Found – Season 1 Episode 9 “Missing While Scamming” Recap & Review

Missing While Scamming

Episode 9 of Found starts with Gabi Mosley experiencing a nightmare where Trent arrests her for kidnapping Sir. In her dreadful dream, Lacey is in grave danger after Sir captures and strangles her. She wakes from the nightmare and checks if Sir is still in the basement. Although Sir seems sickly, Gabi thinks he’s putting on a show but he’s sick with a high fever that’s causing him to hallucinate. In his delusion, Sir recalls his distressing childhood, where his mom overburdened him with babysitting and other house chores. 

Elsewhere, Gabi writes a confession letter to admit that she kidnapped Sir and thinks of handing it over to Trent. At the office, Gabi notices that her photo is on a magazine cover, but she’s least excited since there are other issues to worry about. In the meantime, an elderly woman, Gloria, and a guy, Harris, inform Gabi about Melissa’s disappearance. Melissa is Harris’s wife, a social media influencer, and an entrepreneur. The kidnappers are demanding a ransom of 2 million dollars, but Harris cannot afford such at the moment. 

The crisis team starts investigating this high-profile case, but DCPD wants to interfere since they want to get credit for it. However, Gabi knows that without the police’s help, it would be challenging to find Melissa. Trent and Gabi are getting closer, and she feels safe around him. She tells him she’d like to confess once Melissa’s case is over. 

Back to the case, Harris is seen with another woman, and Gabi suspects her. So, with the crisis team, Gabi suddenly barges into their house and finds Harris and the woman packing the bags. However, Harris admits that they’re not leaving but trying to gather money to pay the kidnappers. They also establish that Melissa, Harris, and the woman are a throuple. The courageous Gabi takes the ransom amount to the kidnappers. However, the kidnapper doesn’t come with Melissa and instead points a gun at Gabi. On the other hand, Trent had called for a police backup, who eventually saves Gabi’s life. Gabi decides to have a professional relationship with Trent. 

In the meantime, Mallory is pushing for DCPD to take over the case, but according to Trent, they have to work together. Zeke offers to pay the ransom amount as long as Melissa is found alive. Meanwhile, Lacey informs Gabi that she wants to take time away after the case. Lacey feels that they’re growing apart. Gabi recalls Sir warning her that he will go for Lacey if she ends “them.” 

In his hallucination episode, Sir recalls her mother complaining about him. She also seemed to have loved his brother more than him. Presently, Gabi asks for help from Sir, who claims Melissa is faking everything, claiming his mother was like Melissa. Mallory claims Gabi is officially out of the case, and DCPD will take over. 

Again, Sir recalls a woman who used to bring him food. Sir seemed to get solace in her company, so she gave him a journal. The lady’s background is still unknown, but she seems to have a connection with Gabi. 

Presently, Gabi receives a call from Gloria claiming that the kidnappers will kill Melissa if they don’t deliver the money. Looking at the picture thoroughly, Margaret notices that the kidnapper is Gloria’s assistant, Marco, due to his body frame. Gabi provides the money as requested and is shocked to know that Gloria was behind Melissa’s kidnapping. As Gabi asks them to set Melissa free, Marco tries to shoot her, but she dodges the bullets. 

She finds Melissa unconscious in a wheelchair. She tries to resuscitate her, and Gloria comes to her aid. However, their efforts are futile as Melissa had died due to asphyxiation. Harris is devastated over Melissa’s death and is worried about their daughter.

Meanwhile, Mallory warns the public against vigilantes, claiming Gabi is why Melissa couldn’t be rescued on time. That doesn’t bother Gabi; instead, she hangs Melissa’s portrait on the wall. Gabi had a designated room for portraits of all the kidnapping victims who passed away before getting rescued. 

The action shifts to Margaret getting back to her therapist. Margaret realises she needs therapy more than she thought and can now pay attention to her therapist. On the other hand, Lacey demands to know the truth, especially what’s in the basement. Gabi says that she’s locked her darkness in the basement and tried to solve kidnapping cases there. Although Lacey assures her of her support, Gabi thinks it will take some time to heal, but one day, she’ll get out of the darkness. 

Gabi is distressed since she couldn’t save Melissa. In her conversation with Sir, he says Gabi’s care towards her means she loves him. As she leaves the basement, Sir recalls her mother being infuriated for going through his journal. Sir’s mother tells him that no one will ever love him.

As the episode ends, Lacey relays good news to Gabi, telling her that Tony is awake.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Gabi loses a case, which leaves her sad. However, Tony being out of the coma gets her excited. Besides, throughout the episode, we learn that Hugh had a troubled childhood and a bitter relationship with his mother. Hugh’s traumatising past can be a topic of interest in the next episodes. This will answer tons of questions about Gabi’s kidnapping. 

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