. He’s under pressure from Finance Minister Necker, who argues that helping America is draining France’s treasury. Necker warns that if France keeps supporting America without getting anything in return, they’ll go bankrupt.

Necker even suggests that the Americans might betray France by signing a peace treaty behind their backs, leaving France with nothing. Vergennes is confident that the Americans wouldn’t do such a thing, but Necker insists it’s a possibility. He warns Vergennes that if this happens, both their heads could end up on the guillotine.

Franklin, Adams, and Jay visit Vergennes, where Jay informs him that he’s been instructed to sign a peace treaty with Britain and requests France not to interfere. This doesn’t sit well with Vergennes, as the deal offers nothing to France despite their financial support to America. However, Franklin reassures Vergennes that America will not betray France under any circumstances.

Tensions rise when Franklin collapses in the middle of the meeting, later diagnosed with a bladder stone. An operation is needed to cure him, but Bancroft is apprehensive as he hasn’t performed many surgeries like this before. Franklin’s condition worsens when Jay and Adams inform him that they’re moving forward with the peace treaty without him.

Bancroft heads to their secret meeting place, hoping to meet Paul Wentworth, but instead, he encounters Strachey, the Undersecretary of the Home Office. Strachey reveals he’s in Paris to negotiate a peace deal with the Americans since Paul is nowhere to be found, and it’s a mystery where he’s gone. In truth, Paul has been arrested by Lenoir.

Lenoir takes him to Vergennes, who interrogates Paul about the negotiations between Britain and America. Paul informs Vergennes that America plans to betray France by making a deal that doesn’t benefit France. This infuriates Vergennes, who orders Lenoir to do as he pleases with Paul. Later, Vergennes sends Gerard to London to gather more information about the treaty and ensure that France’s interests are prioritized over America’s.

Oswald, Grenville, and Stauchy arrive in France for the peace treaty talks. In the meeting, Franklin suggested that Britain should give all of Canada to America, including Newfoundland. This suggestion angers Grenville, leading to a heated argument and a break in the discussion.

Meanwhile, Temple has fallen head over heels for Onette after their night together. He’s been showering her with letters and perfumes, trying to win her over even more. However, Onette’s expressions suggest she’s not interested, and it’s becoming overwhelming for her.

Things take a turn when Ornette undergoes an abortion, and when Temple asks if Jacques is the father, she remains silent. This breaks Temple’s heart, and he storms out. Feeling dejected, Temple heads to a gambling den and loses everything in his purse. To make matters worse, he’s also beaten by another gambler.

Thankfully, one of Gilbert’s friends is present and comes to Temple’s aid. He offers Temple a position at the French Court. During the job, Temple learns that Gerard has gone to England. He relays this information to Franklin, warning him to be cautious.

After being freed, Paul seeks out Bancroft and gives him a letter detailing Temple’s admission of treason, which Bancroft obtained by deceiving Temple. Paul asks Bancroft to deliver the letter to someone who will act on it, or else Paul will ensure Bancroft is hanged. With his life on the line, Bancroft goes to Adams and hands over the document. Adams, in response, calls Bancroft a true patriot.

The Episode Review

Franklin’s in a real pickle now. His health is on the decline, and Adams is dead set on getting that treaty signed, no matter who it ticks off—France included. This move could not only make America look like a backstabber on the world stage but also ruin any chance of the alliances Franklin had in mind between America and France.

And as if that weren’t enough, Adams has gotten his hands on Temple’s letter of admission, which he’s planning to use to stir up a whole mess of trouble for Franklin.

There’s a real possibility that Franklin might be completely sidelined from the negotiation talks, with Congress sending someone else in his place. Even worse, Temple could end up in jail just like his father.

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