Found – Season 1 Episode 6 “Missing While Addicted” Recap & Review

Missing While Addicted

Episode 6 of Found starts with Gabi in the hospital where Tony is admitted. Tony’s father’s words still echo in Gabi’s mind, piercing her heart. In a flashback to 2003, Sir brings Gabi a book, but the snowfall makes her sad. Gabi recalls that her dad forgot to install snow tires, causing him to get involved in an accident. She requests Sir to allow her to call her father, but as usual, Sir refuses. Sir claims Gabi’s father hasn’t done anything to look for her. 

Meanwhile, an emergency call from Zeke summons everyone to gather at the headquarters. There is an elderly woman accompanied by a young guy called Lucas who wants Gabi to find her lost son, David. David started ignoring her mother’s calls, and she hasn’t seen him since. David has had a drug addiction since his sister died. He couldn’t come to terms with her death, making him turn to drugs. And now that his mother is terminally ill, David could have fallen off the wagon. 

Gabi asks Zeke to get into David’s records to know if he’s on a bender. Meanwhile, they interrogate Lucas, who is Rachael’s nephew. Elisa fell off the ladder and died, and since that time, David has never managed to grieve. However, Lucas fires Gabi from David’s case, but she doesn’t back off. Gabi asks Sir to help her figure out this case as he had done with the others. 

In another flashback, Gabi tells Sir that her dad never gave up on her. Sir tries to convince her that her father never cared, but she doesn’t buy the theory. Until Sir allows her to call her father, Gabi goes on a hunger strike, and if she dies, Sir will be declared a murderer. 

Presently, Zeke says David’s phone has been disconnected, so reaching out will be hard. Lacey, Dhan, and Gabi go to the rehab centre where David was admitted. Dhan pretends to be Mike so they can learn more about the facility and David’s life. In the meantime, Gabi asks Trent to help in the investigation. 

Through the interview video, Lucas is seen pressing David’s shoulder. However, everyone in the office feels it’s offensive to continue with the case after Lucas fired them. But the aggressive Gabi is not backing down. 

Lacey notices that Gabi hasn’t been herself lately. Her observation is that Gabi is having deeper issues apart from her father’s death. 

On the other hand, Gabi and Margaret go through David’s journal and realise a missing page. We also learn that Margaret has been seeing a therapist to help her go through the trauma of losing her son. 

Shortly, Zeke informs them that Rachael has been admitted. Gabi rushes to the hospital and assures her that she’ll find her son, David. Elsewhere, a confrontation ensues, and Trent is angry at Gabi for putting the CI at risk. 

Concurrently, the crisis team realises that Jesses could be killing rehab patients to benefit from their insurance money. When Gabi returns to the headquarters, Lacey informs her that Lucas obtained an emergency protective order and they must halt the investigation. But Gabi is adamant, and this case is personal. Her father turned to alcohol when Gabi was kidnapped. In this case, she swears to find David and grants Rachael her last wish. 

Gabi approaches Sir for help, making her realise David could be someone’s target. She also realises that Lucas could have obstructed them to prevent David from telling the truth. Accompanied by Margaret and Lacey, Gabi barges into Lucas’s house and finds David drugged. 

David reveals that Lucas drugged him to ensure he doesn’t tell the truth. Lucas pushed Elisa down the ladder, and David needed to tell her mother that it wasn’t her mistake for Elisa’s death. Luckily, they get into the hospital on time, and David reveals the truth to his mother, making him find closure. 

Through the flashback, Sir brings a photo of Gabi’s dad, and she quickly realises that her father wore her gloves. This makes her feel elated, knowing that her father never gave up on her. This gives Gabi hope that she will see him again. 

Later, the crisis team has their ritual celebration after finding another lost person, David. Gabi confesses to Trent that their moment at the lake was meaningful to her. We can see Dhan in his low moments, but Zeke comforts him as usual. 

In the meantime, Lacey tells Gabi that she has changed, and it’s more than grieving her father. Back at Gabi’s house, Sir apologises for not giving Gabi a chance to say goodbye to her father. Again, Sir reminds her she’s also a monster, just as she claims he was to her. As she is about to leave her house, she meets Trent at the door, informing Gabi that he has been suspended due to the missing USB drive. 

The chief investigator suspended Trent, and he is shaken since he believes he will be fired after the investigation. He visits Gabi’s house to inform her. She welcomes him in, trying to comfort him, but Sir doesn’t like that Gabi has a visitor in her house at night.

The Episode Review

This case brought a lot to the surface for Gabi. She has been feeling guilty for losing her dad before she got a chance to say goodbye. She blames Sir for her father turning into an alcoholic. She also blames herself for judging her dad too harshly. This is why she worked so hard to reunite David with his mom. 

Secondly, keeping Sir in her basement has started taking a toll on her, and Lacey is becoming more aware of her lies. It is only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and I wonder what Gabi will do and if she can redeem herself. While Gabi is focused so hard on helping the victims, she fails to see how her reckless decisions affect those around her. Her actions in this episode led to Trent’s suspension. 

We also learned more about Dhan, who is still judgmental and biased. Somehow, this is ironic since he works with Gabi. Shouldn’t he know better than to judge a book by its cover? I think he tends to let his own personal experience blind him instead of using it to help others. 

Overall, we look forward to the next episode. Sir looked pissed to know Gabi has a guest. We know he won’t scream for help, but what will he do?

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